Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eat for your life- Death to Life Foods for People of the Sun

Death to Life Foods for People of the Sun

By: Adenike Amen-Ra aka Queen Ma Nuta Beqsu Moses 11-11-2014

Traditional African people of the Sun- Ate Well as you can see from the photo. It was common place for our Ancestors to consume a Mediterranean type diet- very much like the Free Original people of East African- Leviticus diet that was written into the Mosaic Bible  text or Halal Islamic traditions. There is also a common tradition of the bounty found in the coastal fishermen of African, Caribbean, and South American regions.  There were many free Black people in the Americas before 1492, so not all Black people were enslaved, those that were, often only received the scraps from the enslaver's table or ate from a trough. 

Through creativity and necessity, many of us made Succotash (Tuck and Stash) fatback stews, oxtails, pig feet & ears, hog head cheese, and tripe- not to mention chittlins- into gourmet delicacies. Unfortunately, Black people are still consuming these choices of foods in abundance and to their own detriment. If you are what you eat- then Slave food does foster a slave mentality- Garbage in-garbage out. We can give no honor to our Ancestors by modeling and following after the Maafa of suffering and scraping together that they were forced to endure. In consequence, many of our people, torn from their mother's breast, lost the mother wit and knowledge of the natural bounty of berries, roots, hunting, herbs and growing of our own foods for sustenance and healing. Our people have now become slaves to a system of Prescription drugs, surgeries, amputations and other "medi-sins." Now, with GMO's compromising the Fruits and Vegetables in the grocery stores, and Fast foods with all of the Cool-aid chemically processed, high fructose, adulterated white acid foods, also water and air pollution, we have fallen short of the glory of living as stewards of the land and water resources and growing our own fresh local foods, along with truly caring for the environment. We have also become more sedentary, which lessens the chances of detoxifying from the poisonous effects of these foods, while our Ancestors worked, walked for miles and sweated from sun-up to sundown in the hot sun. In consequence, Our people are now dying more in the US from stroke, High Blood pressure, Heart Attack, Diabetes and Cancers than anyone in the US. We are also dying more from the caustic effect of these foods MORE than homicide. We often go to the funerals of our loved ones, and often turn around during repass and serve our remaining families the same foods that killed our loved one. http://amen-parankh.blogspot.com/2013/07/electric-foods-how-can-eating-electric.html

The Leviticus diet called people to abstain from bloody meats, cats, rats and dogs, Swine, Catfish, and shellfish etc. As "A people perish from lack of knowledge" many families who adopted Christianity do not even believe in the necessity of following these Old Testament dietary laws. In many cases they will recite "Rise Peter Slay and Eat" as their anthem. Yet our bodies are "the temple of the Spirit" We are called to cultivate our Minds, Body and Souls to the highest levels. The New Testament also states:

