Thursday, June 30, 2016

ABUSE OF POWER -Murder/Genocide of Melanin Human Population

It seems that it is more profitable now, for a police officer to kill a so called "suspect" than it is to de-escalate, charge them with a crime, and bring them into custody! That's too much paperwork and costly to the taxpayers to guard, feed, clothe and house an innocent often unarmed black skinned person until trial for Justice! So, let's not charge them with a crime and cut out the middlemen- Attorneys, continuance clerks, court appearances, judges, bailiffs, etc.,

They must have enough melanin youth, Women and Men incarcerated in private prison industrial complexes all over the country now to make a new world order plantation. So, now you can just apply sex trafficking to rape female prisoners while in custody, raise up their newborn children, through the foster care system to replace it's incarcerated parents! 

After all, the 13th Amendment was just an appeasement for the Civil War. The U.S. can still segregate, redline and re-enslave Black Skinned peoples in "private" institutions... The 13th Amendment (Amendment XIII) to the United States Constitution only abolished slavery and involuntary servitude- EXCEPT AS PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME. So now Black skinned people are considered criminals and not citizens.

Yet, If a racist police officer who "feared for their life," Kills an innocent person, they know that they will be treated like a hero! They get FULL PAID leave (using our local tax dollars) and then a full pay retirement package (using our local tax dollars,) with relocation and armed guards for the rest of their lives, upon their non indictment! Oh! internal or outside agencies will NEVER check these officers for steroids, alcohol and illegal drug abuse, while on the job or even a history of abuse or PTSD! Anybody can be hired, with the only qualification- a high school diploma!!!...

So; Making eye contact while Black, spilling your blood on their uniforms while Black, smiling while Black, speaking to a police officer while Black, being a child or mentally handicapped adult with a toy gun while Black, Driving down the road while Black and be racially profiled, to be a Black woman, removing the jaws of a police dog from around the jugular vein of your neck or groin while black, to have you neck broken for selling CDs while Black, or be strangled for selling cigarettes while black, To be a teen walking home from with candy and tea from a convenience store, wearing a hoodie, while Black, or to be raped and hung while in police custody while Black, means that you have "committed suicide!"


This is domestic terrorism at it's finest! Melanin Abundant People have already been criminalized in the US. We were prisoners of war, human trafficked and enslaved. Then, disenfranchised with segregation, Jim Crow Laws and the destruction of our Black Wall Streets. Next, Our Human Rights protests, where Black empowerment and human rights turned into civil rights for fringe societies, Black people were inflicted with Cointelpro. We became the child soldiers, by the "War on drugs" (which is really a war on black skinned people!) Black people don't grow and produce cocaine, heroine, meth or make bullets and guns, yet somehow, the Black neighborhoods are supplied this arsenal to proliferate and protect drugs with its underground economy, in targeted black neighborhoods. There has always been an unspoken interest to depopulate "Black" people as Liberals, Criminals, useless eaters. So now, with the patriot act, and the militarization of Police, abortion clinics on the outskirts in every black neighborhood, cointelpro combined,  You don't have to Mirandize a minority, charge them with an offence or take them to custody. If they have dark skin, JUST KILL THEM! As the US society excellerates into fascism and martial law, the US is sending drones and troops  to massacre more defenseless people around the world...

