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I AM MY HAIR! Black Natural Hair Cultural Identity And Health


For Indigo people, our hair is our sacred crowns. WE ARE OUR HAIR! Our Natural, coiled hair is pinnacle to our existence with the universe! As melanin Indigo people we move forward in our struggle to live in an often hostile and alien Western society and environment. It is imperative that we address our relationship with our Indigo girls in their growth and development. We must Bless, celebrate and Anoint our hair and crown energy. We must not believe the hype of western mass media and propaganda that influences some of our people to reject, and deny our power and identity. Then to pass down this mis-education to melanin children. We must be critical thinkers in all things.

Our hair and our melanin is magic! We thrive in the light of the sun. We are a people born for a tropical region along the equator of the sun. our ancient Ancestors were global travelers. We possessed a stellar, and nautical understanding that enabled us to move about and within the planet. Our east Afrikan societies created libraries and schools of thought for every aspect of society. We established the ancient KMT mystery schools, which later became the Masonic societies. Our hair receives and downloads ambient energy data.

Our very Cultural Identity in relation to our own Economic stability,  is under attack. Instead of Racial Profiling based on the color of our skin, our  hair is under attack, with the demand that our hair conforms with standards of some Caucasians and melanin people, who suffer from self hatred.


ˈlē*vīt/" -noun
a member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi, especially of that part that provided assistants to the community as priests in the worship in the Hebrew Temple.

Remember Levites from the Bible, were inspired to not cut their hair. The Levites were the Nubian Pastoral peoples, known as Hebrews, found in East Afrika. According to the Book of Genesis, the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi (the Levites). Certain religious and political functions were reserved for the Levites. They were the priestly class of healing ministers, leaders of music and poets. The Levites were the Magi. They worked with the Electro-Magnetic energy of empirical senses, to connect and transmit the cosmic energy in nature. These priests worked in light, color, sound, smell, vibrations, using the natural environment, science, mathematics and the seasons. Samson's mother was moved to grow her son's hair into 7 lox. These lox empowered him to be a mighty man God.

The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Survival skills of humans are amazing. Science is currently discovering even more about Human abilities. Each part of the body has very sensitive work to perform for the survival and well being of the body as a whole. There is a reason for every part of the body, in and of itself.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved 'feelers' or 'antennae' that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut. When hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment are greatly hampered. This results in numbing-out of natural, innate sensory connection.

Cutting of our hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to healing and insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. The shaving of pubic hair is said to release more Pheromones even though there are plenty of pheromones logged in the hair shaft. Shaving body hair may actually contribute to sexual frustration. 

“Human Hair – A Biological Necessity”
by Dr. Birendra Kaur.

Nature (Wahe Guru) put every hair on your body for a reason. The hair of the legs regulates the glandular system and stabilizes a person’s electromagnetic field. The hair under the armpits protects the very sensitive area where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems come together; this affects the brain and your energy level. Eyebrows protect the eyes from sun and sweat. Facial hair on men covers the moon center on the chin and protects them from excessive moon energy. The hair on top of the head is very long, while the hair on the body is short. If it were only for warmth, the hair on the body would be long also. We only have long hair right over the brain. We are practically the only creatures designed this way. Hair is your antenna to receive a picture of the subtle world around you, to tell when people are lying, to feel things before they happen, etc..

The natural intelligence of the body is to maintain its hairs. If you allow the hair on the head to grow undisturbed; it will grow to a certain length required by your body and then it will stop. Perhaps you have noticed among Sikhs who do not cut their hair that hair length is different for each person. Each body has its own requirement. The hair also reflects the health of the individual.

It has been proven scientifically that people who have long hair tend to be less tired, more energetic and less likely to become depressed. People who have long hair also conserve energy and don’t feel the cold of winter the same as people with short hair. A person who has short hair wastes his body’s energy. A person who cuts his hair over his lifetime forces the body to grow 22 meters of replacement hair. A person who keeps his hair only produces 1.5 meters of hair over his lifetime.

