Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Black Family is the Spiritual Trinity of Man Woman and Child

Our Divine African Trinity included a Father, Mother, and Child!

We have a strong African heritage of venerating our woman as Queen Mother (Kandaki) in relationship to her children. Our Ancestors believed that children were immaculately conceived in a sacred union between the Creator and the Sun! -  Our men were guardians, enforcers and protectors of our communities.

Just as Sojourner Truth exclaimed "Where did your Christ come from? God and a Woman, -Man had nothing to do with it!" ..

So every mother was considered and respected as a Black Madonna! Our Ancient women had the capacity to auto conceive. Much like Bees, a male was created from the all female Drones.

Our first incarnate Family of creation arrived at the solstice. This is the story of the Ausar Resurrection.
 When the sun died and arose again on the 3rd day. 4 children were born, of Ma Net, named Ausar, Auset, Het Heru and Set.

Auset was the first incarnate woman. She was beautiful Indigo Black in complexion. She was the first Madonna who conceived and raised her child as a single mother, after the murder of her husband Ausar by her venomous brother Set. Auset raised her only begotten sun in exile. Her Husband was killed by his brother, before she was able to bare a child. Yet, she was the first immaculate conception.

Mary was also the single mother of her sun, who was conceived by the holy spirit. Yet she is not represented, recognized, or even regarded as playing a significant role in the Christian or Islamic paradigm after she gave birth to her sun. Many cults have even sullied her reputation implying that she was a child harlot, or fornicator... This is slave mentality thinking, to regard Indigo women as harlots just because of their body shape, skin color or other appearance or features.

Shaka Zulu was also raised by his mother in exile to become a warrior King.

The images in the meme below are images of a Mother and Sun Relationship- Not Husband and Wife!
We live in enemy territory, under a staunch patriarchal structure.
For those who wish to model after those of the western calcified pineal, who are the authors of misogyny, this will perpetuate Willie Lynch, deceptive ideas to segment, isolate and destroy the Black family!
We must support, defend and protect, the courage, strength and wisdom of ALL of our Mothers!
ALL have something to share! So single Mothers have nothing to Share!? -THIS AIN'T NO AFRICAN PROVERB!

Our Ancient societies venerated the Black woman as Ma the Universe!
We still venerate the Stellar and elemental powers of Ma- the universe, Nut the Galaxy and Re the Sun, Geb the Planet, Shu  The wind and Tefnut, Atmosphere, along with the natural principals, recognized in Amen-Eternity, Maat- Balance, Ankh- life, Auset, Queen Mother, Ausar our Crown, representing our lower and higher selves. Also Het Heru, Nekebet, Kheperi, Bes, Taweret, Hapi, Bast, etc..

The Black Madonna is still worshipped secretly by Catholic Priests
OUR YOUNG SUNS AND DAUGHTERS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEIR PARENTAL AUTHORITIES AS IT IS NOW! They admire, media and entertainment propaganda images, consumerism and propaganda over their own parents, spiritual and community guidance and leadership!!
I love our black men! 

Yet our men in turn must also accept responsibility for their roles in Babies having babies, failed marriages broken families, and the lack of cooperative economics, to create autonomy, with our own Economics, guardians, land, resources, Banks and insurance products. Look at what happened to our Black Commercial Districts. We are fighting for our very lives as a people and culture! Our women and youth are vulnerable to a hostile system!

As African American Families, We must return to work together in building our own families and Spiritual Societies again.