Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ancient Naming Ceremonies Return

What Is In A Name?

Sba Nuta Beqsu AmenRa El, Director of the Amen Par Ankh (APA) led an African Naming Ceremony on the Vernal Equinox, Sunday, March 20th, 2016 at APA’s and Amen Ankh Akademy Green STEAM Skuli Community. The Director outlines the importance of taking on an African name.


Hetepu, I first want to say that the subject of Our names, naming Ceremonies and speaking our own languages are a fundamental core for empowering a nation. Most of us don’t think about our names, where we come from, or what our names mean, which in and of itself is a place for enlightenment and Healing. The fact that we take our names so lightly is not by chance and is not the way of our Ancient peoples. This is something we must restore in our efforts to reestablish a Gnome society.

Our Names are really important to our collective culture, because names connect us to our past, our memories, our languages, our sounds of power, proverbs, genius, identity, and wisdom of Our-story vs "his-story." Names are given or earned by family members at birth, through the Oracles from an Afrikan Spiritual Healer, KMT Priest, or Shaman as a title in rites of passage ceremonial promotion. Our names reverberate our Destiny path. As we (Melanin Humans) look back and see where we came from and dig into our Ancient Ancestral roots, Speaking our names and using our languages, are fundamental to restoring our healing, and reconnecting us to our own cultural heritage. 

Our Names and our languages are connected to our reality. 

Connected to Hundreds of thousands of years of recorded history. Restoring and reuse of our languages is vital to reshape and define who we are as a people and as human beings. To have hundreds of millions of First Original people over hundreds of thousands years, who have been renamed and erased, is a travesty and injustice.

The presence of Ancient Afrikan civilizations from the Nile Valley can be found all over the planet, throughout the 7 continents in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, the Islands, etc.. Afrikans are the first peoples on the planet. We now have identified the Eve Gene, resting in the DNA of every Black Melanin Woman. All humans come from Afrikan DNA, and never the other way around. The Gatherer Hunter migrations in Central East Afrika, of the Twa/Khoisan who are found in icons of Bes as an ambassador  all over the planet. Bes is the protector of the family core. His image can be found on calendars, charts, stone monuments, totems, and as small carvings in burial chambers. Bes had wisdom and magic. He knew the lands, water, underground caverns, Forests and charted the stars.

Then began the travel of our Nubian pastoral Cattle Herders, Fisherman and Traders- also known as the families of the Shepherd Kings. It was the Nubians who opened and established trading routes and began to course the waterways to find foods and resources. They were known as the Hebrews, the Tribes of Judah, The Israelites, and the Moors

Finally, we began to collect and store our seeds and animals, as farmers, craftsmen, and built spiritual temples, educational institutions, in the Ausarian agricultural and trade kingdoms. You can still find the Ausarian and East Afrikan cultural remains from the Nile valley civilizations, all over the planet- In the languages, Spiritual Icons, bead work, and burial customs, Mounds and Pyramids, Stone Work, paintings, etc. The First- Oldest human beings- in Europe, Asia, The Americas; Australia, the Islands; and of Course Africa, etc. were black skinned, nappy haired peoples, who traveled all over the planet for millennia... Yes, Native Americans have African DNA and not the other way around.
Afrikan peoples Established civilizations all over the planet. Everywhere on the planet, where there is a flourishing kingdom, you find remnants of the Ausarian way of life.

Our languages were the core of our powerful culture. Our Songs, Prayers and Names are the Hekas and Sound of power that tie us to our collective consciousness and the utterances to Ma, our Yoniverse. 

Yet in this western society, our names were missing and deliberately deleted by an alien and harsh Imperialist, colonial constructs. We have lived in an Alien Corporatakrazy where everything in their world view, was/is a commodity that has a price. Nothing was/is considered sacred. With their covetous nature, like a virus, these alien invaders, stole, tortured, raped and destroyed Human lives, desecrating and decimating cultures, communities, Economies, Eco-systems, land, and resources. They formed their commercial companies and raised their military to enforce the destruction, waste and consumption of whatever they surveyed. They invaded lands looking to expand their empires and migrate, for gold, diamonds, cheap workers, servants, and other resources. This plague actually took our Ancestors invading Asia, Americas, and Africa, at different time periods over thousands of years.

