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US Corporatakrazy Negro-peons

House Negro-peons of the U.S. (Uncle Sam's) Corporatocracy

With the Prison Industrial Complex tied into the Military Industrial Complex, woven into the Criminal "Just-Us" system, and the Upside down pyramid of the Underground economy, there is a seamless paradigm lubricating the gears and bolts and woven in the fabric, of the production and destruction of the Machinery of the U.S. of A inc. We have moved from the 18th century industrial model, to the neo slavery of low wage workers in a greater pool of the 99%. We are now living in the era of the Neo-Plantation. The social terminology and references are still identifiable in the world of Corporatokrazy.

The “House Negro-peon” is now a definition for a parody of someone who has lost their way of autonomous living and who submits to and accepts being conquered, assimilated, colonized, subordinate, second class, and often third classed untouchables or the US. This individual exudes their own pariah of self-revulsion. They eagerly play their role to maintain the status Quo in a failing system. They are happy to brown-nose and scheme their way to eating the "scraps from massas table."

Many American Afrikans are suffering from a toxic cocktail of Stockholm syndrome, post Traumatic enslavement Syndrome, Cognitive Dissonance!...Before Stalin or Stockholm...
Before there ever was a Stockholm Syndrome, there was Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. Many house negroes still suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, and P.T.S. D. (I call it Maafa Syndrome), without treatment- which make them helpful tools to the Corporatokrazy.

The origin of the term “negro” is a Latin word for the color “black.” but it also references death. The present use of the word “negro,” represents an archaic shadow of an old past term that we should have socially evolved from. Yet, this color reference is still used as a racial title for many organizations of original Melanin People. These racist classifications are so antiquated by more than a century. Surely we have advanced in our own self determination to move beyond the past morays and racist dialogue of the U.S., to then move in the spirit of our own autonomy and self-determination.

Imagine ANYONE who has been striped and alienated from everything they have known... YET, THIS IS WHAT WE CONTINUE TO DO TO OUR BABIES, CHILDREN AND TEENS- EVERY TIME WE LEAVE THEM TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES IN THIS SYSTEM! A system of public Welfare Daycares, schools, food and housing.

We presently live in a society of the North Western Neo-Greco-Roman Catholic-Jew Empire. This colonial imperialistic crushing state will crucify anyone obstructing their path of tyranny. This structure has invaded every natural aboriginal communal relationship on the planet. The establishment of imperial Plantations of fascist feudal republics, destroyed Agrarian Nile Valley and eastern pastoral ways of life. Everywhere on the planet, you can find the decimation and genocide of every communal society and with it the ecosystems of the natural world.

What is left is a trail of dysfunctional refugees who are caught in a psychopathy of automated insensitive religious yet nonspiritual subsistence.

So, we presently have the identifiable personality types of the House Negro-peons, The Porch Negro (Gate-keeper), The Field Negro(Hustler/Gangster- of the underground economy), the Runaway(simi conscious- cultist) and the Free Man. These terms are often used to describe contemporary ways that many people of color are still selling out to the Indigo Melanin nation or any group who are members of the 99% of people who have been outcastes from big money corporations- who have outsourced their industrial plants to foreign countries, who have accelerated their exploitation to establish Onsite slave camps of workers. Much like in China, where instead on importing slaves, they corral the existing populations into their own corrals (In-carceration-In-house Enslavement,) to work in 24 hour shifts, sleeping in the same beds of the previous workers, you can find this system in India, Japan, Africa, anywhere there was an emerging independent nation. The Corporatokrazys want control of all natural resources by destroying autonomous societies and replacing them with in house refugee slaves. Since Columbus, this is their outsourcing strategy, yet there still exist the issues of internal reestablishment of neo slavery with the prison industrial complex. Many of our people are snatched out of urban cities and incarcerated in private prisons, often on the very same rural land that was once a plantation! Instead of using this land to grow food, the corporatokrazys have merged the industrial and plantation models together to build consumer goods, while the food has been automated into GMO Clones of hydroponics.

