Amen Ankh Akademy Green STEAM Home Scholar Cooperative Network in Kansas City Missouri

Amen Ankh Akademy    

Amen Ankh Akademy and Amen Ankh Urban Farm Is a Green STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Industrial Arts Mathematics) Homeschool Cooperative. A collaborative effort of academic instructors and society builders Contact:, (Paypal: Read our Blogs: , Call/Voicemail/ Text: (816)281-7704,  Website: Director: Kandaki Ma Nuta Beqsu Adenike Moses Amen-Ra El

AMEN ANKH AKADEMY Green STEAM is a Freedom Homeschooling Cooperative

to TEACH OUR YOUTH GREEN SUSTAINABLE LIVING! We Teach Families Homesteading to create home cottage cooperatives, for a Gnome resource based economy.

Amen Ankh Akademy is a global virtual stream of consciousness! Amen Ankh means sacred life- We venerate all living things from creation! We spell Akademy using "Ka" representing the eternal spirit of our Ancient Aku(Ancestors/DNA) Within us!
AMEN ANKH AKADEMY Green STEAM Homeschool Coop Network is a Freedom school of cultural arts and sciences. Amen Ankh means "sacred life"- We venerate all living things from creation. We are a Pre-K-8 Accelerated course of study; Homeschool cooperative bridging the gap against the School to Prison Pipeline. We teach STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and Medicine) using an online home school network and Afrikan centered mentors.
This is Education for the next level- Each Child will create their own Individualized, education Plan, which is a contract agreement for their personal goals and accountability to the community of learners and mentors. We use the Nguzo Saba Afrikan communal model
Our curriculum and daily class schedules includes:
Relaxation Meditation,
Positive affirmations
General Academics - Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Afrikan Our-Story, Critical Thinking, Martial Arts. Using Project Based, whole learning with a strong focus on Practical Applied Sciences; Connecting with the Natural kingdom, Biology, Chemistry Agriculture, Engineering
We will employ Accelerated Mathematics in Calculus and Geometry
Online Afrikan Foreign Languages
Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Kemetic Yoga
Health, Food and Nutrition
Fine Arts, Music: Voice, Instrumental and Industrial Design
Environmental Conservancy
Entrepreneurial Production and Manufacturing
Agriculture, Biology and hands-on vocational experiences with assigned mentors, assigned for each student's gift, using Multiple Intelligences.
We also have after-school objectives with our programs, Youth Going Green and You G.R.O.W.W. Girls.Our Motto: “Knowledge of self is the key to healing and freeing ourselves from global Maafa.”
Amen Ankh Akademy of Cultural Arts and Sciences is a virtual online homeschooling curriculum with a network of mentors in vocational guilds built around Green Science vocations. We teach an accelerated learning curriculum based on each student's Individual Education Plan. Each student will learn 5 languages before the 8th grade.
We continue to engage our families and communities with the knowledge and understanding of Afrikan self-awareness and awakening! Feel Free to post your Afrikan Centered Knowledge- A great virtual resource for home scholars are using this stream. Our Youth are watching everything we do.
We model ACECC which was a Contract School operated in cooperation with what was known as the Kansas City, Missouri School District, until 2011. It was managed by the Afrikan Centered Education Taskforce Incorporated (ACETI)
"Seeking the Wisdom: of the Ancestors to Nurture our Seeds to Build a New Future"
Giri So (Word at Face Value), Benne So (Word to the Side), Bolo So (Word From Behind), So Dayi (The Clear Word), Aduno So (The Astonishing Word.)
The Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus was composed of three buildings serving scholars K-12, located on a 40.2 acre campus, west of Swope Parkway between 63rd Street and Meyer Blvd. ACECC disseminated the knowledge of the best of global Afrikan achievements, often written out of history, to prepare our youth for the global world, to pursue leadership, invention, production and enterprise, yet to also be committed to their own local wealth creating community and economic development.

