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Black Male Youth are KRST

Our Black Male Youth are KRSTs!

Our Black Men don't see that they are really the Indigo KRST Heru warriors for these times. We (our bodies) are the temple of the spirit, mind and Soul of a person. 

"We are spirits having a human experience..." 

Black Women are the Womb vortex of all mankind. They carry the foundation of human in their DNA.  The Ankh represents the eternal life of the fertile, Pregnant female. The top loop, represents the pregnant womb, carrying the KRST. The arms, represent the Fallopian tubes which hold the egg that are released into the womb every month. The  lower column represents the birth canal and vortex between Heaven and Earthly manifestation. 

Many people, who are involved with the work of metaphysics, the study of Ancient civilizations,  and “Afrikan Consciousness” may promote the concept that our essence is of pure electromagnetic energy. That everything connects with the ALL from the atomic level. When I chose the word “temple” I am referring to the knowledge and understanding of our spaceship, our physical body, mind, soul and spirit, and our collective consciousness, not a building or a religious construct or institution.


KRST stands for 

*Ka- Immortal Eternal Soul, Life Force, Spirit 
*Ra- Sun Creation, Enlightenment, Conception of life, Manifestation, Light, Heat, Ignite
*Sa- Protector, Bes, Guardian, Shaman, Herbalist, Wiseman 
*Ta- Land, Heaven, Kandaki (Queendom), Sanctuary

Symbol of Ankh

The Black Mother IS  the ANKH!

The Ankh is the sacred symbol of Life. It is the symbol of the pregnant woman. In the ancient days, it was thought that women conceived their children, by exposing themselves to the sun, much like plants bare fruit as they are exposed to the sun in their season.

The original social relationship was a Matriarchal system. The mother pass resources and wealth to her daughter. A mother's son married into his wife's family. The mother and son relationship is classically manifested by the Auset and Heru icons.

The Ankh is the purely feminine symbol of ancient societies. She represent the highest of life and creation. Children were thought to be born of the Sun star. So conception comes from the creator and not man. Every mother is a Sacred Madonna! In the Matriarchal societies, the Queen was the first King maker. Queen and King are a Mother and Sun relationship.

Heru is Nsbity, the highest form of Mankind. He is thought to be "the Son of the Sun". The Nsbity is ruler of the highest state of consciousness in humankind. His mother Auset is the first to immaculately conceive a child. Our ancient societies represent that same mother and child paradigm. The Holy family of the  Ma -Sun (mystery schools and secret societies) are reflected in what is now known as the Masons- (Ma-Sun) of today. 
Our Black Women are the queen mother Goddesses incarnate, who bring for their first born sons into the earth. This Melanin repressive society, has always sought to destroy the KRST Matriarchy. The Ma-Sun/Ma-Re Societies, became the Trinity of Father, Mother and Sun, which were later usurped by the patriarchal trinity of  3 males- Father-Son-Holy Ghost  
(Yah-shu-ah= Father(Yah), Shu(Wind), Ah(Sun)

Melanin is the Foundational Keys to life! 
"The Blacker the Berry"

BLACKNESS" is a divine, cosmic principle of the Universe. BLACK is the meaning of Kam or Khem -the name which the ancient Egyptians called themselves. From this word we get "Chemistry," the study of the building blocks of Life. Life is founded upon CARBON, the Black element present in all living matter. Black carbon atoms link to form Black Melanin, which has "Black Hole" properties! Black Holes are found at the center of our own galaxy and countless others. In physics, a "Black Body" is known to be a perfect receiver and perfect radiator of all forms of light and energy.

This "Black Body Radiator" is at work in the atomic level of the electron, as shown by Nobel prize winner, Richard Feynman. The electron is responsible for ALL "Khem-ical" changes in matter. It has been present since the creation of the universe. The scientist, Jean Charaon proved that the electron has all the properties of a Black Hole, plus it exchanges "Black Photons" with other electrons, enabling it to continuously accumulate data. This means that if we view the electron as a carrier of memory, it has experienced everything in creation since the very beginning. Blackness is fundamental to the operation of the universe of Energy. The Black Woman is the Giver of All Energy: "Blackness" (not darkness) allows the perfect reception of all wavelengths of Energy

Melanin is a superconductor, that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, that it can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly, and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information. 
Melanin is the pigment that gives human(Hue-Man) skin, hair, and eyes their color. Melanin is responsible for determining skin and hair color and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically. Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned people have. Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine.  Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. 

Melanin is important because it’s the original and universal pigment in all living organisms. Melanin is produced in the pineal gland. It is abundantly found in primitive organisms such as fungi, as well as advanced primates. Furthermore, within each living organism, melanin appears to be located in the major functional sites. For example, in vertebrates, melanin is not only present in the skin, eyes, ears, central nervous system.
For African People Melanin is found in the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, and the barathary gland.