We are often told that one significant impediment to solving crime in the "Black" community is the No Snitch culture. The No Snitch culture is part of the criminal culture, those who fear criminals, the community's distrust of the Police department and Justice system. However, far more insidious, reprehensible and diabolical is the Blue Wall of Silence. This is where sworn officers of the court, those who have taken an oath to "Protect and Serve" violate their oath and allow, witness, tolerate, suborn or cover-up illegal activity and abuses by fellow officers and remain silent! It is this Blue Wall of Silence that has allowed for the Murders of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray. If the so called Good Cops are knowledgeable about these abuses but are silent then they are complicit in these abuses including murder. People are being "Radicalized" by livestream videos and are being made to realize that they are not alone. They now know that what is happening to them is not isolated and that it is not somehow their fault. Out of desperation and blind rage they are striking back in the way America teaches them how to handle this type of injustice. Thus far, the two assassins are EX- U.S. military "Rambo" types gone rogue and it ain't pretty. My prayers go out to the families of officers who were unjustly, randomly and arbitrarily killed as WELL as to the thousands of victims of racially targeted or random victims of murders and assassinations by Police officers. Clearly, the tolerance threshold for the acceptance of this continued Police brutality has been reached and exceeded. The killing of those Police Officers though tragic, may serve as a warning that the acceptance of Police misconduct will no longer be tolerated. Tear down the Blue Wall of silence!

Indigo Veganism -Ankh Matters

Indigo Veganism All Life is Sacred

As Melanin Indigo People, the Vegetarian lifestyle, should not become another Willie Lynch polarizing fulcrum, to divide and conquer or alienate our people. It may be true that there were no ancient historical accounts of Africans or global Indigenous peoples who were culturally devout vegans or vegetarians.
Yet, I recognize, that in our contemporary society, veganism is a Kujichagulia lifestyle that many Indigo generations are building in this age for our benefit.

There are those in the so called conscious community, who will not speak to me or work with me to build, just because of my Age, Sex, Spirituality, my personal relationship or because, I am not a devout Vegan, who may have sparingly consumed locally grown organic meats, eggs, butter, cheese and honey on occasions. I am considered and treated by some Vegans, as a contaminated necromancer, who is worm infested and deranged. Even Eye must confess my own aversion from religious patriarchy and pork consumers. Yes, I feel the sting of the lash of exile and shunning from Patriarchal dogmas of Hebrews, Muslims, and Christians, and how they are controlling and micromanaging what little resources we have for divide and conquer, until we are rendered collectively ineffective.
Yet, right now, we are still living and raising our children, in enemy territory, and are moving targets as Melanin Indigo people, regardless of our religious, dietary, political, age, or sex, in the belly of the beast of Race Supremacy, under a critical fight for our very lives and that of our children. We have a lot of work to do for our own healing and that of our Children. These self-Willie lynchings that we use internally, to polarize ourselves form each other- of ageism, sexism religion-ism, Racism, dietary preferences, or smokers etc.., is stagnating.

As far as our food and life is concerned, we must seek to venerate and respect ALL life and not to take the life of ANYTHING without showing propitiation and sacrifice. We must seek to live in harmony and balance with the ecosystem of the Mother Earth for our Air, Water, Food and Shelter. Reading "How to Eat to live" Minister Elijah Muhammad speaks on the consideration, that we don't need to eat all vegetation, that we don't need to eat every day, and that we must leave some foods for the Animals to consume. Even in the Abrahamic or Levitical laws, there were foods, like shellfish, Swine, and Cloven toe animals that were forbidden to consume...

So, even the harvesting and alternative plant production measures, that have been employed by humans, along with the chemical controls, exploitation of labor, negligence in waste management, and intentional planned scarcity, by discarding foods or leaving them to die on the vine, rather than harvest, are major factors in sustainable living. Also the deforestation for building and expansion; should be challenged, with remediation established holistically. Historically, Mono-cropping deforested entire states and countries, bringing on plagues of locust infestations, drought, famine and tornadoes.


Many of us STILL do not grow or glean our own foods, or even know the process by which the foods we feed to our babies, is taken to these so called organic grocers, of which, so many of our Indigo peoples, are solely dependent upon!