Amen Ankh Akademy and Amen Ankh Urban Farm

Proposal and Educational Curriculum
Amen Ankh’s You G.R.O.W.W. (Gaining Resilience Opportunity Wellness Wealth)
Girls, Teach a girl heal a Nation and Youth Going Green, working with At-risk youth and juvenile detention re-entry...

A collaborative efforts of academic instructors and society builders to work with our youth as Educators, Growers, Crafts-persons, artists and activists that work in Cultural, Sustainability, Wellness and mental health fields.
This curriculum includes:
Speak, Read, and write Multiple Language Fluency from the elementary level
Elementary level Calculus
Fiscal Literacy to Youth and Families

Healthy plant-based recipes,
Holistic Health Care,
Urban Agriculture and Quality food access
Green Career development, and vocations
Home Cottage Industry
Organic Crafts Workshop E-Commerce
Green Construction and Contracting Careers
Martial Arts/ Self defense
Mental Health and Wellness
Artist to Activism and leadership
Steps to Community organizing,

In the 1990 Adenike AmenRa graduated from KU and left a domestic violent relationship, only to come to the Kansas City urban core, that had become the site of Cointelpro evasion of guns, drugs, and predatory police, with their victims engaged in violent criminal activities, open drug sales, and prostitution, with an underground economy and strong gang presence. She made the decision to have a positive future for her children, and the youth of the community. Sparked by the inspiration of the Black Panther Party Youth Food Program and Black liberation Freedom schools, She began studying Afrikan Dance, and traveled extensively to attend Afrikan Centered lectures and visit communities across the country. Adenike’s own Children lived most of their teen years around this positive environment of an entrepreneurial Black family and an African Centered Cultural values system of Nguzo Saba (7 principles).
With her background in Visual Communication, Crafts, and Fine Art, she grew a garden in her backyard and cultivated mulberry trees to make dyes for fabrics, and clothing with food products to set up as a vendor. She was inspired to teach in the community, obtaining here master's degree in Exceptional Education for more than a decade. She has lectured in Kansas City, and Memphis, also hosting an internet radio presence. She currently ministers and directs a Temple of Life ministry called Amen Par Ankh nestled around an urban farm of Herbs, Cruciferous vegetables, and the Three sisters of Corn Bean and Melons.

It was her experiences with Special Education K-12, that launched here interest in creating a homeschooler cooperative network. The vision of youth growing and eating their own foods and their connection with the ecosystem and environment
In the spring of 2012, Adenike along with other Urban Farmers, Launched “Heal the Hood” in Kansas City, to work in 64128 zip code, the most desolate area of Kansas City, Missouri, aiming to provide urban neighborhoods and schools with the curriculum supported by results-driven interactive workshops, and gardening programs.

STEAMM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics Medicine)

Agriculture – study of producing crops and raising livestock, with an emphasis on practical applications
Anatomy – study of form and function, in plants, animals, and other organisms, or specifically in humans
Biochemistry – study of the chemical reactions required for life to exist and function, usually a focus on the cellular level
Bioengineering – study of biology through the means of engineering with an emphasis on applied knowledge and especially related to biotechnology
Biomechanics – often considered a branch of medicine, the study of the mechanics of living beings, with an emphasis on applied use through prosthetics or orthotics
Biomedical research – study of health and disease
Biophysics – study of biological processes through physics, by applying the theories and methods traditionally used in the physical sciences
Biotechnology – study of the manipulation of living matter, including genetic modification and synthetic biology
Botany – study of plants
Cell biology – study of the cell as a complete unit, and the molecular and chemical interactions that occur within a living cell
Ecology – study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with the non-living elements of their environment

Our school community will help fund and activate indoor and outdoor gardens with the School family and the community on a larger scale. Our goal with the farm, is to address the health epidemic of Afrikan Americans, in mind body and spirit, by providing local food access as a solution to our health crisis, and advocate green Business production and career development, with food production and localization using this plan.

Planting the seeds of knowledge (with the youth) is the key to a fruitful future, and we are taking it upon ourselves to provide the youth and community with the education and tools necessary around these issues. Your contribution is vital in making this happen.

