Thursday, June 30, 2016

ABUSE OF POWER -Murder/Genocide of Melanin Human Population

It seems that it is more profitable now, for a police officer to kill a so called "suspect" than it is to de-escalate, charge them with a crime, and bring them into custody! That's too much paperwork and costly to the taxpayers to guard, feed, clothe and house an innocent often unarmed black skinned person until trial for Justice! So, let's not charge them with a crime and cut out the middlemen- Attorneys, continuance clerks, court appearances, judges, bailiffs, etc.,

They must have enough melanin youth, Women and Men incarcerated in private prison industrial complexes all over the country now to make a new world order plantation. So, now you can just apply sex trafficking to rape female prisoners while in custody, raise up their newborn children, through the foster care system to replace it's incarcerated parents! 

After all, the 13th Amendment was just an appeasement for the Civil War. The U.S. can still segregate, redline and re-enslave Black Skinned peoples in "private" institutions... The 13th Amendment (Amendment XIII) to the United States Constitution only abolished slavery and involuntary servitude- EXCEPT AS PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME. So now Black skinned people are considered criminals and not citizens.

Yet, If a racist police officer who "feared for their life," Kills an innocent person, they know that they will be treated like a hero! They get FULL PAID leave (using our local tax dollars) and then a full pay retirement package (using our local tax dollars,) with relocation and armed guards for the rest of their lives, upon their non indictment! Oh! internal or outside agencies will NEVER check these officers for steroids, alcohol and illegal drug abuse, while on the job or even a history of abuse or PTSD! Anybody can be hired, with the only qualification- a high school diploma!!!...

So; Making eye contact while Black, spilling your blood on their uniforms while Black, smiling while Black, speaking to a police officer while Black, being a child or mentally handicapped adult with a toy gun while Black, Driving down the road while Black and be racially profiled, to be a Black woman, removing the jaws of a police dog from around the jugular vein of your neck or groin while black, to have you neck broken for selling CDs while Black, or be strangled for selling cigarettes while black, To be a teen walking home from with candy and tea from a convenience store, wearing a hoodie, while Black, or to be raped and hung while in police custody while Black, means that you have "committed suicide!"


This is domestic terrorism at it's finest! Melanin Abundant People have already been criminalized in the US. We were prisoners of war, human trafficked and enslaved. Then, disenfranchised with segregation, Jim Crow Laws and the destruction of our Black Wall Streets. Next, Our Human Rights protests, where Black empowerment and human rights turned into civil rights for fringe societies, Black people were inflicted with Cointelpro. We became the child soldiers, by the "War on drugs" (which is really a war on black skinned people!) Black people don't grow and produce cocaine, heroine, meth or make bullets and guns, yet somehow, the Black neighborhoods are supplied this arsenal to proliferate and protect drugs with its underground economy, in targeted black neighborhoods. There has always been an unspoken interest to depopulate "Black" people as Liberals, Criminals, useless eaters. So now, with the patriot act, and the militarization of Police, abortion clinics on the outskirts in every black neighborhood, cointelpro combined,  You don't have to Mirandize a minority, charge them with an offence or take them to custody. If they have dark skin, JUST KILL THEM! As the US society excellerates into fascism and martial law, the US is sending drones and troops  to massacre more defenseless people around the world...

We are often told that one significant impediment to solving crime in the "Black" community is the No Snitch culture. The No Snitch culture is part of the criminal culture, those who fear criminals, the community's distrust of the Police department and Justice system. However, far more insidious, reprehensible and diabolical is the Blue Wall of Silence. This is where sworn officers of the court, those who have taken an oath to "Protect and Serve" violate their oath and allow, witness, tolerate, suborn or cover-up illegal activity and abuses by fellow officers and remain silent! It is this Blue Wall of Silence that has allowed for the Murders of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray. If the so called Good Cops are knowledgeable about these abuses but are silent then they are complicit in these abuses including murder. People are being "Radicalized" by livestream videos and are being made to realize that they are not alone. They now know that what is happening to them is not isolated and that it is not somehow their fault. Out of desperation and blind rage they are striking back in the way America teaches them how to handle this type of injustice. Thus far, the two assassins are EX- U.S. military "Rambo" types gone rogue and it ain't pretty. My prayers go out to the families of officers who were unjustly, randomly and arbitrarily killed as WELL as to the thousands of victims of racially targeted or random victims of murders and assassinations by Police officers. Clearly, the tolerance threshold for the acceptance of this continued Police brutality has been reached and exceeded. The killing of those Police Officers though tragic, may serve as a warning that the acceptance of Police misconduct will no longer be tolerated. Tear down the Blue Wall of silence!

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