A House Negro-peon is a snitch and an agent to the Corporatokrazy of the educational pipeline to the Prison Industrial Complex and the Military Industrial Complex. House Negroes suffer from what is identified as Maafa Syndrome. (This predates and originates Stockholm Syndrome.) Maafa is a Swahili word meaning "A terrible disaster." This syndrome had existed in the Maafa Ebony wars of the trans- Atlantic human trafficking, long before it’s identification in the "Holocaust." People who are caught in this paradigm have completely surrendered to their captors and their state of captivity. They often completely identify with and model their oppressors. They are the model prisoners, and trustees who report any disruption of the status quo of the system or any act of civil disobedience. They despise themselves and are so institutionalized in their thinking where they need the approval and permission of their oppressor for everything. They will listen so intently to everything that goes on with their authorities. They believe in anything in the media has reported. All they need to see is someone sitting in front of a teleprompter or holding a microphone in front of a camera. Anything that has been written down in a book or newspaper, or on the subliminal messaging, Tel-lie-Vision, is truth to them. They often keep mass media TVs, Radio and Newspapers, etc. around them 24 hours a day. They rely in the weather reports more that looking outside. The House negro has completely bought into the billion dollar religious institutions of their oppressor, with glad rags, big hats and seed tithing, to completely reject the nature based, communal autonomous ways of their own Ancestors. Many do not practice natural health and wellness or connect to the natural earth. So, they are tied to man made cosmetics and death-care med-sins. Many are tied into the Masons, Boule, Frat and Sorority Educational institutions. They will add their own negro touches to their oppressor's institutions and beliefs, then feed these nocuous ideas to their children through fear, humiliations, shouting, nutritional deprivation and damnation. House negroes often beat their own children to season them for their master's oppression. They often modify their bodies and dress- changing their complexion, buying nose jobs, and spending their money in the billion dollar industry of artificial Hair, nails and cosmetics! An often quoted phrase that the late Malik El Shabazz Aka Malcolm X used to epitomize this way of thinking was, "Massa, Is WE's Sick?"

The Porch Negro has been caught between the Field and House Negro. They are often too week and sickly to work in the field or run away, but they have somehow been outcasted from the house. They are the gatekeepers, watchers and the sentinels. They become good at sounding the alarm when something is approaching the house- or upsetting the status quo. They have not completely submitted to the plantation authority, yet, they are still caught in the Institutional, plantation mentality system. You find them as the so called black militant, wearing a dashiki, who works for and supports the corporatokrazy in the daytime, yet refuses to re-invest their monies into a viable autonomous community development. They are multi-culturalist. They still think " the iceman's ice is colder" So, they often invite and include Caucasians in their Black organizations, thinking that it gives more credibility to their group. They talk a lot and they are seen in the political arenas, yet they refuse to tear down the barriers that obstruct the progress of the people to freedom. The Porch Negro is also a snitch. They are useful to the system of oppression as paid undercover informants. They masquerade as Black supporters and associate with autonomous thinkers, only to steal their intel to subvert and undermine the resistance.

*The Field Negro is the hard working rebel. They constantly hear the crack of the lash and often bare the wounds. Some Field Negroes may still be trying to impress their oppressors, hoping to get a job working in the house, but the majority has felt the lash and is always seeking a way of escape. Because they are closer to nature, and further away from the propaganda, they have a better chance at reconnecting with nature and the earth. sun and universe. Yet they have still been indoctrinated to reject the natural ways. The Field Negro serves the Underground economy. They are the pimps, drug dealers and scammers, always looking for a fast deal. They often "get high on their own supply." Many have served in the corpratokrazy's military and police. They are the prison guards, and contract labor workers, who support their plantations. You occasionally have sabotage, yet this is only used to embargo, and shift the balance of corruption kickbacks in their favor.

*The Run-a-Way has made a successful escape from the system, yet often only knows and understands the lifestyle and system of the plantation, They have still been institutionalized, so they continue to practice and model the plantation mentality in their private life. Their dress, Language, demeanor, government administration, environment and lifestyle habits, are the same as their oppressors. This reflects on the paradox of the people of Haiti, known to be the first to succeed in driving out the colonialist government and oppressors. Yet, the very next day they began to establish the same authority, speak the French language instead of their own, and practice the lifestyle, religion, diet and even the same oppressive class system. So the idea of only replacing the roles of their oppressor, with black skin, is the paradox.