The Problem

The ability to access high quality, fresh food in low income Black families is a major issue. Black people are dying more in the general population, from Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cancers than any other population. These diseases can all be controlled by better options and choices that they eat and drink. The lack of access, food preparation, and nutritional education has created a health epidemic in these populations.

A Canadian Study recently conducted, shows "There was a 20% higher risk of diabetes in the lowest 2 income groups compared with the highest group, which translated into an extra 2500 diagnoses of diabetes for that year."
Senior author of the research, Lorraine Lipscombe, MD, from the University of Toronto, Ontario, told Medscape Medical News:
Food travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to fridge by ship, plane, and truck.
Pesticides leak into the soil, water, and our bodies.
Industrial agriculture leads to unhealthy soil and loss of wildlife.

If we localize food production and distribution on a community level, we can easily solve this problem.

Corporate concentration causes small businesses to struggle. Consumers feel dis-empowered to make a change. We intend to empower our communities by creating entrepreneurial opportunities around holistic health, food production, and green careers.

The leading unhealthy corporate heads spend billions per year marketing their unhealthy products to young children and families. Most families are simply unaware of the vicious cycle of low quality food and health, and furthermore, what to do to change that. Education is the key to providing communities to spark change.

How do we get the inner city youth and families on board with creating healthier, greener, sustainable communities?

The Solution

Amen Ankh Academy and Urban Farms offer the tools that can change that.

Youth Going Green Programming also has goals to work with youth-at-risk and detention-re-entry into career fields in Urban Agriculture, as well as
You GROWW Girl- "Teach a girl heal a nation" curriculum, and Adenike’s Art Reduce Reuse Recycle, Amen Ankh Urban Farm, and Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life.)

Our vision

We propose the use of microloans for the installation of Aquaponic Systems in the homes and institutions of each family and group site that will be built and maintained by each student and family members. These Systems will provide a foundational economy of fish and food production for the academy. as well as the perimeter and peripheral community. The grey water and all production refuse will be filtered, composted and recycled back into the farm as natural fertilizers and energy. Each body of student graduates will work organically within the community, for at least 5 years, to leave a legacy that will be built upon by the next collective of students, much like George Washington Carver and the Tuskegee Institute, where the Students built and maintained their own school through work study.
Amen Ankh Akademy will create in effect, an artisan’s guild and culture of creative craft-persons and performance artists. As well as Producers and manufacturers who will promote engineering capacities and self-perpetuation in computer-aided technologies, with Land and resource acquisition and preservation.
Each student will be producing alternative ways of food production and preservation like sprouting, rooftop and vertical farming, Beekeeping, Orchards, Compost vermiculture, clay, and mineral acquisition etc.. Recycling Aluminum, Plastic and Glass,- Producing Herbal products, canning, teas, dyes, oils etc. etc.

Each student will establish their own entrepreneurial goals and objectives to create their own production models and business plans. Creating Fine Art and Performance Arts which will be populated into e-commerce. Every student will be able to repeat and spawn a sustainable society using natural resources, anywhere in the world.

Amen Ankh Academy, has created a spoken word DVD titled the Green Griot Gathering, capturing the life and times of Urban Guerrilla Farming in Kansas City and a curriculum that bridges the gap of inner-generational dialogue around alternative medicines and food security. In order to spark the conversation with our future (the youth,) an interest has to be created, and it has to be relevant. The curriculum was designed to teach young people the importance of a localized food system, what it means to live in a food desert and how to sustain themselves in one. Some of the activities include hands-on healthy cooking and juicing demonstrations, films, Meditation, yoga, urban Alternative gardening, introduction to Aquaponics and more. We are engaged in outreach to various communities and anticipate an impact of over 6,000 youths aged 8 to 24.

The Impact

To spark change, the interest must be created in an informative and relevant way. We want to see schools and other community Centers with equitable access to good food, have enough to eat, end health disparities in low-income and communities of color, and honor every community's right to culturally relevant, safe, and healthy food. Providing the education as groundwork, and the ability to grow food in these communities is vital. We want to localize food production, reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint by supporting schools and communities with the education and tools to do so.