Think of the story of Samson and Delilah in the Bible! He lost his strength when she cut his hair! Another example of the power of hair: To humiliate the conquered people of China, Genghis Khan made them cut their hair and wear bangs over the forehead! (Bangs cover the 3rd eye, inhibiting intuition and subtle knowledge.)

Hair is a conductor of the body’s electromagnetic energy. Ever see how the antenna wire in an AM radio is coiled in a circle? That’s because of something called induction. Induction causes any conductor of electromagnetic energy to induce a current in adjacent conductors. This means that when you coil a conductor, the signal becomes much stronger. Hairs on top of the head act as antennae. They conduct energy into the body. Also, wearing the hair on top of the head protects the top of the head from sun and exposure, as well as channeling solar energy and improving vitamin D absorption. Yogis and Sikhs do not cut their hair, they coil or knot it on top of head on their solar center. In men, the solar center is on top of the head at the front (anterior fontanel). Women have two solar centers: one is at the center of the crown chakra, the other is on top of the head towards the back (posterior fontanel). For both men and women, coiling or knotting the hair at the solar center channels one’s radiant energy and helps retain a spiritual focus.

Hair Knots

Hair knots are traditionally called the “rishi” knot. In ancient times, a rishi was someone who had the capacity to control the flow of energy and prana in the body. A “maharishi” was someone who could regulate the flow of energy in the body, meditatively and at will. The rishi knot assists in the channeling of energy in meditation (Naam Simran). If one cuts off the hair, there can be no rishi knot. By giving us the rishi knot (and the turban) the Guru gave his Sikhs the blessing to have the capacity of a rishi.

Zulaikha is a courageous young girl who created a movement to stand up for her identity.

Zulaikha is a courageous young girl who created a movement to stand up for her identity. 

Our hair has naturally spiraling coils. Our hair is alive and part of the extensions of the sensory antenna on our body.

Being "Indigo" means that we recognize that we are the first Indigenous, Aboriginal people on planet Earth. Indigo is a color of deep effervescent energy and hue. Indigo is the highest state of the anointing of our crown chakra. It is said that "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." Indigo also resonates with our Ancient Afrikan  Ancestors. All true Humans come from this motherland Akabulon Aeons ago, Yes, before the breakup of  "Pangaea"- also known as Turtle Island. Our Ancient Ancestors designated the royal hierarchy to wear the royal purple, from the plant known as Indigo.


The Indigo plant is one of our ancient Afrikan sacred plants, that has been used worldwide. This beautiful plant creates an intense hue of deep ultraviolet. This color has often been referred to as "blue-black". Indigo represents the reflection of the rich heritage of our melanin-rich skin, eyes, and hair.

Historically, only the aristocrats and royalty were permitted to wear this color of purple in their clothing in Lenin fabric. Now, we see our sacred plant and it's beautiful color is commonly used along with cotton, in denim jeans and work clothes. The term Blue Collar refers to the Indigo color and the humble working class masses of society. Indigo blue Denim in this US society, was historically worn by farmers, railway, heavy duty equipment, and in penile institutions of mass incarceration.


It is important that we teach our young girls to see themselves as beautiful, and their bodies as sacred temples. our bodies carry the ANKH the sacred portal and vortex from the universe. We must teach our girls to care for and love themselves. We at Amen Ankh, have established a girl's empowerment group called you G.R.O.W.W Girls: teach a girl, heal a nation. GROWW means, Gaining Resilience, Opportunities, Wellness and Wealth. We teach our girls to announce the heka "I AM!" to awaken their consciousness to empowerment. We teach our girls to rise and start each day with positive affirmations in their meditations.


Eye wrote a poem below to express the wonder and power of living in natural beauty. It is titled "I Am Adenike", in celebration of my name as a powerful Affirmation. Ade means Crown and nike means precious:

We Walk in natural beauty and grace
We Wear our crowns with dignity and place
We Rise above our legacy of self-hate
We Cherish what the Creator creates
With our Life Health and Strength, We Celebrate

Nuta Adenike Moses (C) 08/22/12
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