YES! In Order to free ourselves WE MUST Feed ourselves! So Growing our own local fresh fruits and vegetables and even livestock must take place. We MUST be Mindful in ALL our relationships. #amenankh #blackautonomy

Amen Par Ankh (sacred temple of life) and Amen Ankh Academy; is a local home school network, and Urban Farm nestled around a Spiritual Outreach Ministry and an Education Center in the heart of midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Contact our Minister and Director: Queenma Nuta Beqsu Moses aka Adenike Amen-Ra El and become a member of our Gnome Maafia- as We Celebrate the Cycles of Life! Email: ,and Call: 816-839-7945 to sign-up for courses and support: PAYPAL: , information: , ,also Look for us on Twitter & LinkedIn. We acknowledge our Great Ancient Ancestral history and heritage of First People Spiritual Ways. We provide an Online Homeschool Curriculum network and Afterschool STEMM (science technology, mathematics and medicine) careers with hands on Agriculture Experiences. –You GROWW Girls and Youth Going Green Economic Literacy study group. We Respect Mother Earth and acknowledge the natural sciences and ecology with recycling. We provide Ancestor Libation Ceremonies, KMT Readings for Destiny, Health, Career and Relationship Consultations using the Ausar Auset Method, We perform Home Blessings, African Naming, KMT Ordained Weddings and Wedding planning, We celebrate and observe the Equinox and Solstice events, where we celebrate and show our respect for the wonder of nature with Cultural Ceremonies, Song, music, dance, Workshops and special events. We Grow and make Org-Ankh Electric foods, Gifts, and Accessories. We provide an Online Radio Call-in show for Outreach ministry: Amen Communications Newborn Blessings, Home and Business Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings, Ancient Funeral rites and Ascension ceremonies, Par Ankh Reading Room, Herbal Teas & Juice bar, Nature walks and Outdoor camping Experiences, classes such as Spiritual Jewelry making, Sewing and other hand crafts, Henna Healing designs, of Head wrapping arts, Making Natural Hair oils, beading and Lox twisting, Cosmetics, and Herbal products. Also Envisioning, Dream Catchers, Vision Boards, Art Healing Mandalas, Spiritual Jewelry Making, Gentle Yoga, Canning and preserving food, We assist in Wellness for Body Mind and Spirit for Spiritual Attunement - to realize the fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide an active space for expressions of our original wisdom ways of life. Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansings & Classes The information on this Blogsite has been put together for general information, education, reference, Spirituality Current Events and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific condition. Ask your doctor for his professional advice before making radical changes in your diet and lifestyle. Amen Ankh Urban Farm is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of achieving environmental justice and sustainability by Healthy local food production and improving local neighborhood access to healthy Foods. We are growing orchards and constructing Aquaponic Systems of farm raised fish, Herbs and microgreens. We also provide Farm-a-See tours of successful Local Farmers with the “Green Griot”. We grow selected local “Org-Ankh” electric indigenous Herbs, Fruits, Vegetable and plant life of the Three Sisters: (Corn, Beans, and Squash/Melons) and cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, and Kale, With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers, with Moringa nutritional drink supplements, -From our Fresh produce we create canned and Baked Goods, teas, cosmetics, & liniments to provide Healing through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) for everyone. Feel free or Contact the Director: Queenma Nuta Beqsu Moses aka Adenike Amen-Ra Please like our facebook pages: , , , Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.

Friday, June 10, 2016

US Child Soldiers


“The lives of animals are parables of our lives.”- African Proverb

Dr. Asa Hilliard on Mind Training:

