Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Breaking the Chains of Slave Mentality

Our Black people are living in these times of wholesale murder by police who are abusing the authority of their office, to play the role of judge and jury in the streets of this society. Black people are suffering from a living death, as human sacrifices, to perpetuate an Isfit world of Imperialism. The psychological warfare of religion has played a pinnacle roll in corralling and leading our people to a death march that directs them to a dead end of prayer vigils and ineffective resolution to the injustices that are not only set against the target of black skinned peoples living in the US, but also the global terrorism and imperialism coming from the US to the rest of the world.

The US Eats Their Indigo Children As Human Sacrifices!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated after he said: "...But I've come to believe we're integrating into a burning house."

Black Afrakan Original Families have accepted and succumbed to the alien inception of an integrated post racial society. So, instead of self-policing and protecting their own autonomous Black Families and Communities, they live behind enemy lines, within enemy territories, where they have allowed psychopaths to invade and destroy black families, in what remains a corral of black people living in impoverished conditions. Overwhelmingly, our single parent mothers are defenseless, often holding down 2 jobs, while black fatherhood has been kidnapped by the state, their men are incarcerated, effeminized, or intoxicated, while their suns are left to run their households on their own. As our Black youth, Men and fathers fight to stay out of the claws of the prison industrial-neo-slavery machines, many Black families are also scattered by integration, into eurocentric value systems, pushing them further away from their own African cultural values and successful economic systems. The same children who lose their family network by Incarceration or death, are dropped into a foster care system, where they are vulnerable to molestation, exploitation and further abuse or adopted by caucasian people who incept their WASP middle class values on our Black children stripping them further from self knowledge and cultural identity.

The great Achievements and thriving successes of African original people and the healing spirituality, have been overshadowed in this world by western imperialism. Yet no matter where in the world we are, or what station or class, in society, African peoples are still marginalized and statically stereotyped as potential suspects and non-human, across the globe.

We must build our own Black Autonomy societies, that we protect for ourselves.

Our youth are the walking wounded corralled into a war zone for genocide. Our youth are suffering from PTSD and an overload of mis-information. Many of the adults around them are unconscious of self knowledge or a historical reference of the heritage of Ancient Original Peoples. Their minds are socialized into the psychopathy of a toxic enemy mind, so they cannot create or offer any solutions. They are caught in an "orbiting cycle." They are hollow, unconscious, stripped of their own culture and self knowledge. All that many of our unconscious elders have to offer, are platitudes, prayer vigils, and 3 on 3 basketball events. Unfortunately, many of our youth are subjected to these alien minds through the childcare and public school system. Our children receive and multiple invasion of their Water, Food, Body and Spirit.

When we see our Black men wearing  "counterfeit christ" death symbols, that glorify the execution and suffering of a mythical character, while completely ignoring, or often blaming, the ongoing suffering of all of our own young Black men, and the ever widening gap filled with impoverished people, these thiests fail our people in their ignorance to recognize the true greatness in their own heritage. We can see how All of Our Black Men have been rendered unconscious from childhood, and are actually steared to serve caucasian people in a Stockholm Syndrome, as willing slaughtered lambs.

These theists don't see that their black children are really the Black KRST Heru warriors, because they are blinded by a dysfunctional fictitious character that hides an alien agenda of dead-stone-blue-eyed demonic charade, and who masquerades into the psyche of our youth, in most cases by their own family members- mothers, aunts, and fathers who choose to daily drink from the weakened milk of a belief in a better world, by and by after they die. From youth, they have been mentally enslaved to daily maintain this false illusion of the status quote of Isfit (confusion, chaos, mayhem) Maafa (A terrible disaster) and imperialism for more than the past 2000 year world paradigm...

KRST stands for *Ka- Immortal Eternal Soul, Life Force *Ra- Sun Creation, Illuminator *Sa- Protector, Bes *Ta- Land, Kingdom.