Curriculum The Amen Ankh Academy Curriculum is a Home Schooling Cooperative STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics Medicine) model with- Hands on Natural Sciences, Martial Arts, Knowledge of self and life management courses. The Program works within the structure of a self-help, peer group relationship, with facilitators monitoring the group’s achievements. Pre-K-8 fundamental learning, then move onto a Montessori model of hands-on individualized objectives and project-based learning. Each student will construct their own IEP (Individualized Learning Program). We will use pre- approved E-Learning curriculum for core curriculum, to study and review, using a combination of two systems, Project Based Learning and a Comprehensive system (lessons played through to the end of the chapter). The curriculum is presented by a trained facilitator who serves as a mentor and guide. Hands-on Performance assessments using Multiple intelligence styles are administered at the end of each chapter to monitor the scholar's understanding and learning. In addition, personal growth inventory questionnaires will be completed by the participants rating themselves on a scale from 0 to 10 both before and after the course, which they keep in a notebook- journal for their own future use. In addition, Life Management Skills Survey, rating the trainee 1 – 5, is completed by the trainees, their parents or guardians, facilitators, and counselors at the end of the course.

The Amen Ankh Academy ’s social curriculum is designed to assist in the development of life management skills in eight critical areas of (1) Motivation, Habits, Attitudes; (2) Goal Setting; (3) Problem Solving and Decision Making; (4) Emotional Control; (5) Family Relationships; (6) Financial Stability; (7) Effective Communication; (8) Entrepreneurial/ vocational.

The learner will acquire at least one concept of human development coupled with instructions of how to develop the particular skill required to successfully merge the concept of behavior into the individual’s life. As they progress through the manual, an accumulation of various skills and techniques are incorporated into the trainees lives this equipping them with tools for success.
The curriculum is based on a three-pronged teaching methodology including Sensory Perception, Cypher Group Discussion, and Spaced Repetition.

1. Sensory Perception. Utilizing Hands-on experiences and working with multiple intelligence- with audio-visual aids to assist scholars with reading and/or learning disabilities or who are marginally literate.

2. Cypher Group Discussion: each participant is allotted time using the “talking stick” to comment without interruption; group members may comment on what was previously said or offer new subjects for discussion.

3. Spaced Repetition: Lessons are presented up to three times to ensure comprehension and maximum retention of the principles of success, focus, determination, and responsibility.

A trained Amen Ankh staff member guides each class and encourages honest expression in the interpretation and application of the curriculum. The class size shall be approximately 15 to 20 students per facilitator. At the completion of each training session, the graduates are recognized by a ceremony honoring their work in front of their family and friends.

Ankh Seneb Wdjet (Life health Spiritual Power) to the Ancient Indigenous Ones globally! Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Unity, Equality, Light and Blessings!
Other Ways You Can Help

Amen Par Ankh  Medu Neter Consultations for Destiny, Health, Career Relationship by Sba Nuta Beqsu AmenRa El

  • You are invited to receive your ancient Kemetic Readings for Destiny, Health, Career and Relationship from Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life- for $100.00  ($30 Separately)
  • Upon receiving your Destiny readings, you will be eligible to receive your KMT Name and Naming Ceremony. (Cost varies)
  • Join our Geo Gnome Community and Become a Member of Amen Par Ankh our Sepat/ Geo Gnome! With your Donations of $20/per Month
  • With your Donations of $30 or more, you will receive an Ebook: 
NATION BUILDING HOW TO By: Sasteh Meter Mosley
You are Invited to support our fundraising initiative for Amen Ankh Akademy Green STEAM Network:
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Sba Nuta-  Kandaki Ma Nuta Beqsu Adenike Moses Amen-Ra El

