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The Meaning of Bey, El, Ali, Al, and Dey

The meaning of the "Bey" or "El" added at the end of people's last name signifies that they are returning to the knowledge of being a Moor. Bey and El are family names of people that belong to the Nation of Moors, also associated with the ancient Moabites. The name Bey or El, was used as a title as well. Ultimately, Bey or El is used as a family name like Soprano is for Italians, Don for Latins, or Lee is for the Chinese.

The reason Bey or El has been removed from so-called "black" people in North America is due to the fact that people who have Melanin, were raided in the Americas, kidnapped from their own lands right here in the Americas, human trafficked, and held captive as prisoners to be forced to work on plantations in the US Maritime occupation of the Americas. During the period, of the Trans Atlantic Wars, Moors who were captured were stripped of their land, nationality and divine creed, or anything linking them to their Title, Nation, heritage, Language, Ethnic Family, and names, through Paper Genocide. These captured Nationals were considered and used as property and were reassigned the last names of their masters. This is how you can have someone like Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, ect., who have the last names known to be Irish, or English when they are not. This is what is known as paper genocide of our people and society. We were evacuated from our rightful land, resources, and wealth then trapped to ether work on our own occupied lands or die. while our heritage, documents, titles, treaties, etc... were ignored and destroyed.

 Malcolm X- Malik el Shabazz explains he reasoning for using the title X.

So now when you see -Bey or -El titles added to the last name, it is merely so-called black people returning to the ways of their ancestor's true identity of being Moorish, and also returning to their divine creed of Islam. They did not give up the last names that their ancestors took on, because they carry that to always be linked to their ancestors and as a reminder of the brutality of their captivity and the stripping their nation of people, reducing them to sub-human status. The annexing of Bey or El brings them back into the families of nations. Those people who change their name when they return to Islam are taking on an Arabic name, yet that is not a prerequisite to practicing Islam.

Here are five Kushite/Khemetian/Moorish titles of nobility that ties so-called "Indian"/"Indo"/"Indios"/"Indus", "Blacks" to the sovereignty of America/Amexem/Al Moroc/North Gate:

El, Bey, Dey, Al and Ali. 

These five titles also belong to the "Five Civilized Tribes". 

These tribes are:
El - Cherokee.
Bey - Choctaw.
Dey - Seminole.
Al - Creek.
Ali - Chickasaw

The Title El means God or power, Executive, Law Maker, Creator

Bey means ruler or landlord, Enforcer, Officer,

Dey means knowledgeable,

Al means the same as El (Feminine/Goddess),

Ali means exalted or most high.

As for Titles, we must at the primary and foundational level be Els and Beys BEFORE self-assigning titles that are earned by Degree.  It is likened to wanting to come in and go straight to the highest degree without foundational and primary knowledge to support the climb.  The other titles Al, Dey, and Ali are reserved for the functioning of the Nation by degrees that MUST NOT be self-assigned.  Many may wish to ignore these principles, however, the universe does not allow circumscribing.

El -  the lawmakers, lawgivers, likened to Executives.

Bey -  law enforcers, O-Bey -- the law.  A MUFTI is a Mohammedan Judge

Ali - is a title reserved for those who are, or who have reached a Master degree in their line of studies, inclusive of published dispensations.  Thus is an earned title, reserved for the workings of the Nation and not to be self assigned.  Many get it confused with their corporate state Masters Degree, however, if you read "Religious Controversy', from the "Moorish Literature' booklet, there is information regarding those who have received those degrees and the mental state they are in whether they recognize it or not.
Al - is also reserved for the nation in earning degrees in the sciences:  Mathematical, Geometrical, Psychological, etc.,

Dey -  is meant for and reserved for same in degrees of Astrological, Cosmological, other sciences, etc.

The Twa/Khoisan of Akabalan, Are the oldest people on the planet. They are the Ancients and were the FIRST people to migrate to all of the continents from Akabalon (Africa), including Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Americas- as well as islands of Planet Earth to establish Civilizations! The Twa/Khosian Ancient Ancestors were the first inhabitants of Europe. Later, the Caucasians appeared and began the establishments of war cults against Indigo people, and the destruction of the natural ecosystems and the environment. 

Many Indigo communities left Europe, following the Earth's Energy vortexes, while the Caucasian subsisted, from the ruins of what the KMT societies left behind. 

After thousands of years of decline of the Caucasians, the Moors later migrated to Europe, and discovered these Caucasians, dying out from their own offensive sanitation and un-hygienic practices. The Moors found their existence, appalling as they were consumed with plagues, and madness, with no water purification or proper sewage systems. The Moors taught these people how to use soap to bathe themselves and helped them build water purification and proper garbage and sewage systems. The Moors brought the Caucasians out of the Black death and the Dark Ages of illiteracy to the Renascence of humanity, civilization and understanding of Ancient Arts and Sciences.

The Moors ignored the warning signs from the Bes, the Twa/Khosan Ancient Ancestors to stay away from these Yacub/Yurugu. Mixed up with the calcified consciousness of Aryan Arab ideas and belief systems, the Moors felt compelled to have pity on the Caucasoid's self-imposed plight, to bring them aid, and released these Caucasians from Bes' spell of the Flat Earth. Now, these Caucasians have been running rampant, on a terrorist reign of destruction not only on the Indigo Peoples, but on the environment of Planet Earth for more than 2012 years!

It was the knowledge of the Moors that brought the Europeans out of the dark ages. KMT of Akabalon, and Moors(blacks) were the ship-builders and map makers; yet no one remembers that the Black Moors ruled all of Europe and Latin America, including Spain, for almost 1000 years! No one remembers the names of the Moors who were the Captains of the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria. These Ship-men had the astronomical, nautical knowledge, protractors, compasses and maps, to be sponsored by Queen Isabella. Columbus was just a contracted explorer. These Moor Captains already knew where they were going! They just went home to the Americas. They already knew that the earth was not a disc, but indeed a sphere!

So Moors were already established in the Americas.

We know that there is NO "race." 
Race was manufactured as a political construct for social control and class/economic status. Our society would fair better to completely remove race as a narrative, into our future. ALL HUMAN (Hue+Ma+N) beings (people with natural melanin,) come from Afrika. Yes, Afrikan people, in their multiple varieties, are our oldest known Ancestry on the planet. The "Eve Gene is found in the DNA of every Black Melanin woman.

Yet, Caucasians are the exception. They are "Mankind," possessing a hybrid form of RH- blood that possess fragments of RNA, that tie them to Neanderthals and Rhesus Apes. The Original Indigo Hunter Gatherers were NOT Neanderthals. Caucasians were crossbred as Mankind and only made their appearance on the planet 10,000 years ago. A rare few possess, what is know as O Negative blood. They rarely survive childbirth, because the blood of their fetus attacks them. The Caucasians are essentially Identity Thieves. Everything that Aryan Caucasians claim, own, or represent was stolen from Indigo people. The Moors, who conquered and governed Europe for almost 1000 years. broke the spell of Bes, the Curse of the Dark Ages, and the Flat Earth, which was able to contain the caucasoids into a small area in the north, for Aeons, where they were afraid to cross. During their government, the Moors brought Wealth and Health, through East and West African Knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine and Industrial Arts, Agriculture, Mathematics, Hygiene, Philosophy and the Enlightenment of the Geo Planet terrestrial movement, using electromagnetics and the Stars for Nautical movement.


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