“Recently, I saw a television program on training sheepdogs. It made a great
impression on me, so much so that I have used the story as an example in several
speeches. It makes many points that are important for the education of our
In most places where people raise sheep, a special type of dog with a special
type of training is used to watch a flock of sheep. If one of the sheep wanders
the sheepdog will bring it back. This dog will protect the sheep flock from all
other animals, including other dogs. When the sheepdog is with its master,
it is usually described as loyal, gentle, and intelligent. But the most striking
part of the description to me is that the things that are said about the sheepdog’s
behavior are all from the point of view of the master and involve the master’s
needs. The dog’s own needs are not really considered, other than to determine
how those needs may be used by the master to make the dog do what the master
How does this happen? How does a dog come to lose interest in its own
independent direction or in the direction which, as a member of a ‘dog family,’
is expected to keep? The program on television showed how it is done. At birth,
the puppy is separated almost at once from all the other dogs — from its brothers
and sisters, from its family. It is then placed into a pen where there are
nothing but sheep, including the young lambs who are nursing. In its normal
drive to satisfy its hunger, it seeks out a ewe and tries to nurse from her,
along with the other lambs. When it is successful, it continues, and is then
raised with sheep as a lamb until it is sufficiently developed to be trained.
Notice here that it continues to look like a dog as well. It will leave the
track of a dog and will have the speed and strength of a dog. Yet, while it
has the intelligence of a dog, it will develop the mind of a sheep! Once that
happens, it no longer acts like, or in the interest of itself as a dog, or in
the interest of other dogs. Notice also that this dog has mastered the ‘basic
skills,’ from its master’s point of view. It would also have passed very high
on the ‘D.A.T.,’ or ‘Dog Aptitude Test.’ Moreover, it will see its own brothers
and sisters as ‘the enemy’ since this dog does not know them as brothers and
Let’s take a moment to review what this story teaches us.
For the dog’s master to work his will with the dog, he established a training,
not an educational process that had certain key features in it:
1. The dog was separated from its family and group at an early age.
2. It was continually isolated from them during its learning years.
3. It was placed into a sheep’s (alien) environment.
4. It was fed a sheep’s (alien) diet.
5. It was given a ‘special education.’
6. It was totally dependent upon the master and never allowed to hunt for itself.
7. All the decisions about its training were made outside of the family and without its consultation.
Now we can begin to see what must have happened to the dog so that it would
dedicate its life to the service of others while seeing its own family as the
enemy. Because of separation, it lost its people’s collective memory or history.
Without memory or history, neither the present nor the future can be interpreted.
This is the first step toward developing dependency. The dog becomes totally
dependent upon the knowledge and interpretations of others. Because of isolation
from its ‘people,’ it can not learn the normal survival rules and agenda for dogs.
It can not learn from the experiences of other dogs nor test its sense of reality
with theirs. It even loses opportunity learn dog ‘language’ so that it can ‘ask
questions’ later on.
Because it grows up in a sheep’s environment, it begins to live in a world of
illusions, seeing itself as a sheep. Because it is nurtured on an alien diet, it
comes to crave that diet and to depend upon those who could provide it, since it
can not produce the diet for itself. Because of its ‘special education,’ it
accepts training and confused it with education (critical awareness). Because
it is dependent, it can never challenge the master or ‘bite the hand that feeds
it.’ Because none of the decisions about its training or education can be made
by its parents, family, or community, and because it can only agree or disagree
with what is provided, it becomes a living, breathing, highly skilled, and quite
intelligent, robot. But to all outward appearances, few would ever know.”
Asa Hilliard
The Maroon Within Us

This is how our youth are conditioned to be Child Soldiers for the US. They are engineered for self destruction.

*Their Food, Water, Language, Religions, Medical Services, Education, Land, Resources, Cosmetics,  Fashion Attire, and negative media propaganda about themselves, etc., are all under the auspices and control of invaders.

*Our youth are Child Soldiers and prisoners of an ongoing cold war, who are systematically seasoned to become free labor, to be drugged, raped, sexually confused, rendered as chemical eunuchs, human trafficked, experimented upon, Psychologically traumatized and verbally debased, beaten, terrorized, and other exploitation.

*Many of our children have been orphaned by mass incarceration and HIV of their parents, to be isolated into social engineering sites, known as Foster Care and orphanages.

*Our Children, Women, Men and Elders are isolated, polarized, and vulnerable.

*Our own Self Help systems and Extended Families have broken down, to be replaced with Government sponsored case management and police.