*The Free People live in cultural ways that are connected with nature and the natural environment. They live in harmony with the seasons and are sensitive to and practice a natural spirituality. They know the terrain, and the stars. They know the healing herbs, and the Animals. They have their own system of measurement, classification systems, timeline, and calendar, specialized diet and speak their own indigenous languages.

Amen Par Ankh and Amen Ankh Urban Farms in Kansas City, MO.

Our Youth are arising from the ashes of the neo slavery of the prison Industrial Complex

Yes our youth are showing their @$$es to expose the underground economy... Our youth have been the walking wounded, marching in their suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress for the past 30 years! Sagging IS NOT JUST A FASHION STATEMENT! Our Youth are lowering their flags at half-mast as an SOS to the homicides and slaughter of their families and friends who are caught up in the criminal "In-Just U.S." system, the prison industrial complex, and the military industrial complex. I'm not saying that I condone this behavior- But I also cannot condemn our young men (Or Women) either. We must embrace our youth and use teachable moments to engage and connect with them.

I am a teacher with a home-school, and I live with my students in their neighborhoods. I tutor, read to children, and teach STEMM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) through urban agriculture on our urban farm. I see this every day.

As there is a cure in nature, for every illness,

Our Black Youth have gone feral, from the mundane delusions of patriotism, integrationist, assimilationists who follow the middle class value system of a society of non-colored people who want to dominate and control and exploit our people. They think our elders have failed them and left them for “def”-in da Hood, -in the aftermath of the civil rights movement with cointelpro, and the invasion of Cocaine to Crack. They are generating their own freedom structures within the underground economy. Their Hip Hop Culture has become that cypher, that pathway map and talking drum for all youth around the planet. They are moving to a green movement to take on the accountability to the ecosystem of the planet and their role in the sustainability of their environment and the Ecosystems of the Planet.

With respect to Honorable Marcus Garvey (Triumphant,) when he refers to “Africa for Africans!” the Diasporas of Afrikans on this planet, as well as the continent of Afrika, encompasses many countries whose peoples align themselves as one nation under the motherland of Africa. As I research the history of Honorable Marcus Garvey, I find that it was his life’s work to promote the unification of the Afrikan Diaspora.

I know that we can always debate the origin of the word “Africa or Afrika”… Yet Afrika has been -and is still, considered to be the only universal term for the racial origin of the original “human” (Hue-Man). All of our sensitivities over maintaining these antiquated title and ethnic affiliations are ultimately a reflection of each of our own internal conflicts and turmoil due to our treatment and the ill effects from the Maafa. How our diverse nations, ethnicity and origins were all lumped together by complexion only, without regard to our unique diversities. As Melaninated people, we were bred together, like stock animals for specific results. So we often find cases that reveal our suffering from inherited and direct injuries, of unwarranted rebuke, assault, and disenfranchisement from the MAAFA of human trafficking that still remain.

The greatest assault or sin of all other transgressions are the lies that we have been told. We have been assaulted and besieged by so many false truths and contrivances that continue to bombard and attack our self image, self esteem, and moral fortitude. From the very history books of a dysfunctional education system that we feed an alien barbaric program into our children, We present our own children to be taught by institutions of our oppressor, to master and drill into their innocent psyche, - and to the exposure of mass media propaganda and advertisements that follow us everywhere.

My question is- Then, how shall we define ourselves!? If Africa is not considered the racial and national origin of all our ancestors of melaninated people, then what time and place can we be united at and in connection to? The fact that you can find Black people everywhere is the phenomenon that is undeniable.

Posted by Adenike AmenRa at 9/21/2009 12:05:00 AM

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Healing From Maafa Syndrome

Sunday, Friday, February 22, 2009

Healing from ‘Mental Enslavement’ Known as 

Maafa Syndrome

Although the shackles of chattel incarceration on People of African Descent, seems to have been removed over a century ago, by legislation that had been passed to relinquish the legal chains, and inequality, of the likes of sharecropping, Jim Crow Segregation Laws, and Redlining, that bound People of African descent in Africa, Europe and the Americas, to European Caucasian slave owners' balance sheets, along with their, oxen, horses, cows, farm equipment and other tangible assets; our children, elders, and women are still subjected to inequity. racist leadership, Police homicide and brutality, supremacy systems, spite, hate criminals, and terrorists. We still live in enemy territory, among an apathetic and insensitive people, under a state of "white" supremacy, racial profiling, stereotyping and terrorism.

