Saturday, November 28, 2015

American Leaders and First Founders of the US Were Moors (Black Free People) Before Columbus

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The true Founding Fathers (and Mothers) of America were FREE Masons and Moors (Melanin /black) Native American peoples. Many who were original peoples of the Americas -NOT SLAVES! Black Melanin people from many nationalities, were already here in the Americas and around the world before Columbus! Many were Moors and were already in the Americas! They were the Mayans and Olmec as well as the Natchez, Blackfoot, Choctaw, Seminole native America

John Hanson

Former President of the Continental Congress

John Hanson was a Merchant, Mason and public official from Maryland during the era of the American Revolution. After serving in a variety of roles for the Patriot cause in Maryland, in 1779 Hanson was elected as a delegate to the Continental Congress.

Born: April 14, 1721, Port Tobacco Village, MD

Died: November 15, 1783, Prince George's County, Maryland, MD
Nationality: American Moor
Succeeded by: Elias Boudinot
Parents: Samuel Hanson, Elizabeth Hanson
Organizations founded: United States Department of the Treasury.

Another famous Dogon Moor and Mason, who was the major contributor of the building of the United States, was Benjamin Bannaky (Banneker) Bey. He indeed designed and laid the Plan for The White House and Washington DC.

Benjamin Banneker 

Benjamin Banneker was a free African American Genius, Dogon Moor and Mason. He was the author of the first almanac, surveyor, naturalist and farmer. Born in Baltimore County, Maryland, to a free African American woman and a freed Father from Dogon, who was formerly enslaved, Banneker had little formal education and was largely self-taught.

Born: November 9, 1731, Baltimore County, Maryland, MD

Died: October 9, 1806, Baltimore County, Maryland, MD

Nationality: American

Parents: Mary Bannaky, Robert Bannaky

Melanin people are the original peoples of planet Earth and the Mothers and Fathers of civilization! 

Yet, we are continually debased and ignored by the commercial media of corporatakrazy invaders, who, like a virus, have inserted themselves all over the planet to usurp our cultures and ecological resources as bandits and pirates

KMT Afrikans and Moors(blacks) were the first ship builders and map makers; yet no one remembers that the Black Moors ruled all of Europe and Latin America, including Spain, for almost 1000 years! No one remembers the names of the Moors who were the Captains of the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria. These Ship-men had the astronomical, nautical knowledge, Protractors, compasses and maps, to be sponsored by Queen Isabella. Columbus was just an employed explorer. These Moor Captains already knew where they were going! They just went home to the Americas. They already knew that the earth was not a disc, but indeed a sphere! It was the knowledge of the Moors that brought the Europeans out of the dark ages.

Moors were already established in the Americas.

They were the Native Americans!

This is why the "Movie Avatar" was so potent and revealing.

Invader Corporatokrazy is like a rabid disease. It fosters an addictive society of voracious consumers/ Useless eaters. They have turned civilized human people who lived in harmony with creation, into viruses, while the elite feed off of and make their wealth by turning the masses into parasites.

We must end the lies, dehumanization and whitewashing that is locking out the presence and contributions of Moors/African original peoples to the Americas and global achievements from the memories and history of every child.

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