*Our Youth are systemically corralled from daycares- to public schools, into a school-to prison pipeline. The number of beds in penal institutions are gauged by 3rd grade illiteracy.

*Our gifted and talented are assimilated into another system of oppression for the elite, where the money they make, goes right back into an alien economy, while the remainder of our youth are classified as bottom savage laborers, "Super Predators," for the underground economy.

*Our Children Despise us, as we are powerless to effect a better way of life for them.

*Our Children's parents are conditioned to tell their children to "get out of the ghetto" and find a "good Job"(plantation) to serve in," instead or encouraging them to remain and re-engineer their neighborhoods into their own real economic communities.

*Our youth think our elders have failed them and left them for “def-in da Hood", -in the aftermath of the civil rights movement and the rise of Do-For-Self-Help organizations across the US, like the Black Panthers, MOVE and SNCC were disintegrated, with the Cold War of cointelpro, HIV, and the invasion of Cocaine to Crack, with the guns to protect the interests of a Federally funded and locally policed, underground economy infiltration. The convict lease program, neo-enslavement of the school- to Prison/ Military Industrial Complex pipeline, and Prisons Privately owned by Private Corporatokrazy Contractors and investors, has orphaned and destroyed our youth.

The role models of our youth are no longer their Parents, Teachers, Pastors, Legal representatives or Political leaders. These support system role models have been tarnished by taking on the normalized model of the underground economy, with hypocrisy, and corruption of their status. Street Gangs easily lure our youth like the story of Pinocchio, with a simulation of family and belonging.  Our youth are given "free" food and clothing, the promise of a life of luxury, being a star, travel, and companionship, which are illusions, in exchange for a few hours of labor in the streets. ("We know nothing is really free".)  "Gangster Rap" and drugs were paid for by Private Corporations to provide a funding stream for Arms and Ammunition. These corporations invested in the Prison Industrial Complex, as well as the Military Industrial complex, to become the lure of the Pied Piper for targeted Indigo youth, to lead to the path of the underground of normalized criminal activity. 
Gangster Rap became that pathway map for all youth around the planet to emulate. Yet, NO ONE in the urban environments across the US, grows Coca Trees, or acres of poppy fields in "da hood." No one makes weapons or ammunition in "da hood." Yet, these products and services are still prevalent and available, "with the right contacts..."

Conscious Hiphop that has influenced many youth into moving to a green movement, to take on the accountability to the ecosystem of the planet and their role in the sustainability of their environment, was destroyed and undermined my music producers.


Rick Ross became Infamous for making millions of dollars at a young age,
in the underground economy of drug trafficking,
He reveals the influences that transformed him, and the ties to urban drug distribution
and the US government and military.  

On the North-Side of Troost Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri, there is prevalent gun violence by police and gang activity in former Concentrated African American neighborhoods. Kansas City's solution was to blight the housing, and build a new state-of-the-art police and forensic lab complex. This gateway to hell, was then named after an Afrikan American Police officer, Leon Jordan.
On the South-side of Troost ave. stands a Nuclear Weapons manufacturing facility, that was found to be releasing toxic Beryllium. Kansas City's solution was to shut down the complex, and build a newer complex, one within the newer African American concentrated residential areas of South Kansas City.
Troost Avenue is the redline for the economic elite Caucasians on the west side that attracts the Country Club Plaza and the Nelson Atkins Museum, and the east side which produces subsidized and substandard housing and a prevalent School-to-Prison Pipeline. South of Troost is the nuclear weapons plant, to represent the military industrial complex, while north of Troost represented the fodder of Indigo lives that are targeted for the prison industrial complex.

Indigo people were dehumanized, seasoned and conditioned to be colonized servants, to an oppressive capitalistic race based system of the US.

"One of the things that our captors had to do was erase our memory, as historical genocide and amnesia so that no one would know who we were, or where to find us; and later, where to find us in history."