Yet, unlike, the Native American, Jew, Chinese, and Japanese nations, etc., no  outside national actions, Economic Recovery or Health Therapy, by the US society, has been employed to give restitution or reparations, for the mental and physical abuse, for the captivity, and colonization that occurred, for the family and societal disenfranchisement that was inherited, and for what economic destitution still remains with people of African descent today.

Yet many African descendants are in denial of the long-lasting effects of the traumatically brutal institution of the inhumane treatment and forced labor, used to build the United States. They often passively assert that slavery happened long ago, it has nothing to do with them now, and as melanin people, we should forgive and forget it, and take advantage of any ‘freedoms’ now available to us. However, the emotional and psychological damage caused by the Transatlantic war, US mass murder and genocide, colonization, human trafficking, rape, and terrorism, was so severe, that many people today still struggle with psychological, health challenges, displaced families and economic disenfranchisement. So many of our people have assimilated, and are compliant with the WASP middle-class value system of the United States.


I call this enslaved mindset, Maafa Syndrome. Maafa is a KiSwahili word which means chaos and "terrible disaster." Maafa is an African term, like the word Holocaust, that is used universally for the trauma that was exacted particularly against people of African Decent, by identifying them according to the color of their skin. This term refers to the periods of time, when Indigo People, or People of African descent, were invaded by Arabs and Aryan societies as well. This Maafa has occurred within the Americas, and globally, by Invaders, imperialists, and colonizers that sought the expansion of their power and way of life, against Indigo people, who choose to live in harmony with creation.

Maafa Syndrome means the total identification with an assailant abuser or terrorist, for the hope of favor. Maafa Syndrome predates the term that is known as Stockholm syndrome (Capture Bonding). Many people of African descent, have been targeted, terrorized, and indoctrinated by other ethnic groups, and classes, as though they are subordinate. Many people of African Descent accept and comply with this subordination, thinking they have no other alternative means... Many African Centered scholars will use the euro reference of "Stockholm Syndrome" to attribute the symptoms of the current psychological phenomena in people of African Descent. Yet the trauma and specific behaviors predate this euro contemporary coined phrase. Maafa Syndrome is specific to our people of African Descent. One of the early incentives to divide and conquer organization and unity for people of African Decent, outside of Religious indoctrination and the Willie Lynch syndrome, is the Meritorious Manumission Act.

The Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710 are principles that controlled the thinking of Caucasians and People of African Descent then and now. This is how racism/white supremacy functions, and how this act affects us today. The Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710 was a legal act of freeing a slave in exchange for his or her "good deeds" as defined by the national public policy:

1.Saving a so-called white person's life

2. Protecting a caucasian's personal property

3. Coming up with inventions in which the slave owner could profit financially and receive credit for the invention

4. Snitching on/ Reporting to authorities of any revolt of so-called Blacks

Many of our people sold themselves out and their own people, out of desperation. Many of us still do...

In the late 1950s psychologists, by the name of Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark, established an experiment, called the Doll study, which revealed the effects that segregation had on the African descendant community. Many ethnic and class groups, including people of African descent, isolated dark complexed dolls as undesirable, and un-preferred over other dolls of lighter complexions. This created a precedent for the integration of Americans of African descent into work and living situations around the descendants of those who colonized and disenfranchised them. The outcome of this integration mitigated the major obliteration of Schools, businesses and whole communities owned by Americans of African descent.

5 questions for gauging African consciousness, by Dr. Amos WilsonDr. Amos N Wilson (February 23,1941 – January 14, 1995), was a former Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York. He would argue that "only a systematic correction in consciousness can help people, who were taught to think as slaves, and to truly escape bondage."

Dr. Amos N Wilson, the renowned author who penned books such as “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” and "Blueprint for Black Power," posed five simple questions.

If Wilson’s questions are answered truthfully, they reveal and monitor Maafa Syndrome as the enslaved mindset, still within many People of African Descent.

