Saturday, October 29, 2016


The US Imperialists are NOT America.

Racism is Real in the US. The real mass murders that have taken place on Indigo peoples in this US race-supremacy system are Pirates practicing maritime law...

This is the United States- NOT America. Racism is Real in the US. The U.S. are the pirates who promoted the expansion of Great Briton, in North America and the Vatacan in the southern American region. They are the real mass murders that have taken place on Indigo peoples in this US race-supremacy system for centuries. 
America is the Land and pre colonial inhabitants, that were mass murdered, so that Great Briton and the Vatican could expand. America is occupied by a people who were dying of their own Un-hygienic state of disease, and plagues, after they destroyed the Twa/Khoisan who initially established Europe. For almost 1000 years, the Moors civilized these cave beasts, then broke the spell of the dark ages, and brought them to the American Islands, The Moors ignored the warning signs from the Twa, who left these Neanderthals under the spell of the Dark Ages and the flat earth, which contained the Neanderthals in fear of not endeavoring into other worlds... These Neanderthals are not American, they are Mass Murdering Pirates, occupying the Americas under maritime law. Just like in Australia, Hawaii, New Guinea and South Africa, and the list goes on! They are only US colonizers. The real "Americans" are people of color who have been oppressed, subordinated, disenfranchised, and massed murdered, to make room for these Neanderthals to establish their expansion of the Vatican, into south America and England, in the north, with maritime law. The US is part of this Tri-lateral Commission. The US is a Kkorpratakrazy. The US is just a conglomerate of Corporations. POTUS is just the chairman of the board of directors. Each Senator is an autonomous corporate CEO. #YPeopleAreUSPiratesNotAmericans #MakeAmericaIndigoAgain #GetOut #StayWoke #BlackAutonomy #FreeSouthAfrica #AfricaForRealAfricans

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