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ELECTRIC FOODS- How Can Eating Electric Foods Benefit the Body

What are Electric Foods?  

Electric foods are completely natural, completely indigenous to the Earth, saturated with Sun rays and 100% alive!
Electric foods help to increase the copper within the nervous system promoting a greater activation and use of your brain and senses.
Electric foods are alkaline. Our bodies are alive. We are a living life force. Energy makes us move. Alkaline foods supplies energy, helps the body to heal and nourish itself.
Electric foods are non-hybrid, not genetically modified, non-irradiated

"Dr. Sebi centers his medicinal approach on herbology. His beliefs are grounded in that all beings were created by God as electrical entities. From birth, we feed our bodies "dead" foods found in traditional stores and grocery shops. Electric foods can only be found in nature. The theory is essence centers on the natural circle of life. By giving one's body back to nature you will return to your natural healthy state. The herbs and foods that cure are ones grown without the interference of the hand of man. That is to say, if an herb grows naturally in a forest, it retains its electric curing ability, but the same herb grown in a hot house will not hold healing qualities." www.Drsebiproducts.com

The first time that I discovered “Electric Food” was from a man affectionately named Dr. Sebi. Although he was not a conventional doctor, he listened to his mother and other indigenous people around him, who studied nature, life and positive changes to make for healthier lifestyle. One thing he discovered was that foods traditionally served in homes were tainted and changed. Foods have been changed, most times on the DNA- molecular-cellular level, in order to control the seeds, control and accelerate mass production of the foods and/or add insecticides.

Chickens, Cows, Fish and many other living animals raised for food are fed antibiotics, artificial vitamin supplements, and growth hormones, using injections and genetically engineered feed, to assure the largest possible animal, grown as quickly as possible; therefore ensuring the most money made from the animal. The same system of artificial chemicals, would go for growing fruit and vegetable produce as well. Many farmers use toxic insecticides and artificial commercial fertilizers in order to supplement their crops size and yield. All of these actions changes a food from being "Electrically" balanced with our bodies to being off-balance. In order to change your eating practices from mundane to "Electric" all you have to do is go back to nature. 

Grow your own! The best foods are those that have been picked fresh from your own cultivated garden. These foods have been nurtured with your own hands, so you have established a relationship with your foods. Raw is best Electric foods are alive with enzymes and nutrients. the sooner you eat these nutrients, the more successful you will get theses life giving nutrients into your body. 

Our bodies are like batteries. In order to maintain a full charge, our bodies must maintain the right Electrolyte balance of acid and alkaline state. Slimy mucus and phlegm secretions from the body are a sign of a high acidic state. This promotes water retention inflammation in joints and vital organs, and toxicity and dehydration in the liver and kidneys.
Remember, Cancers, bad bacteria, flukes and viruses thrive in an acidic starchy environment. Your body responds and suffers poorly to the consumption of devitalized Sugars, Salts, and Starches (processed corn, and wheat produced foods)- like you're eating rocks!
Our bodies are our space suits- the only one we have! We've got to take care of our bodies and be a good model to teach our children good habits.

At Amen Par Ankh, Amen Ankh Urban Farms and Amen Ankh Akademy, we seek to be stewards of the earth, to live ecologically friendly and in harmony with the creation. We follow Ausar's mandate: to grow and produce foods, resources and comfort, living in harmony with creation. We honor the lessons of our ancient Ancestars! All life is sacred!  Our Aku (Ancient Ancestors,) paid propitiation before we took anything from nature. In our world view, no one could own what belonged to nature and the universe. So the division, De-forestation, destruction of ecosystems, mono-cropping, and the buying and selling of land into plots and parcels, also the itemization of our workforce of laborer, as expendable assets, was un-heard of! Our Ancestars were Matriarchal Gatherer/Hunters, This means that Earliest Ancient Ancestors followed the herds of grazing, animals and learned to eat what the animals ate- mostly vegetation, fruits and some insects. So, our animals became our teachers. They taught us about the terrains, the waterways, the seasons, and best locations to harvest and glean the foods at their peak ripeness. These foods would provide the vital nutrients and energy that we needed to perform and survive the climates and diverse environments. We learned to defend ourselves and controlled our predators for security. As we learned to hunt down animals, we also began to eat our teachers – and started corralling, herding, and cooking the animals. We finally began planting and growing our foods in selected locations, instead of foraging, which lead us to a more sedentary lifestyle. So, the Pastoral Herders/Shepherd Kings, and then the Agricultural farmers/ Mound builders, established empires that lasted thousands of years!

At Amen Par Ankh, we seek to live in earth friendly ways as our Aboriginal Ancestors. At Amen Ankh Urban Farm, we grow and produce foods, fresh from our local farm, and growers.

Kansas city, Missouri amen.ankh@live.com call 816-839-7945

Most of us are overweight, have poor complexions and inflammation because we are holding toxic chemicals, gases and heavy metals in our bodies and we are starving on the cellular level. We are not receiving the proper vitamins and nutrients, and whole grain energy that we need from our foods. So we continue to be hungry, unsatisfied, and over eating, because our biological system is still in need. The nutrients we need are not found in their proper form from most "junk" and "fast" foods that we eat daily. We are killing ourselves by what we put into our own mouths and feed to our families- According to the CDC we are dying MORE OFTEN from Heart attack, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, and Cancers- than HOMICIDE!