Melanin is abundantly present in the viscera, including the heart, liver, arteries, the muscles, and the gastrointestinal tract; thus, within each and every living organ which aids the human body, melanin appears. All genes in living creatures on this planet are black because they are coated with melanin.

There is more than one type of melanin. You have brain melanin, also known as neuromelanin, and you have skin melanin. Neuromelanin does not run parallel with skin melanin. Whether black, red, yellow, brown or peach, neuromelanin plays an important role in functioning of the brain, and nervous system. Melanosomes (small structures within the melanocyte cells where melanin is synthesized) find their way into the hair cells, giving them color. (Two types of melanin, one dark brown and one red, are responsible for all hair shades).
Melanin is a superconductor, that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, that it can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly, and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information. 

KRST is well over 4,000 years older than the use of the title "Christ" and societies of Christianity. The Greeks took the word and made it christos. Christos later became Christ. Early scholars translated KRST into the word, Karest. Gerald Massey identifies the Karest- The Mummy with Christ which was a type of the immortal spirit in man, the Christ within (as Paul has it), the divine offspring incarnated, the Logos, the Word of Truth, the Makheru of Egypt." Since I told you that the Karest is the origin of the word Christ and it means mummy. The Mummy is a symbol of resurrection, being covered and preserved, to be born again, or reborn again.

Now We break down the True Meaning of KRST

This is the posture of the KA.

The Ka is one of the most powerful ancient signs of praise and nurturing. The right palm holds the sending energy, while the left palm receives energy.

The word, Ka, was expressed by a hieroglyph depicting two upraised arms, which was usually the symbol of an embrace, the protection of a man by his Ka, or a sign of praise, although other interpretations are possible.
   Importantly, the physical Ka needed continuing nourishment in order to survive, and offerings of food and drink were made to it. Eventually, the offerings themselves were regarded as being imbued with the Ka's life-power and the plural Ka- u was used to mean "food offerings" 

The Ka hieroglyph appears on offering tables in place of representations of actual offerings, it represents a basic sense of life-power, the sign may appear in position with the ankh or other signs. 

Frequently the symbol is seen as the "soul" or "spirit." So the Ka represented Eternal life. During very ancient times, the Ka may have indicated male potency, and in all periods it is used as a term for the creative and sustaining power of life.

A distinction must be made between the internal and external Ka, as well as between the royal and the human Ka. 

The idea that there was something securing the physical and mental activities of man arose in KMT and elsewhere during prehistory. The Ka (or internal Ka) was believed to be one of those entities. Many ancient words, such as "think about" and "thought" have the same basic root as the word for Ka, as do other words such as "magic" and "enchant", reflecting the supernatural essence of the Ka. There was also a reproductive role of the Ka. It is another part of what the ancients considered to be a part of mankind's existence, the Ba, which was usually related to the mind. Thus, in the literary work, "Dispute of a Man with his Ba", confusion of thought is described as a dialogue with the Ba. The Ka was also considered to be involved in the thought process. 

The Ka could also refer to destiny or providence. The Ka designated individual human traits such as character, nature, temperament or disposition. And since one's character has so much to do with one's life.

The Ka is a universal symbol for vital force. 

The ka was primarily associated with the placenta, considered the twin of a man, and was born with them. Scenes of the king's birth depicted as Khnum forming the royal baby and his ka on a potter's wheel. At the same time, to "go to one's ka" meant to die, even though the ka continued to live on after the body itself died, and was then supreme. In fact, priests who served in the funerary cult were called hemu-ka or "Ka servants". 

Within Old Kingdom pyramid temples, New Kingdom royal tombs and the temples dedicated to the gods, there are many representations of the Ka accompanying the king, either as a personified Ka sign or even in human form with the Ka sign on its head. The royal Ka is related to Heru’s name describing the presence of god in the king. This shows the dual nature of the king, which combines divine and mortal components. His divinity is realized through the Ka. The relationship between the royal Ka and Heru is apparent. Unlike the royal Ka, the human Ka was never represented as a separate figure, because any representation itself is the ka. 

The Eye of Ra 
The sun was the primary element of life for the ancients. Ra provided light and illumination for all creation. Ra represent Enlightenment, and heat. In purification, as all impurity is burnt away, what remains is The best highest state of and individual and collective consciousness. So Ra is the crown chakra, and is reflected in super consciousness. The Eye of Heru or Ra also represents the pineal gland which is the center for super consciousness of psychic awareness. our ancient Ancestral Mothers would often approached the Sun for procreation and guidance. We find the importance of the symbols of Ra reflected in the art and spirituality. Some of the most popular gods had a solar connection. The sun was first worshiped as Heru, the Sun of Auset, then as Ra and later as Amen-Ra There are many other representations of the sun, including Khepra, the great scarab who symbolizes morning and the rising sun. The ram-headed god Khnum represented evening. During the reign of Akhenaten, the sun was worshipped as the Aten. A form of the sun disk with its rays was depicted as arms holding ankh signs. Another common form that the sun takes is that of Heru Behudety, the winged sun disk flanked by uraeus.