We have been and are still at war! Upon capture, these aliens would brand our sovereign people who were captured in war, stripped and robbed of everything they had, and imprisoned. Using searing hot irons, they branded Melanin Peoples with the names of their company symbols, branded and seared into our skin,  then sold off like cattle. Men, Women and Children received symbols like the "Fleur de lis" or  numbers or names like “I, M, X,” or  "T-L Ranch," "Property of Johnson plantation", factory or shipping company etc..
Our Ancestors would sometimes not even have names -we were the N-word or “boy” and “gal.” It was an incredible attack on our self esteem, and identity of who we are, so it would be difficult for us to even find ourselves, or for our loved ones to find us. If you look back and try to locate your family now, in family trees or records, you can’t even find them, it’s like we disappeared. Anthropologist and other historical scientists, have always known of our presence all over the world, to be a fact. Yet, They are also historically, the main perpetrators for cover-ups and white-washings for fear of facing the shut down of their university grants, scholarships patrons and sponsors. - (follow the money)... (Now you have caucasians attempting to claim native American Ancestry, to control the narrative of Melanin presence in history, using Native American casino money)


Having Your Own Names Became an Offense

So now we are “Jones” and “Barbara” , “Jim” and “Judy,” with Sir-names of Smith, Davis, Johnson, Williams, McDaniels, etc. which are peculiar names for our people. So that we can’t even trace ourselves in history. This is something that our people as warriors, have been fighting and struggling with forever.
Having our own names in your own languages, became an offense. Often times a criminal offense. We were beaten and traumatized for speaking, reading or writing our own languages and calling out to our ancestors or using the Heka sounds to disrupt the toxic energy around us. Our wisdom, brilliance, magic and genius were beaten and tortured out of us.  To hold on to your name is to hold on to your past, is to hold on to who we are, our Culture, our collective Memory, Roots, Wisdom, Power and Identity as families and Human Beings.
One of the things that our captors had to do was erase our memory, as historical genocide and amnesia so that none would know who we were, or where to find us; and later, where to find us in history. Their very intent was to destroy our humanity and render us to a voiceless herded animal state, like cattle or a pet monkey. This is our Maafa trauma. We’ve had to face the debasement and slander of our cultural ways in the Americas, Europe, and Mama Afrika herself. They used our Children. They snatched our children away from their mother's breast, separating their small and defenseless bodies from even nurturing and emotional ties. They force our children into hog pens or boarding houses and forced them to deny our languages and cultures. To only speak enough rough simple English like a trained dog, to follow orders and serve. When they grew to become parents themselves, they learned to speak to their own offspring in the same manner. Our Babies were terrorized, tortured, starved, molested and raped as little children, until they grew to despise themselves, despise all authority and their parents who were helpless to save them.
For a while, if you wanted to find yourself, you really didn’t want to be native American, or Afrikan, because Indians were depicted as brutal, desperate and wild, in a barren landscape, and Africa is thought of as this place where monkeys and wild people and savages live. (look at the cartoons they fed our children years ago and now.) So we didn’t want to be associated with that. In many cases we sacrificed our culture and willingly embraced the horde of European invasion. In many instances, thought that being hispanic or latin, or Catholic would actually improve our status and chances for survival. As Our children were stripped and segregated from us, our own children, under peer pressure, in childcare centers, schools and under their alien religions, bible and churches, were made to feel ashamed and forced to deny our cultures as evil in America and of Africa. We were taught to be ashamed of who we are and who our Ancestors were. This left our children vulnerable to crave our oppressors culture consumer traps. We straighten our hair, we lighten our skin, we think and speak in their language, we wear their western clothes, live in their rectangular housing constructs eat their foods and practice their religions- only to compete for, go into debt slavery for, and create strife against each other- for "Shiny Things" and materialistic consumer addiction!
So we were corralled into following the western patriarchal systems as the only systems we were permitted, and have been programmed into cults, to become Jehovah's Witness, Catholic, Apostolic, Baptist, Methodist Episcopalian, Hebrews, etc., or the “Asiatic Blackman” if you look at the Islamic groups. We have become all of these other things. Yet, these are products of colonialism themselves! Terms like, “Puerto Ricans,” which ain’t nothing but a Spanish-speaking African, is a reflection of how we succumbed to embrace western influences, and to despise our African origins. We'll say we're “part Italian” or anything other than our true nature. So, as we carry these foreign names, we segregated our minds from the brutality that was associated with them. This was something that made our names––our own identity––something that was hard to hold onto.

Our Names Have Powerful Meaning

Today we want to engage in being reborn in a new beginning for many of us. Like a new birth, it’s almost like being born again like in the church. "A People Perish From Lack of Knowledge" This is our collective knowledge of self.

