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Ancient KMT Sent Out a Prophecy and a Promise!

Ancient KMT Sent Out a Prophecy and a Promise!

We (our bodies) are the temple of the spirit, mind and Soul of a person.

Many people, who are involved with the works of metaphysics, Spirituality in “Afrikan Consciousness” may promote the concept that our essence is of pure electromagnetic energy. That everything connects with the ALL from the atomic level. When eye choose the word “temple” eye am referring to the knowledge and understanding of our physical body, mind, soul and spirit, and our collective consciousness, not only a building or a religious construction or institution, but the temple of I Am
From ancient KMT (Ka Ma Ta- the Soul-Spirit Mother Land), before the structure of the Pyramids, there were the ideas, concepts, philosophy and designs that brought forth the structure of the pyramids. The pyramids represent the formal crystallized structure of the soul, body and the brain, as well as their relationship with Sirius- the “dog star” constellation. This is what I hope to disseminate with our conscious re-membership of Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life).

“As above so below, as within so without”-
NUK PUK NUK! (I am that I am)

The prophecy of the MAAFA was revealed to the Ancients! MAAFA, is a Swahili word for a terrible disaster. Our Ancestors had the power to foresee the future. They knew that we would suffer and endure a horrible travail, so they prepared for their children. The prophecy of KMT is very revealing; for the sacred people of the sun. KMT people originated in central Africa. Most history books have left out an entire world and continent of coiled hair- Dark skinned people.

Because of this prophecy,  of Maafa, mighty men would sacrifice their present lives and bodies to be teleported into the future,-so that they may fight for our Kemetic way of life and to assure that our way of life and our progeny would prevail!
Let’s look at the original story of the Kemetic Pantheon. from the eyeview of Auset the sister wife of Ausar. During the 5 days of the winter solstice, Nut and Geb conceived 4 twin sibling Gods- Born on the four days during the winter Solstice. Day 1- Asar (Ausar, Osirus), Day 2- Aset (Auset, Isis, Mary), Day 3. Het-Heru (Nekabet, Nephthys), and Day 4. Set (Seth, Lucifer, Satan).  God Asar and the Goddess Auset ruled the earth in co-regency as the King and Queen of Kemet. Their brother, Set was jealous of Asar.  Ausar was deceived, betrayed and murdered by his brother Set, who tricked Ausar into being measured for a coffin, where he was betrayed by mercenaries, who ambushed, trapped and sealed, Ausar into the coffin,   Set then threw Asar’s body  into the Nile River, where Ausar died a gruesome death of drowning and suffocation. In horror and terror, Aset attempted to flee for her life into exile but Set held Auset in bondage and took over the rule of the land and society, reigning as a destructive tyrant.

Here is the story of undying love of Auset for her Ausar, in the short film: Remember the Time; by Michael Jackson
Auset was held in captivity by her wicked Brother Set, after he murdered her Beloved Husband Ausar, by sealing him alive, into a coffin and throwing him into the river Nile. She was able to later escape captivity, with the help of her twin sister Het Heru (Nephthys, Nekabet), and move on a tireless search for the body of her true Love. 

She learned that her beloved Husband's coffin, had grown into a mighty tree of life, and that a noble had built a compound and a fortress around the tree for his wife and newborn child. Goddess Aset humbled herself to served as a nurse for the newborn. She finally won the heart of the family, to give her access to the tree that encased her husband's body. Auset performed the final rites to mummify and preserve his body,  so that she could also revive her husband Asar, one last time. Through these rituals, and her divine love and spiritual union with Asar,  Aset conceived a sun, Heru(Horo, Hero, Horus). This is the first celebrated immaculate conception. We know that our God/soul within us never dies and is always accessible....

Meanwhile, Set found out that Aset had regained possession of her husband’s body.  Again, Aset was forced to abandon her husband’s corpse and flee into exile, this time, pregnant with her unborn child. Tehuti directed Aset to hide in the Bulrushes of Papyrus and Lotus swamps of Northern Kemet and raise her child in secret with the assistance of Tehuti. In the ancient ways, all women were Madonnas who conceived their children through the rising Sun!
Once again Set seized Asar’s remains- He knew of the prophecy that Auset would somehow conceive a son named Heru, who would grow to defeat him and restore the kingdom of Asar and Aset. So, this time, he cut Ausar's body into 14 pieces. Set threw his Brother's phallus into the Nile river to be consumed by a fish. Set then spread and hid the remaining 13 parts all over the planet, unaware that Auset had already conceived Heru!

