Amen Ankh Urban Farm

Amen Ankh Urban Farm was created out of the founder’s passion to bring authentic cultural, healthy, and convenient meal solutions and food products to consumers in local Kansas City, and to the World markets. We wish to wow our families and consumers with delicious, all natural and wholesome, entrees, side dishes, condiments and appetizers.

*Amen Ankh means "sacred life" - providing a Health and Wellness Ministry, working with EMWOT for a Farm-a-See/ Grow Food not Lawn Initiative.

1. We provide a Home Lawn and Garden Service with a twist.

2. We not only offer free estimates included in your lawn care agreement, we also can prepare a health and wellness assessment, where we will create a healing garden landscape of vegetables and Herbs to help relieve an ailment or provide beauty and comfort.

3. We can also create a Memorial Garden to represent your loved ones, with attractive bulb and perennial plant selections along with a hand-carved relief plaque to honor your loved one...

4. We also share a Home blessing and spring cleaning service, to align your home environment with the unique Colors, Flowers, and atmosphere for your optimal access to abundance.

Contact Us! Let Amen Ankh Akademy teach you how to become an Urban Farmer! 816-281-7704 

*Amen Ankh Urban Farms is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of Abolishing Food Deserts, achieving environmental justice and sustainability by “improving neighborhood access to healthy food.

Ron Finley has stated: "We are killing more people from Drive-thrus than by Drive-bys."

*Amen Ankh (Sacred Life) urban farm is nestled in the heart of an east side neighborhood in midtown Kansas City to provide local access to healthy foods.

We are bringing local access to fresh Natural foods for local youth and families.  We will create a commonwealth of cooperative ownership!... If you would like to help, Please Contact Adenike AmenRa at- or call 816-281-7704

*Adenike "Nuta" AmenRa is a Natchez Native American. She lives her life as a homesteading sovereign, boldly growing the "3 Sisters" of Heirloom Corn, Green Beans, and Squash/Melons, with Herbs, peppers, and Cabbages right in a vacant lot, on an Urban Landscape, of the Midwest- Heart of America- Kansas City, Missouri. The Soil is cultivated using Straw and Strictly Natural Organic Compost of a Vermiculture of worms, spent coffee grounds, leaves, grass cuttings and sometimes even community contributions of barbershop hair, families or restaurant kitchen scraps, lawn care clippings from all over the metro Kansas City urban landscape! The First Steps to free yourself, is to feed yourself!

*Amen Ankh Akademy is a Home School Green STEAM (science technology engineering industrial Arts and mathematics) - We offer Tutoring, Educational Materials, Substitute Teaching for Home scholars, building a CommuniverCity of sustainable living, Curriculum, Green STEAM workshops and video conferences, Meditation and Breathing exercises, African Storytelling - and Afrikan Centered Resources, Crafts, Puzzles, Coloring Books, etc..

*Amen Ankh Ministries is a Health and Wellness initiative, to abolish Food Deserts by returning neighborhoods to Victory Gardens and local access to healthy non-GMO Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and to foster initiatives for Healthy living, and prosperity. We are a part of the Amen Gnome movement. The Amen Ankh (Sacred Life) Ministries offers is a variety of products, like Green Tomato Cha Chow, peach and Apple Butters, Beverages and baked goods that are a delight to enjoy. You can order a Green protein smoothie with a nip of Lentil or Alfalfa sprouts, Wild Garden Stews, or a nice hot cup of Herbal tea to knock off the morning chill. We make a spring cleaning and strengthening Plantain Green pot, using Fresh Scallions, and Peppers. We also provide services- like Homemade soaps and cosmetics, Green Lawncare, Green Cleaning, Tailoring, Repair, Personal Care, Hair Washing and Twisting and workshops and classes.

*Our Young Woman's initiative: You G.R.O.W.W. Girl- Teach a Girl- Heal a Nation! G.R.O.W.W. stands for Gaining Resilience Opportunity Wellness and Wealth as an outreach to teach Homesteading, fiscal fitness, and home Economic crafts to young women. Our Girls are sacred temples. We carry within us the Ankh of life and family. We teach our Young women, Industrial Arts and practical solutions for our families and community. We encourage STEAM Education...