Ra (who was considered the Nsbity, of the Great Temple of KMT) 
Wallis Budge: Egyptian Book of the Dead,

One of the stories of Ra follows:
"Ra had become an old and weak figure. The people no longer respected him or his rule. The people broke the laws and made jokes at his expense. He did not react well to this and decided to punish mankind by sending an aspect of his daughter, the Eye of Ra. He plucked her from the Ureas (royal serpent) on his brow, and sent her to earth in the form of a lion. She waged war on humanity slaughtering thousands until the fields were awash with human blood. When Ra saw the extent of the devastation he relented and called his daughter back to his side, fearing that she would kill everyone. However, she was in a blood lust and ignored his pleas. So he arranged for 7,000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which stained the beer blood red) to be poured all over the fields around her. She gorged on what she thought was "blood" and became so drunk that she slept for three days and awoke with a terrible hangover. Thus mankind was saved from her terrible vengeance."

Sa is Bes

Bes is the spiritual protector, promoter and healer of the home and family. He/She encourages fertility and watches over and teaches parents and children in their growth and development. Bes holds all of the wisdom and knowledge of the earth. She knows the cycles of time and the seasons. She knows the healing properties of all herbs. She is familiar with the gardens, forests, animals, insects, lakes, rivers, mountains and caves. She knows the prayers, chants, lyrics, limericks, lullabies, the bedtime stories, dances, mathematics, letters, formulas, recipes and words of power. He symbolizes the Shaman healer of the Nome or Klan. He is chemistry and physics. She represents the Sage, guardian and spiritual intuitive energy to ward off hostile energy from your family, life, home, office or wherever it is present. Bes controls The weather, the rain and the wind, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Bes is Majic. He loves gold and can draw wealth and prosperity to the home. You can find this symbolic image of Bes all over the world. The earliest images of Elves, Trolls, Leprechauns, Fairies and Gnomes from all over the world were Black. The people are all characteristic and symbolic of our ancient Ancestors -the Twa and Khoisan (also known as "Pigmy") Mother and Father, with their history and wisdom of nature and the universe.

The names of the deities associated with the Sa were Bes, the dwarf god and Taweret, the ancient Egyptian hippopotamus goddess.

Both Taweret and Bes had a frightening appearance as a deterrent to all evil spirits, but were friendly and benign gods to the Egyptians. These two deities were seen by the ancient Egyptians as the adversaries of evil who guarded against evil spirits, misfortune and protected the house, home and family against intruders.

The Sa was a protective amulet favored by pregnant women and were given as protective talismans for newborn babies and young children.

The Sa was also associated with the Ankh as a symbol of life, immortality and reincarnation. The Ankh appears to be a modified version of the Sa.

Symbol of the Sa

The Sa was believed to represent the sunrise. The loop is a representation of the sun disk.

Stylised versions of the Sa were often created for female members or children of the royal family.

Ta is the Kandaki (Queendom)

The Ancients called Heaven Amenta (the most Sacred land).

Throughout the history of patriarchy, the slaughter of all first born male children has been a decreed throughout the world, as a way of punishment or depopulation control.

Pharaoh ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed in order to reduce the population of the Israelites. Through the Pharaoh's daughter (identified as Queen Bithia in the Midrash), Moses was adopted as a foundling from the Nile river and grew up with the Egyptian royal family.

Exodus 10th Plague of the first born- Pharaoh allegedly decreed mass murder on firstborn sons. The Hebrews performed Passover to remove this plague for their children.

Gospel of Matthew, Herod ordered the execution of all young male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem, so as to avoid the loss of his throne to a newborn King of the Jews whose birth had been announced to him by the Magi.

Later Crucifixion was employed by the Romans to destroy the spread of KRST revolutionary thought and dishearten followers who wished to overthrow the slave system of Roman tyranny.

Now we find wholesale murder of our young men by authority figures who walkaway with impunity.

KRST is the anointed crown of the kingdom of heaven on human beings. When energy of our body mind and spirit are in-sync and perfectly circulating, we reach a state of heightened consciousness. It has been witnessed that when this event occurs, that a secretion of a golden oil is released from the top of the head to flow down as an anointing, and the smell of roses are also released.


