Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amen Ankh Nature Walk Celebration of Auset Heru and Ausar

Each Mother’s and Father’s day weekend, we invite families to attend our annual Nature Walk. At Amen Ankh We celebrate Life! We apply Ausar's mandate to grow our own Food in order to acquire Resources and Comfort.

Our Ancient societies practiced the way of Ausar. Ausar is our Earth Sovereign. Our aboriginal Aku (ancestors) were Gatherer/ Hunters, then moved to Pastoral ways to become Agriculturalist. We foraged through the land for distinctly specialized resources throughout the seasons. We practice perpituation for the perpetuation everything we took from nature. That means we Asked for and made sacrifice to nature for everything we received. So that We always Pour Libations to our Aku.

This is an opportunity to learn about Health and wellness, while mixing physical activities, knowledge of nutrition and family networking. Human Capital is our most valued resource. Our nature walks are received with a great deal of expectation. When we all set out into nature, we share the exuberance about the possibilities of what we see, what we will smell, taste and what we will feel. We always find some berries that are still sour, while others are sweet. We skid our palms over the soft flower heads, while closing our eyes. Near creeks we find Frogs, Toads and slimy Salamanders under rocks. When we return to our lesson areas the children plant the roots and seeds that they collected in a flat bed of potting soil. They take the planted bed home with them and plant their roots and seeds in their own backyard.
We share the stories of our Ancient Ancestors as we breathe in fresh air and hike.
When asked through the years, “What is the most important lesson your students have learned from your nature walks?” my reply is always the same, At the end of these walks the children plant the seeds into the soil and a magic journey full of promise of the circle of life begins. From here on out every child who plants their seeds are intimately connected to nature. Any biology lessons you could give like flower anatomy or any literature lesson you could expose a child to via the mysteries in nature or the stories of the forces of positive energy, or any mathematics lesson. Via handfuls of seeds, any green living ideas you may come up with like composting and fertilizing are all connected to this common experience.  All lessons in all areas of inquiry are squeezed or stuck into that nature walk. And each of these lessons are important in their own way.

As the children watch their gardens sprout, they begin to navigate a course between their own intimate connection to the new plants and the more general happenings with living things in a garden. This connection between intimacy and more general events with living things leads to a very high degree of sustainability. In fact, this high degree of sustainability can’t be found in any other garden that doesn’t germinate out of such intimate things as walking through nature.

 We also learn about composting and Recycling. In our propituation for what we take from the earth, there will be no waste or misuse. Everything is Repurposed, Reduced and Reused in any way possible. The importance or recycling materials is significant in regard to our responsibility to our ecology of the planet. this society is still producing  products that are harmful to the environment. It is important that we pass down to our youth a since of accountability to the elements of the planet, To be stewards and sustainers and not polluters.

It’s this bottom-up investment that the child is making that guarantees many generations of plants to be successful, time after time after time. Each child cares for each and every plant; watches it like he watches the stars, waters it as if he could hear the plant asking for water, feeds it as if he just knew it was hungry, wipes off any beetles, aphids, white flies from the leaves as if he could hear the plant screaming for relief from the bites, the choked off apical buds, the voracious eating of larvae. When a child takes his seeds home with him or to his grandparents home and plants the seeds there, the degree of sustainability of his garden is even greater. 

Having family involved in a child’s garden from the very beginning gives a child a strong sense of belonging, a well grounded sense of leadership, and a genuine sense of community. If you and a child are fortunate enough to plant a garden, you will find that the questions the child asks are far more important than the answers that you have.

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