Their very intent was to destroy our humanity and render us to a voiceless herded animal state, like cattle or a pet monkey. This is our Maafa trauma. We’ve had to face the debasement and slander of our cultural ways in the Americas, Europe, and Mama Afrika herself through colonialism. They used our Children. They snatched our children away from their mother's breast, separating their small and defenseless bodies from even nurturing and emotional ties. They force our children into hog pens or boarding houses and forced them to deny our languages and cultures. To only speak enough rough simple English like a trained dog, to follow orders and serve. When they grew to become parents themselves, they learned to speak to their own offspring in the same manner. Our Babies were terrorized, tortured, starved, molested and raped as little children, until they grew to despise themselves, despise all authority and their parents who were helpless to save them.

For a while, if you wanted to find yourself, you really didn’t want to be Native American, or Afrikan, because Indians were depicted as brutal, desperate and wild, in a barren landscape, and Africa is thought of as this place where monkeys and wild people or savages live. (look at the cartoons and songs they fed our children years ago and now.) So we didn’t want to be associated with that. In many cases we sacrificed our culture and willingly embraced the horde of European invasion. In many instances, Indigo people thought that being Hispanic or Latin, or Catholic would actually improve our status and chances for survival. As Our children were stripped and segregated from us, our own children, under peer pressure, in childcare centers, schools and under their alien religions, bible and churches, were made to feel ashamed and forced to deny our cultures as evil in America and of Africa. We were taught to be ashamed of who we are and who our Ancestors were. This left our children vulnerable to crave our oppressors culture consumer traps. We straighten our hair, we lighten our skin, we think and speak in their language, we wear their western clothes, live in their rectangular housing constructs eat their foods and practice their religions- only to compete for, go into debt slavery for, and create strife against each other- for "Shiny Things" and materialistic consumer addiction!
So we were corralled into following the western patriarchal systems as the only systems we were permitted, and have been programmed into cults, to practice structures of colonialism themselves.Colonialism has effected people of color, globally, to become The workforce against our own people! We are the Police, Social Workers, GMO food peddlers, Scientists, Architects, Engineers, Doctors and Drug Pharmacist, Teachers, and Missionaries in Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Apostolics, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Hebrews, Muslims, or Asiatic Blackman, Masons and Fraternities, Organizations etc. that build the empire of the United States and not our own! We have become all of these other western Aryan religions and organizations. Yet, We are not respected or free to practice our own ancient spiritual systems or beliefs, without condemnations. Terms like, “Puerto Ricans,” (which ain’t nothing but a Spanish-speaking African,) is a reflection of how we succumbed to embrace western influences, and to despise our Ancient Ancestral origins. We'll say we're “part Italian” or anything other than our true nature as Indigo Melanin People. So, as we carry these foreign names and languages, we segregated our minds from the brutality that was associated with them. This was something that made our names––our own identity––something that was hard to hold onto.

Since the Integration/Cointelpro/Mass Incarcerations of the 1960s, American Africans have been shifted to neighborhoods, where our youth are isolated from their families, in segregated schools that only teach an obsolete industrial model of education, by teachers who indoctrinate an antiquated WASP (Western Anglo Saxon Privileged) middle class value mentality. Many students are unsupervised "latch-key" children, who walk home alone, to junk fast-foods, and microwave ovens, bombarded with colorful flickers of lights from electronic devices that produce mass media's propaganda of orchestrated subliminal messages for the purpose of creating cash cows for material consumerism. These youth receive sound and light waves from television screens filled with violent or sexual content of artificial fight or flight simulated scenarios that create Serotonin and adrenalin overload, coupled with high carbohydrates and sugar foods. After every school day, between 2:30pm and 7:00pm, our youth are exposed to the highest levels of water and air pollution, and to higher opportunities to engage in sex, drugs, guns, gang involvement and violence. Their Food, water and air is poisoned by high concentrations of toxic levels of GMOs, Artificial Preservatives, Pesticides, petroleum, carbon monoxide, Methane, lead, fluoride, chlorine. toxic housing materials, etc. This onslaught affects cognitive and neurological development and damages, reproductive, sperm count, STDs, Health degeneration, overproduction of cortisol, and adrenalin, Obesity, High blood Pressure, Heart attack, Stroke, diabetes, cancers,

