Thursday, October 22, 2015

Green Griot Gathering Storytelling

Green Griot Gathering

African storytelling is a call and response interaction. There are distinctions of storytelling from Africans who still practice this art all over the world. In the modern world, storytelling techniques such as music, chant and audience participation make up the best presentations of African storytelling. Communication methods such as video and the internet now allows anyone to experience the joy of an African story well told.

Empirical stimulation of the five senses helps to create a memory. Use of color, sparkle, music, song, foods, chants, shaking hands and embrace and wonderful aromas aid in embracing the experience.

The storytellers or “Griots” know people will listen if the stories are fun and entertaining. An audience that is laughing or otherwise experiencing deep emotions will be fully engaged in the story and therefore open to more learning.

Morals and instructions in proper conduct can be found in African storytelling.
The first Griots certainly did entertain but they also served as vessels of moral guidance. It is rare to find an African story that does not convey deeper meanings. Each time a person hears a story, even when it is repeated, they may find a new perspective on the teaching.

Animals, Insects, plants and other forms of nature are part of the African storytelling process.

Familiar players, such as Anansi the Spider, show up in many African stories. No matter how they are portrayed, such characters as the weaver-bird, the lion, mosquito and the hyena all become players in this special storytelling. Trees, lakes, rivers and other plants provide a geographical reference as well.

African storytelling can teach historical lessons.

Storytelling is a way for any culture to pass on its history. From stories from Africa, generic terms used now such as “Hero” “King & Queen” or “family” once had real names, meaning and a place in the geography of the Africa. These stories, still told with names in some parts of the world, help the audience to know where they fit into the world and history.

Amen Par Ankh offers African Storytelling to teach Ecology, Environmental Current Events, Recycling and Urban agriculture in Schools, Community Centers, Churches, and Theaters locally and across the country and the globe.

We share music, poetry, song, dance and culture of food for all ages! 

We encourage Harambee! (This means people pulling together) We encourage call and response, round robin, and group interaction for project based learning objectives and cooperative strategies!

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