Friday, August 28, 2015

Is The Conscious Movement also The Environmental Movement?

Is The conscious Movement Also The Environmental Movement?

Who are we?

What is our true nature?

What is consciousness?

What is really going on in the environment?

And what are we really doing?

How can we become truly spiritually conscious and live our deepest realities, while we live with what is going on with the Environment of Mother Eartha and all its connections?

The Indigo Melanin Spiritual Consciousness movement must be the Environmental movement. As we reclaim our lives from the onslaught of invasion of our ancient cultures and Ancestors, racism and the disruption of our planet from, impersonal, disjointed industrialized and capitalized anti-lifestyles, which fragments us from the knowledge of our deepest part of ourselves and the universe.

Our Ancient Sages have taught us that;
We are ALL Connected to the cosmos of the universe, and cosmology of the planet.

"As above, So Below"

The environmental and food movement is ultimately a spiritual conscious movement. As Souls having a human experience, our carnal bodies are ultimately connected to Air, Water, Food, land, and the Sun. Our bodies are ultimately dependent upon the Sun, and this amazing planet, and ultimately in this planet's relationship with our solar system and the universe(Yoniverse/Wombiverse). We must be stewards, first, with our own bodies, then with each other as human beings, and finally with all life energy of this living planet...

"We Are Souls Having a Human Experience"

So, the food movement is about cultivating human food, in as much as it is about cultivating human consciousness.

We are re-cultivating our connections with all creation, Living in harmony with Creation, Using local healing systems, like Meditation, QiGong, Yoga, and permaculture methods for Gardening, Gathering, Gleaning, Homesteading, Farming and Harvesting, to connect with the consciousness deep within us. So, the food movement is at root, a spiritual movement for humanity, unconsciously working to reclaim its consciousness amidst the onslaught of human unconsciousness.

It is about humanity reclaiming its birthright to peace, wholeness and its own completeness as individual and collective beings as much as it is about humanity sustainable, the Air, Water, Trees, Oceans, the Bees, Butterflies, and other insects, Rivers, Birds, and Aquatic Animals, and their habitat. The Conscious, environmental and Food Movement is about food justice and feeding ourselves locally, healthy nutritious foods, in a sustainable way with the environment we presently live in, as well as we return to our own cultural food varieties and Abolishing the GMO clone Food deserts. Our people have been displaced, from the equator's tropical regions, to be dispersed by colonialism and Imperialism.

So our spiritual consciousness is ultimately about reclaiming our true divinity while raising our human form to it's highest state of consciousness! We must be stewards and advocates against the environmental invasion and rape of nature for resources and the GMO modification and cloning of our food. as well as the ongoing enslavement of humans and animals.

"The Kingdom of heaven Is Within!"

Cultivating and connection to the collective consciousness, to live in harmony and perfect peace with all creation, here on Earth,  rather than simply about capitalizing and industrializing food and resources in an unsustainable and destabilizing environment.

As we over-consume and waste food, and resources, produced in ways that destroy ecological habitats, we create a shift in the entire planet, the "butterfly effect." For instance, we still move our bodies with fossil fueled cars, buses, trains, planes, cruise ships and other forms of transportation which destroys the homeostasis of the planet. Our overuse of non-biodegradable plastics, drugs and chemicals, industrial waste, inorganic disposable diapers and pads, non-biodegradable clothing, home construction materials, Electric, radio, microwave, technology etc., and everything about the so-called desirable consumeristic capitalistic way of life is unsustainable and is destroying the environment. We over consume, over waste, and we want to move at our impulse in fossil-fueled transportation...

This unconscious human activity is destroying the very nature, world, on which we depend on to live.  The Environmental movement is then an effort to save ourselves by reconnecting with the deepest wisdom, consciousness, intelligence, knowledge, and peace that lies within us, that is our birthright, our essence, who we are at the core, but from which we are becoming more and more disconnected. Our Ancient Indigo Descendants and Ancestors, paid Propitiation and reparation for any resources, that we used, with an attitude of humble gratitude. We did not take, rob, steal, debase, explode and/or waste.

The Indigo Melanin Spiritual Movement is the Environmental movement, actually orchestrated by life consciousness itself, rather than a movement constructed by mankind, to restore order, peace and consciousness to the planet. The Aquarian Age is Arising! Humanity is reconnecting with nature as it should.

The Rocks ARE Crying out!