*Amen Ankh Farm grows affordable produce for the local communities and promotes the development of healthy-eating attitudes and behaviors through our "Farm-A-See" Project. The farm also aims at increasing Kansas City students’ nutritional knowledge and awareness of food systems and environmental sustainability through hands-on educational programs. By localizing consumption and following environmentally sustainable farming practices.

*Amen Ankh's outreach includes local residents in the adjacent five neighborhoods, as well as Social Organizations, Religious and educational institutes, restaurants and businesses.

*We are a Health and Wellness Gnome society of Indigenous American families, Using Local indigenous Herbs, Fruits and plant life (Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash) and cruciferous vegetables, Cabbage, Kale, Arugula and Chard With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers and other nutritional drink supplements - producing Baked Goods, cosmetics, liniments etc. Healing and Sovereignty: Through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) All aboriginal people of Afrikan decent must bridge the chasm of the destruction caused by global MAAFA (The destruction of Indigo Civilizations).

*Company Overview

Owned by our Urban Farmer Youth, Managed by Adenike AmenRa Executive Director- We grow, prepare and sell local healthy Indigenous Foods in environmentally, respectful, earth gentle ways to restore balance in our relationship with the cosmos, earth and our communities and by increasing awareness of nourishment, environment and health. By honoring the traditional teachings of our Indigenous relatives we restore respect for the blessings of food, soil, water, and air that we must have to ensure a healthy life for our seeds (the next generation.)

*Amen Ankh Farm aspires to protect the environment and to improve the watershed and ecosystem.

*The Mission of Amen Ankh Urban Farm is:

to establish Ausar's Mandate: Global production, promotion, and perpetuation of food resources and comfort -
to grow prepare and sell local healthy Indigenous Foods in environmentally, respected, earth gentle ways
to restore balance in our relationship with the cosmos, earth and our communities and by increasing awareness of nourishment, environment and health. By honoring the traditional teachings of our Indigenous relatives we restore respect for the blessings of food, soil, water, and air that we must have
To Live our lives as indigenous Sovereigns on Earth
To ensure a healthy life for our seeds (the next generation.)
To live in a sustainable Ecosystem with the planet.
To educate our own children to be leaders in/for an ecologically responsible and sustainable way of life.

"Our bodies are the temple of our soul, mind & spirit. Like any “spacesuit” we must care and maintain this body for our existence on the planet."
Know Thyself!
Live on Purpose!
As Above, So below…
As within, So Without!
Nuk Puk Nuk!
Adenike AmenRa (Nuta)
Amen Ankh means (sacred life)
We are a Health and Wellness Gnome

Call: 816-281-7704 #amenankh #abolishfooddeserts

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I am available for Lectures, Libations, Griot Spoken Word Presentations, KMT Wedding, Birth and Ascension officiant, Salutations and Blessings for new beginnings, Home and Businesses, Afrikan Storytelling, Conferences and Workshops Contact: or Phone: 816-281-7704

As a Minister and Director at Amen Par Ankh and Ankh Amen Ankh Academy, we offer Ancestor Libation Ceremony, Consultations and Life Coaching for Destiny, Name, Health, Career, and Relationships. Afrikan Wedding planning and officiate services, Home and Business Blessings, Naming, Birth Blessings, Domestic Engineering, Ascension services, Lectures, and edutainment- Storytelling, Music, Dance, Youth Outreach and Economic Literacy, Travel agency, Insurance Referrals and STEMM(science technology engineering mathematics medicine) Career introduction called You GROWW Girls- Teach a Girl, Heal a Nation GROWW means (Gaining, Resilience, Opportunity, Wellness and Wisdom) Call for your appointment: 816-281-7704 Feel free to Contact the Amen Ankh Urban Farm... or
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