While in exile, Aset gave birth to Heru. With the knowledge of Tehuti (Djibouti, Djhuti, Thoth- the God of Wisdom,)  Heru grew strong, and wise to defeat the rule of Set. Aset, taught her sun to go on the quest to recover his father's remains. Heru learned to look for pyramids as a sign, to find a piece of his father. Each pyramid, is a memorial to mark Ausar's wisdom and presence of a glorious kingdom that surrounded the Pyramid.  

Set was enraged after learning that Auset was pregnant! Set sought to kill Heru! Heru knew that his life's mission would always be to defeat Set and reunite the kingdoms of Ausar and Auset again. 

Heru is always leading everyone to their greatest version within, which is the crown of KRST (Ka Ra Sa Ta)

KRST stands for *Ka- Immortal Eternal Soul, Life Force, Spirit *Ra- Sun Creation, Enlightenment, Illumination, Conception of life, Manifestation *Sa- Protector, Bes, Guardian, Shaman, Herbalist *Ta- Land, Heaven, Queendom.

Heru has returned in every generation to restore the Kingdoms of Ausar and Auset.
Every evening, Nut, the goddess of the night sky, swallows the Sun at Sunset, and gives birth to Ausar the new resurrection of Ausar.  Every evening, even now, the battle of Heru and Set is fought with the rising  and setting of the sun, and the conquering of darkness of  the Set-ting Sun with the guidance of Auset- the light of the moon, Heru is able to release the morning light to resurrect his father, Ausar. 

The presence of Ausar can now be found in every civilization, and in every spiritual center. Ausar still exists, everywhere on the planet, wherever a pyramid is found in the world, to this day. the The story of Nut and Geb, Ausar, Auset, Heru and Set, lives within our bodies...

Within every generation a KRST is raised and sacrificed. Historically the first born male children have been ordered to be destroyed in every wicked kingdom. Even to this day we have the martyrs of our KRST (Ka Ra Sa Ta) through the school to prison pipeline and the neo-slavery of the prison/military industrial corparatakrazy and by the US Imperialist injustice system. Our Black Youth are our Herus! Our first born men and our Auset's (Mary's) are being targeted for destruction at an accelerated pace in each generation. 

This epic story marks the eternal battle of day and night as well as within our bodies, in the Aeons and the Ages.

This is the origin of the story of Auset (Ma-Re/Mary) being impregnated by the Holy Spirit of God (the Sun) and conceiving the Son/Sun of God (Heru). Ausar is the lord of the neitherland, Amenta.) The red-evil one was corrupted into Set/Satan/Shaitan, Lucifer, the red devil. (also Legba  or Ogun of the Yoruba Pantheon)

Every year, during the winter solstice, the battle of Set and Heru is played out in the cosmos! December 21st marks the shortest day of the Year. The winter solstice- December, between the 21st and 25th, the sun (son) dies (is killed by Set “the bright and morning star”)…. Then sun(son) hangs on the cross (intersection of the equator and the ecliptic.)  After December 25th the day begin again to grow longer and longer. The Sun(son) is again reborn near the Spring Equinox, which marks the time of the year when the hours of days and the nights are equal. “East-er,” and the sun once again ascends into heaven (highest arc in the sky) at the Summer Solstice, When the longest day is measured. So, you can watch the entire story of Heru/”Esus” play out every year by watching the movements of the sun! So this story of the heavens is also revealed in the Pineal Gland -“Third Eye” and “Eye of Heru”, inside our brains.

There is much more to this story… Tehuti governs the Pineal gland and the substances secreted there are serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin goes into the production of Melanin. We understand that Tehuti/Pineal is stimulated by the light of the Sun (Governed by Ra). Because of the stimulation of Ra’s energy (solar light), the pineal gland can secrete divine food (serotonin, melatonin) for the body’s cells to feed off of. The body of melanin is the “Sekhet.” Twelve Judges surround the King/pineal.

So, as this pageant is revealed in the Aeons of the Ages of time, the story also plays out in the lunar and solar phases, also in your physical body, as in the divisions of your spirit that are governed by the different Divinities mentioned in the story.

The Ancients foretold that there will be a promise fulfillment! There will be a Resurrection of an army of the mighty men of Heru! Even now, at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, Heru is gathering the ancient pieces of the sacred Amulets of his father Asar together, marked by every pyramid of the world! Ausar is the wheat, Set is the chaft...

Ausar’s Mandates will Rise to be realized again!

(c) By, Adenike AmenRa, April 5th 2007 at 10:55 am (Health, wellness, and Spiritual Consciousness)