We know that there is NO "race." 

Race was manufactured as a political construct for social control and class/economic status. Our society would fair better to completely remove race as a narrative, into our future. ALL HUMAN (Hue+Ma+N) beings come from Afrika. Yes, African people, in their multiple varieties, are our oldest known Ancestry on the planet. The "Eve Gene is found in the DNA of every Black Melanin woman.

So how do we Re-Member our names and practice Our traditional ways of life if we were scattered from our historical origins? 

One way is by sharing our Ancestral memories and traditions to instill our values and principals into our precious Children. Our naming ceremonies, can be a powerful force, not only for our newborns, but for ourselves as adults to acquire a name. It may be helpful for at least one family member, to participate in a DNA test. They can glean a cultural reference for the rest of the family. We must also gather our oral history between our families, on where our Ancestors lived before the invasions.

 African peoples have established great civilizations All over the planet. So, we can't assume that our DNA tells the whole story of our families or nations. Just like we can no longer assume that people of African Ancestry, only came from Africa through the Trans- Atlantic wars and prisoner capture. For instance, As Native Americans, we are not one lump group of people either. We have a variety of genotypes and phenotypes; language groups, dialects, and cultural traditions that spred and are represented all over the American continent, over thousands of years. So, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Choctaw, Lakota, Cherokee, Alaskans, etc. are ALL Americans Indians, from different regions of the continent. So, there is NO "American Indian" DNA
As a stream of consciousness, and Afrikan cultural similarities in different places, there were still,, all kinds of variations in customs in how namings occurred. In some places on the African continent, for example an Infant was born with their placentas intact, they were named as soon as the umbilical cord drys and falls off. Some places, 7 or 8 days later, a person achieved a name. Sometimes a person would achieve one name and then, at eleven or twelve, or would get an adult name later on. Sometimes a person would even have a secret name so the enemies wouldn’t be able to locate that person by knowing the name. Just like we do now in our street organizations. 
Among the Akamba people of Tanzania, a child is named on the third day following their birth. Before the naming ceremony, the newborn is regarded as a spirit and not as a complete human being. A goat is slaughtered in appreciation of the ancestral spirits for the gift of a child and the fertility of the parents. The announcement of the newborn baby’s name by his or her grandmother or an elderly woman relative is the climax of the ceremony.
So there are variations of names and naming ceremonies. But one thing that is relatively common is that African names have meanings and that’s really important. In some places, names depend on the day one was born, the month or even the circumstances. For instance, my son was born prematurely, there’s a name for that. The name “born early”...”Mashombe”, from a language in Congo.

In the KMT societies, We went to the spiritual leaders of our communities for guidance and direction. 

We knew they had access to the Oracles of the Neteru, communed with the Aku (Light beings) and the Sheps (Ancestors) to direct our pathway to our purpose. We believe that Our Children have just arrived through the vortex of heaven, and our Elders are returning to the heavens...
And that’s one of the things that is relatively common about our cultural names, that the Spiritual leaders, grandparent or Elders often were the people who would choose our names. Names also were constructed––depending on how the person is born, how the person looks, whether it was a difficult birth, or things like this––these are the things that help to define what names are going to be.

Our Name Gives Us Something to Live Up To

So, names are important because they give us a mission. Words are Things, Thing are alive. We find ourselves having to live up to or Name- Our Reputation. Our Actions not only reflected on our own character, but that of our entire family and neighborhood.

Affirmation Initiation to a KMT Name

The Ancient Kemetic System is one of the oldest systems that remain intact, that ties back to our collective original peoples. The Ancient Kemetic system of acquiring a Name is a process of initiating the manipulation of the life-force with sounds of power and words of meaning. My Spiritual name is: NUTA BEQSU which means "heaven gives me balance." This is the development of Affirmation, then Visualization of my destiny. As anyone speaks my name, I will receive a program into my conscious spirit, to produce thought sequences to direct a course of action and as way to achieve success in my life journey. Visualization is thought converted into a pleasurable visual image(s) to achieve a goal and/or purpose. As KMT initiates, we connect with Divine Power to guide and direct our pathways. As my name is spoken to me, I receive unity of direction in my life. My name reflects my Destiny. Nu, (the Primordial Waters) Nut,(The Heavens) Ta- (the heavenly land) Beqsu (beckons me to balance)... So, the sight Sound, vision, smells and colors associated with my name will give me guidance in my destiny and pathway.


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