Black neighborhoods are the dumping grounds for, halfway houses, drug offenders and released imprisoned, HIV housing, Section-8 housing, and Senior Citizen Housing. African American Neighborhood are still relined against home improvement loans, Insurance, Business start up Capital, and access to healthy foods and medical care. The only improvements in the area, are for rental property and Invader businesses. So the people who really pay property taxes for the schools and city improvements, often are slum lords who don't even live in the neighborhoods, that the students attend, with heavy handed, aggressive police patrolmen on the streets, in public schools, and slow to respond emergency services. Every main corner is bordered, by alien owners of franchises, Fast-Food Restaurants, Drug stores, Liquor stores, Dollar Stores, Convenience stores/Gas stations Filled with products and foods that are produced outside of the neighborhoods. These Businesses and Churches spill our dollars out of these neighborhoods like a slaughtered cow.

We Must take Back Our Own Youth And families!

Living consciously is not only about knowing the Glory of Our-Story (history) of our Ancient Ancestors. We must breathe new life back into our Children by cultivating living creative spiritual lifestyles!

*How many of our Indigo Families practice their own languages and disabused their US surnames- outside of US religion or cult indoctrination?
*How many of our families name their infants and newly born souls, after a spiritually conscious name that aligns with their destiny?

*How many have relationship with a local Spiritual Elder, who can connect and share the Destiny, Health, Career and Relationships of your family network? Many only depend on organized Indoctrinations of Religions or organizations from their oppressors, that function outside of their families for consultations and advice.

*How many conscious families Meditate, Venerate their Ancestors, Chant, Pray together?

*How many practice Breathing, Martial Arts, Exercise, Massage, Listen to music together, or even, play, sing, dance, exercise, draw or paint together?

*How many families constructively come together to assess growth and development and plan for generational wealth? Economics is a family based system, our greatest economic success from our Ancestral past, would last and accumulate for thousands of years! We practiced communal, family based, gnome driven Group economics. These structures provided generational and residual wealth.

*Do you have vision boards in common to envision a place together in your future?

*How many families home-school their children?

*Do you read to or with your children? What choices of books do you share?

*How many of our families EAT and drink together? What are we feeding our youth?

*Are we growing our own foods and healing herbs, and know that the Mind Soul and Body are connected?

*How many youth are involved with a rite of passage program?

*How many youth are directly connected to a Family elder or Mentor?

*How many families homestead, or hunt, fish, or create or produce together collectively?

*How many own their own land and resources

*How many manufacture and produce their own products that they need?

*How many create cultural and industrial Arts and crafts? There are now an abundance of Alternative healing resources available for people to live prosperously.

*Do we celebrate the seasons of life- The Equinoxes and Solstices?

*Do we take nature walks and commune with the universe like Birding, Plant Identification, Stargazing, Sun watching, Moongazing visiting spiritual centers like mounds or caves?

*Do we bless our homes and new businesses with a Spiritual Elder who can cleanse and bring good spirits to your environments? We should employ and seek the counsel of our elders for accountability, in all new matters and concerns...

We must encourage our youth to return to their neighborhoods and families to rebuild their our own economies, outside or the Race supremacy system. Other cultural communities are successful because they Love and employ their own youth in a family based economic system for accountability. We have cooperative economic systems based on culture, language, foods and manufacturing/production.

"Economics is a family based system!"

Ankh Seneb Wdjet (Life health Spiritual Power) to the Ancient Indigenous Ones globally! Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Unity, Equality, Light and Blessings!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

EVERY Black Person on Earth Should Have the Red Black and Green Flag Made by A Black Woman Owned Business


At Adenike's Arts and AMEN ANKH AKADEMY

We make hand made to order African American National flags, Home Decor, Apparel, and Accessories.