''I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.'' -Romans 12

Here are a variety of suggestions for dietary alternatives:
  • Attitude is Altitude. Breathe Love, Life, Joy and positive energy into your foods as you select and prepare them. Just as mother's milk is poisoned from fear, anger, or depression etc., all life can sense this energy. As you then consequentially pass this into your loved ones, who are eating your meals. Ergo, be cautious of restaurants, and even food handlers- This is another reason why Growing your own foods- to send each leaf positive energy- as each plant gives energy back to you; and knowing your grower is so important. -And I might add, why we bless our foods with gratitude.
  • RAW IS BEST! Eat more fresh locally grown vegetables, nuts, beans and fruits, over processed grains like wheat and corn flours,etc.. Or choose Whole, Multi and sprouted grain alternatives. Salads and Smoothies, including sprouted beans and sprouted grains have the highest levels of enzymes. Processed grains and devitalized flours and white rice will raise one's glucose levels.
  • Remember, the taste that many crave from their favorite foods, is found in the many herbs and vegetables that are used to season meats and sauces and enhance flavor. Always start cooking your protein, beans and vegetable entrees with a base of finely chopped onions and garlic to lower blood pressure among many other advantages
  • Avoid Fried and over cooked vegetables. Steam, lightly Boil, Bake or Roast Vegetables. Avoid too much Acrylamide. This is often found in the carcinogenic dark browning and toasting on foods
  • Try using Coconut butters and Olive oils as an alternative to animal fats and margarine.
  • When choosing protein, always remember that the strongest animals in the Natural world are Vegetarians! Elephants, Horses, Donkeys, Bulls, Buffalo, great Apes, etc... Only scavengers and carnivores eat other animals RAW. So they also don't pre-digest or cook their meats. The highest quantities of protein that is readily consumable and easily digestible is found in dark green leafy vegetables and dark skinned fruits, nuts, and beans.
  • If you choose to eat animal flesh, eat it sparingly as a garnish rather than a main course. For best digestion, eat animal flesh with Vegetables rather than protein with Starches and complex Carbohydrates- Breads, pastas ect. (That's why eating Turkey with starches make you sleepy) 
  • Remember- " Don't cook a calf in it's mother's milk" - Cheese and eggs- don't go together, hamburgers with cheese, Pizzas with beef and cheese, Hamburger helper etc. will cancel proper digestion.
  • Lower Sugar and complex Carbohydrate intake. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup, corn flours and corn starch often hidden in foods. Try Real Fruit Juices, Maple syrup, Stevia leaves, Honey or dried fruit as a sugar alternative.
  • Lower Salt Content. Too much salt, like sugar is dehydrating and hard on the liver and kidneys. Try using Sea Salt sparingly. As an alternative. 
  • Dulse Seaweed can make supply salt and seasoning. 
  • Braggs Liquid Aminos – liquid aminos are SO much more than a soy sauce alternative! This flavorful sauce is awesome on steamed vegetables, used to season pan-fried tofu or tempeh, or in all kinds of sauces. A ½ tsp serving contains just 160 mg of sodium and has 16 essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Kelp Granules – this sea vegetable is a great source of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, iodine, and a number of other vitamins/minerals. 
  • Nutritional Yeast – Nutritional yeast has a rich, savory, “cheesy” flavor that makes is a great salt substitute. It is an excellent addition to creamy sauces, sprinkled over popcorn, or added to rice or quinoa (learn more about the health benefits here!) Nutritional yeast is sold at many health food stores, and is also widely available online. 
  • Herbs and Spices – season your meals with the right combination of herbs and spices and you won’t even miss the salt! The possibilities are endless, but a few favorites include basil, cumin, dill, garlic, ginger, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.
  • Avoid eating after Sunset. People of the Sun with active Pineal glands switch from making and distributing Serotonin in the day, to Melatonin at night. So, our stomachs need to fast so that blood energy can properly be used for healing and nurturing other vital body organs.
  • Remember that most of the "foods" in the grocery stores are Clones and GMO replicas of what we once knew as food. They come to local food warehouses (grocers) from long distances and cold, gassed irradiated storage conditions. 
  • That is why We Should GROW OUR OWN FOODS! In order to Free Ourselves We must Feed Ourselves! If you live in an Apartment or don't think you have the energy or time to attend a garden for your family, Grow your own Container garden of fresh herbs. You can grow indoors often right at your window sill. This is the best way to get vital nutrients directly into your prepared foods.
  • Learn basic CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. for potential heart attacks and choking at family events. Check with our elders during bathroom times. Most Heart Attacks occur during bathroom times, from too hot/ too cold water to straining on the toilet. Remember, it often takes up to an extra 10 minutes or more, after the 911 call for an ambulance or paramedic to arrive in African American neighborhood.

The information on this blog has been put together for general information, education, reference, Spirituality, Current Events and Entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, or the American Medical Association and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific conditions. Ask your doctor for his professional advice before making radical changes in your diet and lifestyle.

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I would like to encourage readers to watch Soul Food Junkie-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGKcMvG45tY -I would also like to add a final note that not only is death winning over abundant and healthy lives for our families, many of our loved ones are not only leaving this world prematurely, with High Blood Pressure, Heart attacks and strokes Cancers etc.- But because of their food choices, they also live or shall I say subsist with obesity, Blindness, Amputations, crippling Arthritis, Cancers, colostomy bags and are pumped so full of drugs that they become a hardship to their families and society. I am neither a Doctor nor part of the American Medical Association; I am a Teacher, Mother, Daughter, and Grandmother who is working on my own health and wellness journey. It is my ministry to teach our youth to live in a green sustainable way. We eat what we grow and rarely go to the grocery store. We have established the Amen Ankh Academy and Urban Children's teaching farm. I feed students who come by my door. Instead of grass growing in our front yard, we have fresh herbs growing in the front yard this summer. Many youth have never eaten a mango, an avocado, or even green peppers, or a home grown tomato. Most eat starchy school lunches and Fast Foods when they get home. Moms often do not have time to make a home cooked meal. I had children tell me that they didn't know that you could grow food in the ground! Now, these children can identify herbs, eat plantain greens, and drink peppermint tea with Stevia leaves as a sweetener!