From ancient KMT, before the structure of the Pyramids, there were the ideas, concepts, philosophy and designs that brought forth the structure of the pyramids. The pyramids represent the formal structure of the body and the brain, as well as their relationship with Sirius- the “dog star” constellation, deriving direct energy and light. Ausar represents the universe within- "The kingdom of heaven is within." Ausar also represents the Earth in the fullness of resources and food. 

Every year, during the winter solstice, the battle of Set and Heru is played out in the cosmos! 

Every December 25(after the winter solstice,December 21st-25th) the sun (son) dies (is killed by Set “the bright and morning star”)…. The sun(son) hangs on the cross (intersection of the equator and the ecliptic.)  The Sun(son) is again reborn near the Spring Equinox “East-er,” and the sun once again ascends into heaven (highest arc in the sky) at the Summer Solstice. So, you can watch the entire story of Heru/”Esus” play out every year by watching the movements of the sun! So this story of the heavens is also revealed in the Pineal Gland -“Third Eye” and “Eye of Heru”, inside our brains.

These 5 days also represent the time when Ausar, Auset, Het-Heru, and Set were born.

Our Children need to feel respected and valued in their own life with their own cultural centered, values and beliefs.

Our Indigo crystal Youth ARE KRSTs!

The difference between a KRST and a "Christ" is -the consciousness, that opened the way in our cultural understanding of the cosmos, to create a culture that enabled us to live in harmony with creation in a natural balance and in spiritual communion with the natural world.

The KRST HERU is returning in our youth in our lifetime! Amen Par Ankh is a movement of young and old who respect the real Trinity of Auset-Heru- Ausar Heaven Sun and Kingdom.

Y/Our job as awakened conscious Men- Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, (and Mothers, Sisters, Auntie) and Teachers, is to unite, awaken and teach our youth how to recognize and resist this counterfeit christ, then to Re-Member and show them by example, how to be and live as true KRST/Heru- who vanquished the assault of his father Ausar -by destroying Set and reuniting the 14 pieces of Ausar!...

Here in Kansas City, We have established the Amen Par Ankh as an oasis to the Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and Detoxification from the battlefield on isfit hostile environment centered around our youth. Please Contact Priestess Nuta Beqsu for more Information. 816-304-7240. We are building our youth to economic entrepreneurial literacy. As a teacher and community activist. We provide an artisan group with a homeschool, and I live  in the community with my students in their neighborhoods. I Feed, tutor, read to children, help with resources, provide and Internet Cafe, and teach STEMM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) through urban agriculture on our urban farm. 

Amen Par Ankh (Sacred House of Life) and Amen Ankh Urban Farm; is a local Urban Farm nestled around a Spiritual Outreach and Education Center in the heart of midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Contact Us and become a member, as We Celebrate the Cycles of Life! Email: , or, and Call: 816-304-7240 to sign-up for courses and support: information: , , Look for us on Twitter & LinkedIn. We Celebrate the Cycles of Life, Wellness and Balance in our everyday existence on earth. We assist in Wellness for Physical Fitness, Mental Health, and Spiritual Attunement - to realize the fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide Whole Life Coaching, Energy work, A Par Ankh Reading Room, Org-Ankh Electric food Boxes, an Herbal Tea House & Juice bar, Outdoor Experiences, classes such as Cultural Headwrapping, Natural Hair oils, beading and Lox twisting, Cosmetics, and Herbal products. We offer a cultural gift shop of homemade products from our Artisan Cooperative. We also offer Classes in ASCAC (The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization), Art Healing Mandalas, Jewelry Making, Gentle Yoga, Canning and preserving food, Health and Wellness Study Courses. We make Gifts and Accessories. We Celebrate and show our respect of nature with Cultural Ceremonies, Workshops and special events. Amen Par Ankh means sacred House of Life. We Celebrate Life! We provide a space for your own personal discovery with quiet reflection and time for internal work, as well as an active space for expressions of our original ways of life. Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansings, & Classes Amen Ankh Urban Farm is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of achieving environmental justice and sustainability by Healthy local food production and improving local neighborhood access to healthy Foods. We run Aquaponic Systems of farm raised fish, Herbs and microgreens. We sell Org-Ankh Electric Food Boxes! We also provide Farm-a-See tours of successful Local Farmers with the “Green Griot” We grow selected local indigenous Herbs, Fruits, Vegetable and plant life of the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash/Melons and cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, and Kale, With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers, with Moringa nutritional drink supplements, -From our foods we produce Baked Goods, cosmetics, & liniments to provide Healing and Sovereignty: Through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) for all Original peoples. Feel free or Contact the Amen Ankh Urban Farm... or call: 816-304-7240 Please like our facebook pages: , , , Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.