The National African American Flag was established by Marcus and Amy Jacques Garvey, under the UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association.)


We CREATE HANDMADE CUSTOM FLAGS, RBG Accessories and Apparel, following the NGUZO SABA EVERYDAY! Fundraiser project for our Homeschool Communiversity.  

   Or Contact: 816-839-7945-





Do these people, communities or countries spend or invest their money with American Indigo People to build OUR Wealth and neighborhoods? Or are we participating in our own demise, by supporting people, businesses and outside communities, who build their businesses in our neighborhoods, to drain and siphon BLACK DOLLARS into building their own economic wealth for their own communities? 
We can't make our own WEALTH by working their jobs, to consume their products and pay rent to their houses. 




We must not allow businesses outside of our own African American markets to capitalize on our culture and way of life. 
We must stop participating in this U.S. economy as consumer cash cows in the Corporatakrazy of U.S. (Uncle Sam/United States).
We have been taking our Black dollars to their prison and military industrial complex, and factory slave markets in Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Iran or Mexico, etc! 

NOW- Let's practice Nguzo Saba everyday!- 
1.Umoja (Unity), 
2.Kujichagulia (self-determination)  
3.Ujima (collective work) and 
4.Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), 
5.Kuumba (creativity),
6. Nia (purpose) and
7. Imani(faith),
to build our own STEAM Economy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Industrial Arts and Mathematics) in all of our cultural ways!


We are outsourcing and wholesaling our economic revolution to benefit everyone else but ourselves! We are wholesaling from the markets of the fast food franchises, Network Marketing Providers, Dollar Stores and convenient Stores of Arab, Asian, Italian, Mexicans, Jews, Caucasians etc., then turn around and sell with a retail mark-up to our Black people. This does not promote true dollar circulation. What are the Arabs, Asians etc. buying from us (African Americans)? What do we manufacture, provide or produce from our Industries or institutions? They listen to our music and watch our "talent"-entertainers and athletes, while they run the management behind the scenes. 

What happens to our black dollars, when we put our money in our religion's offering plates? Many Religious organizations have a dress code, yet they don't even make their own clothes. Where do we get our fabric, Threads and Sewing machines from?
We must cultivate and manufacture our own natural fibers! (Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Leather, etc.)

So We as people of color, are being used as consumer cash cows to pay taxes and a usage bills to city electrical and water utility companies.

*We must take back control of our Economics*- Economics is a family based system. Building Gnomes and Industrial Arts Guilds and Mafias, are premier for an American African Agenda 2020. (Read Nation Building How To, By Sasteh Meter Mosley)


*We must Grow Our Own Foods and livestock to feed ourselves, as a priority.

*Then we must Grow and produce our own textiles and materials Cotton, Hemp, Wool, Leather etc.

*We must return to industrial Arts and Crafts, Production and manufacturing. We need to control and own our own raw materials and water.

*We must connect with African Production Markets

*Putting our money into Black owned banks and hold these banks accountable, to grant us loans and investments. How do we raise the interest rate on our deposited money?



Flags, Educational Materials, Accessories and Apparel
Contact Adenike's Arts and Amen Ankh Enterprises,

in Kansas City Missouri and the Globe!

Inbox us on Facebook, Contact:   816-839-7945-

Please Buy your RBG Flags, Accessories and Clothing from authentic handmade tailors and craftspeople. 

Amen ParAnkh and Amen Ankh Akademy makes homemade flags and products as a fundraiser for their homeschool cooperative... #amenankh

Don't allow your oppressor to make money off of your oppression!

Don't buy your Afrikan Centered products and accessories from Caucasians, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Arab or Mexico!

Multiculturalism is NOT Economically solvent for Indigo Americans.


We hand Make RBG Apparel at Adenike's Arts