On a personal note, as a child I can remember eating My Mother’s "Southern" Cooking. We ate Roota to da toota! I loved my mom’s cooking- I also had a weight challenge most of my life until I became a vegetarian and African dancer. I remember her fluffy lard biscuits with fresh Butter and jam! I remember her frying bacon then frying eggs in the same grease, then saving the remaining grease to add flavor to her greens, beans, adding this grease to the sweet cornbread, or heating and frying chicken or catfish in it, etc. Almost Everything had pork and sugar in it. I ate cracklins fried from the Holiday ham. Even the sweet potato and pecan pie had a lard crust. We ate ham hocks and neck-bones in the Collard green pot, pickled pig-feet and hog-head cheese, and of course Chittlins! I also remember drinking, SWEET Lemonade, SWEET Tea and Cool-aid with my sugar water!  We had grits, pancakes, creamed corn, lard based gravy, candied yams and cheesy macaroni!

 Then I remember my Dad's first heart attack. I am a proud Daughter of a Father who was a Warrior in the US Military. He served almost 30 years in the Air Force. During that time, an Air Force candidate had to also pass a rigorous written examination to even qualify. It was rare for Indigo men to serve in the Air Force, also because of the severe racism and still existing segregation at that time. So he had a battle for survival everyday, inside and outside of his military experience. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to travel abroad in the world. I imagine my Mother may have been so hurt that my dad rejected her cooking- she refused to change or modify ANYTHING...  Of course, this is the tradition that she was raised in! She took pride in her daily, Sunday and Holiday dinners with the family. We always dressed for dinner. I learned to used my best etiquette and manners. this is when I learned to set a table and also learned so much  about food preparation, culinary arts, cleaning and polishing. By the time Mom reluctantly broke down to change her dietary system to using smoked turkey, vegetable oils, baked chicken- instead of fried, and aspartame sweetener ( which she later changed to agave), for flavor and seasoning, my dad had both feet cut off and was going blind. My dad also refused to take medications for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and his strokes. Although he had heard about homeopathic medicines and Herbs- he did not know anyone around him to guide him through... Finally, His pride would not let him use prosthetics or a wheel chair, so he starved himself and ascended...

 This southern cooking, also known as Soul Food is part of a heritage of Black culture in the US.  Food is not only a source of nutrition, but a way of expressing love and comfort. Yet, Just because Our enslaved ancestors were industrious with pork based slave foods does not mean that we should continue to serve these foods to our children and families, unchecked, to suffer and die to join our honored ancestors. Primarily, The Food has drastically changed. We now live in a highly processed world of Industrial farmers and imported foods. Small organic farmers are outmatched by most conditioned consumer demands. Most of the animals found in the super market were caged, neglected and shot up with growth hormones and antibiotics for a higher turnover of sale. The GMO Grains (Wheat and Corn), Fruits and Vegetables come irradiated and with the insecticide build into the seed's DNA. These foods are acid based and are harsh to our vital organs. They strip the endocrine glands, starve the brain, while overworking the brain’s endorphins and dopamine, like a narcotic. Our children suffer more intensely. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup products are a gateway to all addictions and addictive behaviors. Our youth now suffer from childhood obesity, diabetes, cancers, arthritis and stroke.  We have to wake up to yes, acknowledge and revere the legacy of our Ancestors and “How they got over;” then move on to higher health and wellness standards and goals for the sake of our next generations.

I hope this radiation soaks into our heads... "We want to learn liberation and Black Power but we don't want to LIVE liberation and Black power." Actions speak louder than voice. We are killing the children of our ancestry for material things. We live in an addiction society and everyone wants their fix... Once you know the REAL- we must live in the REAL. We can't go back into the matrix. REAL(Requirements & Enlightenment for African Liberation) 

Queen Ma Nuta Beqsu Moses

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