1. What Language Do You Speak?

Language is critical to the expression of culture because it’s a way to express the values, beliefs, and customs of a people. It is fundamental to cultural identity, and if people forget their native tongue, they lose an important aspect of their culture and a piece of who they are. This is fundamental to why people must keep their own languages alive.
When Indigo people were forced to adopt the languages of the English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, etc., in the United States, in essence, they were forced to abandon their own worldview and accept a foreign one, that regarded them as subordinate, and that they were only present, to support the interest and economy of colonist. The mentality that allowed this relationship to happen still exists among us today. It is imperative, that Indigo people pursue their own thoughts, expressions, and Communities. Our rich African languages are alive and are the mother tongue of all other languages. learning to speak multiple languages at a young age, enhances the intelligence and capacity for social interaction and successful communication. It also reduces senility in older ages.

2. What Kind of Clothes Do You Wear?

Fashion has always played an important role in African culture. The styles, patterns, and weaves of clothing often held spiritual and mythical significance. In addition, some of the most beautiful garments in the world were crafted by the hands of African crafters. Many of them brought their skills to the Americas, like leather craft, Indigo dye, and even Patchwork Quilting. These skills were often exploited as another source of income for those who incarcerated people of African Descent.

Black people obviously were not able to wear their traditional garments under captivity. Instead, they were provided European styled rags of clothing, often the cheapest and least durable available.

Today, for the most part, Black people have held on to their instinct for elaborate fashion, but for many, Black people have been colonized in their thinking through plagiarized, and alien religious beliefs of Aryan, Asians, and Europeans. So traditional African clothing is thought of as strange and undesirable as Europeans perceived it hundreds of years ago. In addition, we are loyal to clothing brands originating outside our communities. These Artificial polyesters and acrylic fabrics are very toxic and dehydrating on our skin and hair.

We must return to our own industry and production, growing and processing our own Cotton, Flax, Hemp, Indigo, Wool and Leather.

3. What Names Do You Answer To? 

After Indigo people were kidnapped from their lands in America or brought to the Americas from Africa, they had to continue to endure terrorism and a number of brutal crimes against them. One was being stripped of the names they were given in their native languages and communities. This forced abandonment of their family and heritage destroyed a vital link that tied people of African descent to their countries of origin and disconnected them from their cultural history that dated back further than that of their enslavers.
Rather than being called by the traditional and beautiful names that recorded who they were and where they were from, Africans were given names that presented them as property. I recall the infamous scene when Kunta Kente was beaten until he excepted the name "Toby." If there were more than one slave with the same name in any given group, they were assigned various identifiers such as “little” or “big,” so each would know who was being called for.

Since slavery was officially abolished, some Blacks have shed the European names that were once forced upon them and have adopted African Names.

4. What Food Do You Eat?

During the Trans Atlantic War, those who incarcerated our people as prisoners of war would work captured Africans with long work hours, cramped quarters and harsh punishments. They lived their lives from day to day in desperation and hunger. They were stripped of their cultural ties, sunshine, and tropical nutrients.

When a pig was slaughtered, the entrails, feet, hide, and head “from the rooter to the tooter” was all that was left. This included pig’s feet, skin- Cracklins, and intestines- chitterlings. In modern times, people still partake of this type of food, even though it has been determined to be unhealthy.

The Traditional diet of people of African descent was predominantly Mediterranean, and rich with tropical fruits and vegetables.

5. Can You Name One African Spiritual System?

Catholics, Christians, Islamic, and Jews sanctioned the enslavement and Christian/Islam Indoctrination of people of African descent. In the process, African peoples were forced to abandon their own spiritual systems, to adopt the European version of Christianity and Aryan Islam.

Africans had their own religions and concepts of God. Today many of the fears and negative feelings we have towards spiritual systems of our ancestors are a direct result of the anti-African ideology, that was taught and harshly enforced on the plantations.

One of the most egregious acts committed by the racist system of religious thought was the formation of the image of a caucasian man as the ‘son’ of God and later transformed as God in the flesh and spirit. This caucasian male image, which is referred to as "Christ" and is still worshiped by many ethnic African Diaspora cultures of people around the world today, helps to foster a belief that implies that the Caucasian man is white, innocent, just, perfect, good, supreme and the only source of blessings.

We must apply the principles of MAAT!

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