Organic foods are the #1 choice available in supermarkets today. Even though these foods are not totally in sync with our body's electric nature, one might think that these foods are the closest one may get in a mass produced setting. All certified organic foods are produced - artificial fertilizer free and insecticide free, bringing the electric levels higher than GMO foods that have been tampered with, from the DNA level of seedings and their growing process. Yet, you are paying a higher retail markup, and these foods are still packaged and stored over time in such a way to diminish the nutrient content.

This is a vital difference in our org-Ankh food boxes from Amen Ankh Urban Farms.

93% of the vegetables and fruits in a typical American diet are hybrids and genetically modified objects (GMOs). This means that the seeds and plants were modified and created or engineered in a science laboratory- not nature. These Frankenstein foods are not indigenous to the Earth. Typically, they are also highly acidic. High acidic foods are the opposite of alkalinity, which causes a block in the absorption of nutrients on a cellular level. The food that makes up the normal US diet is not even real! GMO’s are associated with the causes of cancers, deformities in babies because they are invasive on the genetic level. When nutrients are listed on the nutritional labels, typically on labeled foods – these vitamins & minerals most likely are not in the proper state that our bodies can assimilate (actually absorb into the blood cells and vital organs)!
Here is a video on Codex Alimentarious:

In essence, the United States food system, and many other countries, have created a whole system that sets up people for dis-ease, stress and bad health. As we Free our minds- the rest will follow…

With the commercialism of consumerism and the corporatakrazy, serving their greed and profit interests, even beyond every pure effort and honest discipline, your family may still consume things that are not good for them. More than likely, we may even consume more hybrid and pseudo-foods. Our Air and Water and Soil has also been compromised with our foods in an urban and sub urban environments. We may be exposed to lead, aluminum, mercury, fluoride, chlorine, nicotine, etc. 

One simple thing we can do to change this is: DON`T EAT ANY FRUITS WITHOUT SEEDS (How could they be natural?) Remember that the vibration rate of "electric" foods are highest when you put your own hands on them, from the earth. So, growing your own foods, detoxing, exercise, breast feeding as long as you possibly can, not eating out of Fast food and convenience stores are a vital necessity! If you just can’t grow your own foods, get to know your local grower. That is where local Urban Agriculture plays a key role. It is important to eat the foods that are locally grown where you live, to introduce the local pollens, micro organisms, and energy into your body system. This increases your immunity and lowers allergy symptoms. Detoxing with electric foods and herbs are vital to our health to remove the free radicals from our brains and other vital organs that take their toll on our health, performance, wellness and overcome the aging process.

Organic meats are also available in stores, but one cannot ensure the lineage of the animal. Once changes are made to an animal for generations, those changes taint the genetic cellular structure of the animal. Thus, even organic meats can be produced from animals with no "Electric" or natural lineage.

Aside from organic store bought foods, the best place to find "Electric" foods is in your own back yard. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a perfect way to re-sync your body with Mother Earth. "Electric" foods are ones that have a high vibration rate; this alludes to the foods closeness to the natural Earth. If you grow your own tomatoes from Heirloom seeds, you will be growing and consuming an "Electric" tomato, whereas if you purchase the tomato from a grocery store the vibration or "Electric" rate will be nearly non-existent. So, "Electric" foods are not that far from your front door. By growing your own produce, you will be one step closer to becoming "electric.

At Amen Ankh Urban Farm, We Grow Food Not Lawns!

We know that in the hustle and bustle, hassles of life, many may not have the time- or the capacity to grow all of the favorite foods that are vital. The Amen Ankh Farm has networked with other Urban Farmers to compile a variety of locally grown foods. Get to know your grower. The best foods are picked directly from the ground. If you had a good fruit, save the seeds and bring them back to your grower to plant again. Save all of your organic produce food scraps and compost and return them back to your Local organic farmer to add back to the soil.

When consuming beverages, alkaline water is best. By placing your hands on or near water with the intention of raising the water vibration rate, you will turn the water "electric"; thus fitting the water into your "electric" lifestyle. The Amen Ankh Urban Farm offers a proprietary Moringa tea, that when mixed with water, will electrify- and alkalize your body,when you consume it. We also provide a Juice lover’s box filled with sprouted herbs, seeds and Dandelion Detox!

The theory of consuming "electric" foods is quite simple, get back to nature, Grow your own and eat alkaline foods, grow what you eat or connect with and support a grower, conserve your seeds. 

Below are some examples of electric foods                  

Ethiopian Teff
Most fruits
(except  bananas)
Basil, Moringa
Cayenne pepper
Red Clover

Watermelon (with seeds!)
Plantain, Dandelion,
Black Seed

Yellow dock
Chia Seeds
Sprouts- Alfalfa, Flax, Wheatgrass
Thyme, Dandelion
Mushrooms (Except Shiitake)

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