The alien counterfeit religions of this world have built false institutions to direct our men to be slaughtered in mind body and soul. Our families, while ignorantly supporting these religious institutions, continue to lie to our children using the fantasy perversions of our own native cultural seasonal celebrations- with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, St Patrick, Jack-O-Lanterns and the Tooth Fairy, so that our youth grow up to then embrace more false platitudes of allegiance, to patriotism, justice, salvation and righteousness and hope after they die. These theologies are patriarchal Greco Roman propaganda, that are biased, bigoted, racist, and sexist.

We are a sentimental and deeply spiritual people. A people who have been uprooted from their own way of life and stripped of any humanity and ancestral history. Often we become vulnerable and susceptible to any inception to fill their void for spirituality.
Christianity and Islam distracts the mind from seeking development and consciousness of  our true selves. These religions do not inform people about their own history or culture.  In fact they distort the historical truth, and forbid, condemn and demand that individuals deny their own way of life. It does not stimulate the mind to only learn about the narrow teachings within a Bible. Divorced from reality and in a spiritual/intellectual vacuum people are better exploited, and will find themselves content to be passive in hostile circumstances, or to engage in the development of their own country and continent.

Our youth are corralled into a slaughterhouse for their own annihilation. As long as we choose to follow the false alien values and belief systems of religions, we shall always hear about the Trayvons and Emmett Tills, lynchings from 3rd Grade defective educational systems- to the prison and military industrial complex, while our youth are invited to -shoot a ball through a basket. (ref. Francis Cress Welsing)


Haile Selassie was a supreme example of valor and dignity while under fire and invasion. He was resolute in maintaining the cultural identity of his nation.

“The temple of the most high begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence. Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle.
Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe and each other. As the essence of our existence it embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny.

 A people without a nation they can really call their own is a people without a soul. Africa is our nation and is in spiritual and physical bondage because her leaders are turning to outside forces for solutions to African problems when everything Africa needs is within her. When African righteous people come together, the world will come together. This is our divine destiny."

H.I.M. Haile Selassie I

This accelerated slaughter of our people, reminds me of the Aztec/Mayan sacrifices. In the latter days of decline in their civilization, death sacrifices were on a daily bases, as their children kicked the skulls of the sacrificed around as pastime soccer balls!

Our Black youth and Men are the bloody mortar cement for their building stones and the grinding grease for their machinery... 

Our Children need to feel respected and valued in their own life with their own cultural centered, values and beliefs. We are STILL trying to acculturate our Pre-Teens into this isfit, alien pseudo value system, because we don't recognize or know ourselves, or we have rejected our own spiritual ways through brainwashing and ignorance. Our story is still not written or recognized in the textbooks of the institutions we send our children to. This system has no respect or relationship to our own cultural values. Our people have chased our children into the traffick of race supremacy, only to set our youth into an unhealthy spiral of power and control conflicts, to crush their spirit and self esteem, or have them grow to hate all authority figures... Religion in effect will "Willie Lynch" our own children "for massa" and instill dysfunctional ideas that destroy their adult lives and relationships...

"It was our Krstianity that enabled us to live naturally and in spiritual communion with nature, But we were deceived by those who pretended to come in peace, and they replaced our Krstianity with their Christianity, and as a result we have been powerless ever since. We were tricked into attaching ourselves to their counterfeit that sounds like that which empowers us."  the African Village


Our youth are the walking wounded corralled into a war zone for genocide. Our youth are suffering from PTSD and an overload of mis-information. Many of the adults around them who are socialized into the psychopathy of a toxic enemy mind, do not offer any solutions. They are hollow, unconscious, stripped of their own culture and self knowledge. All that our adults have to offer are platitudes, prayer vigils, and basketball games.

