Monday, September 21, 2015

Black Autonomy Federation in KCMO

*We are earth sovereigns. The entire planet is our home in connection with the Wombiverse. We have traveled and lived in harmony with creation for aeons of time. All Indigenous Aboriginal humans come from the Motherland source of Afrika.There is not a place on the planet where our Ancestors' presence did not create the influences of our African civilizations. We respect our Women as Queen Mothers.

*We want our own Sovereign Gnome, Sanctuaries/ Intended communities, and Black Wall Streets with our own Water, Food and Shelter resources, with our own Private Police, Ambulance, Health Clinics, Fire, safety, rescue, Schools and Production and manufacturing businesses- Where we practice our own languages, cultural arts, and folk ways of life. We are green Environmentalist. We are opposed to the deforestation, and environmental rape of the Air, Water, Land and Animals.

*Amen Par Ankh is our Sacred community of life. At Amen Ankh Enterprises-  and Amen Ankh Academy, we are building a Black Autonomous Eco- Gnome-ic society of Cultural Artists, and STEMM Professionals in vocational sciences. We are participants in a variety of cooperative and Network Economics. We are building in the Midwest, Kansas City area, yet *We are available for Lectures, Libations, seasonal ceremony, Home/Business Spiritual clearing and blessings, speaking engagements, local retreats, and to travel nationally and internationally.

*BLACK Lives Matter here! We are building a Black Autonomous Gnome Activist Society of Growers, Crafters, and recyclers. We use, build and create Green energy products, Services and support networks. We established a neighborhood safe-houses with front yard food and herbs, and a vacant lot orchard garden as well as supporting community agricultural projects throughout KC Metro. We encourage EVERYONE To Grow their Own Foods- Fish, Hunt produce and manufacture while practicing our own Healing Martial Arts!.
We are seeking to cultivate our youth in an African Centered homeschooling cooperative, to develop land, real estate, and resources.
We follow the Gnome Tenets from NATION BUILDING HOW TO' By Sasteh Meter. To receive your E-Book or Autographed copy, Submit your donation of $30 or more to PayPal (Inbox to Kandaki Ma Nuta AmenRa) at - Call 816-839-0945

*For all donations, please send to our non-profit structure through paypal at-
WE ARE BUILDERS FOR SOVEREIGNTY! WE ENCOURAGE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS, SUPPORT, AND/OR DONATIONS. This is not a place for your own personal advertising agendas and or to post other information to draw off an audience. We will promptly delete and remove any who would seek the attempt.. ALUTA CONTINUA!

*inbox or Email us and; personally introduce yourself to learn more about the vision of why Black Autonomy is important for our people. We encourage your posting and sharing of thoughts, comments and ideas. in harmony with our mission. For basic housekeeping, *PLEASE DO NOT MISS-QUOTE OR PLAGIARIZE OUR IDEAS! INSTEAD Know that we are available to speak for ourselves to groups, workshops and lecture invitations.