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Ma Ra Celebrations of the Yoniverse

Ma-Ra Celebrations of the Yoniverse! by,

Nuta Beqsu Amen-Ra

Giving honor to Our most Ancient Neteru which are aspects of our higher selves in KRST Consciousness! Ma, Nu, Nut, Ankh, Tefnut, Maat, Auset, Yemaya, Oshun are some of the many names for Mother Matrix, used in the Ancient Afrakan Diaspora.

*Ma is one of the oldest names of the Most High source, creator. She is the Milk source or represented as the Cow in the Milky Way Galaxy. This Elemental power and presence of the universe are reflected in Ankh- The Womb of life, She has a special relationship with Ra the Sun, and Geb the Earth. Her descendants are Mary, Marie, Marian, Mariam, and Mason. She also lives as the name of *Nu the Eternal primordial waters and fountain of life. Nu is representative of the primordial waters and mysteries of Ankh the womb of life. Nut or Net is the celestial sky. She swallows the evening sunset and gives birth to a new sun every day,  The Black Womb of the Yoniverse is the ANKH. The Ankh of Ma+N is known as the vortex of the spirit that is transformed and transitioned into the empirical world. *Tefnut is the primordial elemental power of moisture and atmosphere. She is depicted as the dew, firmament, steam, mist, fog, or clouds. *Auset/Ast (later Isis)is the Kandaki (Queen) Mother, and the first Black Madonna to immaculately conceive a son, and names him Heru. She is birth, Breast milk, and family. Wife, and co-regent of Ausar, her husband and ruler of heaven on Earth. Ausar is tragically killed by his brother Set.  So Auset is the first single parent who, With the help of her extended family of Het Heru, Maat, and Tehuti, raises her son to be a fierce protector of the sun, among many feats.

The first humans to inhabit the earth were found in Central Africa, around Tanzania, close to the source of the Nile. Fossil records as well as DNA analysis give scientific evidence to support this as fact. These records show that the fossils were that of a Black Female, Therefore, the first woman to give birth was a Black African woman. It is from females with high concentrations of melanin, that all humans have come. The other races of humankind all evolved from Ancient Black Africans. 

Ast or Auset (Isis- Greek form) appears in virtue, splendor, and strength, as one of the 4 twin siblings, born on the 4 consecutive days of the Winter Solstice. While the sun stands still to mark the shortest days of the year, Ast is membered, along with her mother, Nu- the Goddess of Primordial waters, her devoted and vigilant sister-  Het-Heru, and the Icon for Truth, Balance, and Reciprocity- Maat. These Kandaki Neteru all play their roles valiantly as the first ancient creation mythology. Ast is the first Madonna who immaculately conceives a Son, and names him Heru. 

Over time, Mami Wata has become blended in cultures and religions of the western world. Her influence is as vital as water itself, in Hinduism, Islam, and as a fusion of Traditional Afrikan religions of Ifa and Christianity called Santaria. Shrines and Altars glisten among the paintings and sculptures that depict her with her colors of blue and white. She is envisioned in the waters as a mermaid-like form, with flowing hair or grasping a snake. She is an icon of mother nature, as she stands guard to protect and feed her children.

Make an Offering to Mama Wata Before Time Runs Out!

Yemaya, is known as one of the "Seven African Powers." Yemaya is an Orisha, originally from the traditional religious practices of the Yoruba people in Africa. Orishas are sometimes described as the emissaries of Olodumare, or God Almighty.
Over the past decades, Yemaya has become prominent in the Afro-American religions and other forms of African American diaspora spirituality which can be found in various countries of the Caribbean and Latin America as well as parts of the USA South.

What isn’t known to the world is that YEMAYA also know throughout West Africa and the Caribbean as Yemoja, Yemowo, (in Vodou) is the patron of women, in particular, pregnant women. It was said that Yemaya protected our Ancestors on their journeys across the ocean to keep them safe. She is kind and giving. She is said to be the “mother whose children number as the fish in the sea” and that is why she presented as a two-tailed mermaid. Yemaya is said to bring forth and protect life through all the highs and lows, even during the worst atrocities that can be suffered.
She reminds women to take time out for themselves, to nurture their own needs, and to respect their deserved position in life. #AmenAnkh #RealLittleMermaid #WhiteOut #MissEducationToMakeNegroes #AfraidOfTheDark #BreakingTheSpellOfWhiteSupremacy
#ThereIsNoWhiteDNA #YouGonnaLearnToday

Song to Ma

Ma Ra
Ma the Yoniverse conceives the Sun
We are all the children of Ma
Nut conceives 4 siblings: Auset, Ausar, Het-Heru, and Set
Auset conceives Heru
Her immaculate KRST

Mary is the Madonna of Yahuwah
The Mother and Sun Resurrection
The Creator and KRST-
Ka Ra Sa Ta- (spirit-enlightenment-protector-domain)

The feminine and masculine ratio

Why does Mari hold a son and not a daughter?
Could it be that men are modern and women are ancient?
Is this a reminder to men that they are still someone’s baby?
Why has a cross taken the place of Mother and Child?
Isn't a cross, a lynching tree of execution?
Now we're focused on death and not living
Now we're focused on the afterlife, and not the present- gift of life

If Heaven and hell are just states of mind
Let us break the spell of death 
to make Heaven instead of Hell right here on Earth
by; Kandaki Ma Nuta Beqsu AmenRa El

Kandaki-Ma Nuta Beqsu (Adenike Amen-Ra)

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