The difference between a KRST and a "Christ"

KRST consciousness, that opened the way in our cultural understanding of the cosmos, to create a culture that enabled us to live in harmony with creation in a natural balance and in spiritual communion with the natural world. We were deceived by those who invaded our residences, pretending to come in peace, then they replaced our KRST consciousness with the man made Christian religious denominations and cults, and as a result we have been powerless and impotent ever since. We were even taught to despise and reject our own beliefs and value systems, that were plagiarized and written right in their holy books, as false teachers, anti-christ, deceivers witchcraft, hoodoo, and trivialness. We were tricked and bamboozled into attaching ourselves to their counterfeit religions, thinking that their way is more empowering than our own. In the U.S. there was a generational degrade of our people over time, where we were striped of our land, resources, culture- language, philosophy, connection with our spiritual understanding. When you wipe the mind of any connection or relationship- It is easy to then incep and replace ideas. Words have power. Lies have cataclysmic, damaging effects. The moment that we begin to accept lies and false inceptions, our body and mind begins to change. We are then under attack by autoimmune diseases. Our immune system does not bother to distinguish between fact or fantasy. Our consciousness no longer question truth or lies. It only reacts to what it is given.  That is why they attack our children, and get the parents to go along with- an Easter bunny laying colored eggs, Halloween Trick-a-Trunks, and a fat white bearded man magically appearing in our homes to replace our parental authority, economics and leadership. We are actually dysfunctionally co-depending on an foreign alien personifications, rather than The natural living universe, our own collective consciousness and Ancestors. It seems familiar because their system was co-opted from our own! Yet, there is something skewed and inert about their structure. Maybe it is because of their calcified pineal gland. Like a father born with no eyes trying to explain to his sighted child, everything he knows about vision. Some children love their Father so much that they will take out their own eyes to be like their father rather than to see the real world! This reminds me of the Eagle and the pigeon story or the Ugly Duckling story- How a Beautiful Black swan, crippled herself to be like a duck, until she found her own flock of beautiful swans. Black people have taken swine entrails that were given to us to enslave and degrade our consciousness, and attempted to make them into a palatable gourmet delicacy- Yet in reality, we are actually feeding our children and inviting into our sacred temple, the lowest foulest piece of animal carcass- swine intestine entrails of christianity- instead of growing our own real foods and feeding our temples and mind with the abundance and variety of nutritious and healthy foods... Yet most are not even eating food- they are only drinking milk/pus.

"Only cowardly, blinded, ignorant men (and mothers) see their children under attack and join the attackers. Our children are suffering, and acting and lashing out. All we do is suppress them even more. We have not succeeded in constructing the institutions and organizations to heal them and direct their Righteous Anger, so they spiral down and fall into the traps that our enemies set for them. Then we stand over the pit and shame them for falling. This is Disgraceful."

"Our youth don't owe us shit, we owe them an apology, and a promise that we will retake the world for them.-" Diallo Kenyatta-

It is often unpleasant to be moved out of one's comfort zone. To realize that they are believing a lie, and to see the error of one's ways, can sometimes be very traumatic. Then, to also recognize that their parents, friends and family have virtually lied to them in their innocence and ignorance. This is called Cognitive Dissonance. Yet, as our Black men and women will fight to their death, thinking they are martyrs for their slave master's belief system, to continue to lead our youth into this fraudulent circle jerk of an alien patriarchy. We thereby enable and empower our adversaries in the mind, body/temple and soul of each generation. We must move from drinking the milk/pus of our oppressors- to eating the meat of our own Black African Ancestors and way of life.

Our Indigo crystal Youth ARE KRSTs! KRST stands for *Ka- Immortal Eternal Soul- Life Force *Ra- Sun Creation, Illuminator *Sa- Protector, Bes *Ta- Land, Kingdom.

The KRST HERU is returning in our youth in our lifetime! Amen Par Ankh is a movement of young and old who respect the real Trinity of Auset-Heru- Ausar Heaven Sun and Kingdom.

Y/Our job as awakened conscious Men- Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, (and Mothers, Sisters, Auntie) and Teachers, is to unite, awaken and teach our youth how to recognize and resist this counterfeit christ, then to Re-Member and show them by example, how to be and live as true KRST/Heru- who vanquished the assault of his father Ausar -by destroying Set and reuniting the 14 pieces of Ausar!...

Here in Kansas City, We have established the Amen Par Ankh as an oasis to the Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and Detoxification from the battlefield on isfit hostile environment centered around our youth. Please Contact Priestess Nuta Beqsu for more Information. We are building our youth to economic entrepreneurial literacy