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  • Automobile, Truck Donations-(Tax write-off receipts available)
  • Vacant Lots, Houses, Buildings, Sheds, Trailers etc.
  • Farming Equipment
  • Laptops or other Hi-tech Items for Amen Ankh Akademy, our Green STEAM Homeschool Cooperative
  • Work Wear for Construction, Farming, and Landscapers
  • Winter Wear, Socks, Hats, Gloves
  • Hygiene Products, for Young Men and Women;
  • Water and Healthy Food Commodities for after schoolers...
  • Afrikan Centered Education, Books, History, Biographies 

Ma'at is the Kemetic, Principal, and philosophy of Order, Justice, Reciprocity, and Balance. She is known for the 42-177 Virtuous Laws.( These laws were refined to the 10 Mosaic laws, better known as the 10 Commandments. Maat is adorned with Eagle wings on her arms, an Ostrich feather as her crown, and a scale to weigh the heart of an initiate against her feather for it's purity.

The information on this website has been put together for general information, education, reference, Spirituality Current Events and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific condition. Ask your doctor for his professional advice before making radical changes in your diet and lifestyle

Email: ,, and Call: 816-281-7704 to sign-up for courses and support: information: , , Look for us on FaceBook, GOOGLE, LinkedIn & Twitter

We Celebrate the Cycles of Life, Wellness and Balance in our everyday existence on earth. We assist in Wellness for Physical Fitness, Mental Health, and Spiritual Attunement - to realize the fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide Whole Life Coaching, Energy work, A Par Ankh Reading Room, Org-Ankh Electric food Boxes, an Herbal Tea House & Juice bar, Outdoor Experiences, classes such as Cultural Headwrapping, Natural Hair oils, beading and Lox twisting, Cosmetics, and Herbal products. Art Healing Mandalas, Jewelry Making, Gentle Yoga, Canning and preserving food, Health and Wellness Study Courses. We make Gifts and Accessories. We Celebrate and show our respect of nature with Cultural Ceremonies, Workshops and special events. Amen Par Ankh means sacred House of Life. We Celebrate Life! We provide a Women's Mothers and Children's space for your own personal discovery with quiet reflection and time for internal work, as well as an active space for expressions of our original ways of life.

Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansings, & Classes

Amen Ankh Urban Farm is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of achieving environmental justice and sustainability by Healthy local food production and improving local neighborhood access to healthy Foods. We run Aquaponic Systems of farm-raised fish, Herbs and microgreens. We sell Org-Ankh Electric Food Boxes! We also provide Farm-a-See tours of successful Local Farmers with the “Green Griot”.
We grow selected local indigenous Herbs, Fruits, Vegetable and plant life of the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash/Melons and cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, and Kale, With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers, with Moringa nutritional drink supplements, -From our foods we produce Baked Goods, cosmetics, & liniments to provide Healing and Sovereignty: Through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) for all Original peoples.

Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.

Amen Par Ankh and Urban Farm were established across the span of 2009 and 2012. We organized as a non-profit Par Ankh (House of Life) that focuses on serving the community for balanced change by providing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life options. Focused on the spiritual aspects of healing and self-help, seminars, classes, Libations, Cultural Arts Events and services, Outreach, spiritual teachings and private Consultations sessions are offered. In 2012 The Amen Ankh Urban Farm was opened as a Teaching and Therapeutic farm to show the economically sustainable possibilities that any family can have right in the middle of a food desert and urban neighborhood. We began doing business as Amen Par Ankh Wellness Center and opened our second location, the Auset Pr Ankh. Since the opening of our offices, hundreds of people have benefited from profound emotional, spiritual, and physical improvements and have been provided the tools to continue moving themselves forward toward life health, prosperity and wellness.

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City’s Urban Core, The Amen Par Ankh is a place where people find healing and refuge from their everyday lives and problems. Working one-on-one with individuals, a customized plan is developed to meet their needs through hands-on energy work, nutritional counseling and spiritual advisement by offering traditional and non-traditional spiritual, mental and physical healing systems designed to inspire the body…calm the mind…and soothe the soul.


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