Saturday, May 10, 2014



FROM 9:00AM- 12:00 PM

SPRING PLANTING TIME IS HERE!!!!! EMWOT(East Meets West of Troost) Property Management and Amen Ankh Urban Farm is offering an Urban Agricultural community action event for Urban Growers. Get a real hands-on work out! Bring your Crew and PUT ON YOUR WORK BOOTS! #emwotbootcamp We will be undertaking Urban Farming, and F...lash Mob Barn Raisings, with Active participation and interaction with Local Kansas City Urban Farming sites!

Every Saturday at 9:00am - 12pm — Meet Up at Amen Ankh Urban Farm 3641 Bales Ave. Kansas city, MO. 64128 —More Info-

9:00am- 12:30pm SATURDAYs URBAN FARMING EVENTS: BRING YOURSELF AND YOUR CREW and PUT YOUR WORK BOOTS ON! We will be undertaking Urban Farming with Active participation!!!!!

BRING YOUR Chain saws and TOOLS! We are "Barn Storming" and Pyramid Building every Saturday morning to support local Growers. If you would like assistance for your farm, or would like to start your own Farm, Want to learn more, or just want to volunteers to help, let us know you are coming by- Please call us. 816-304-7240 or send an email to

Prepare for Spring -planting! at Amen Ankh Urban Farm! 3645 Bales Ave. Ongoing EVERY Saturday Growers Work teams Recruitment and sign-ups! with-King Kihei - Youth Going Green, Calling on Dre Taylor- Males to Men, Bishop Tony Caldwell Community United, Peace Keepers, Sasteh Meter- Stop the Killing and CHESS CLUB!

RSVP TO SIGN-UP! In Box -FaceBook Event - EMAIL: or or text/Call us! 816-304-7240- Nuta Beqsu


*If You are a Grower and need some help, or Would like to become one, or Just want to support the "Grow Your Own Local Foods" initiatives 
*Get out- Get involved Get into Fresh Air and Exercise- Call Us and Get on the schedule! # 816-304-7240 

    Prepare for Spring Farming! at Amen Ankh Urban Farm! Ongoing Growers Work team Recruitment and sign-up! -King Kihei - 

  • Youth Going Green, 
  • Dre Taylor- Males to Men, and 


  • RSVP TO SIGN-UP! Face Book Event OR EMAIL:, or or text/Call us! 816-304-7240

  • 10:00am-1:00pm You G.R.O.W. GIRLS- Teach a Girl Heal a Nation -Girl's Mentor group -Introduction and signup

*** EMWOT Property Management, offers Services: Tilling, Raised Bed Construction, weeding and cultivation, Greenhouse Building, and Aquaponic Construction, as well as any other property maintenance and custodial concerns; Clean-out, painting, hauling, Minor Repair, Deck Construction, Moving, Security, Home and Business Spiritual cleansing and Blessings...

*BOOK SIGNING- Special Presentation: NATION BUILDING "HOW TO" By Sasteh Meter Mosley


  *Amen Ankh Aquaponics Systems


*Adenike's Art Reduce Reuse Repurpose Recycle Artist to Activism Projects!


*Green Griot Gathering Spoken Word Poetry,



and AMEN PAR ANKH (Sacred Temple of Life)

What you can do to help Amen Par Ankh (Sacred House of Life) and Amen Ankh Urban Farm Heal the Hood?

1.      Buy any item At Amen Par Ankh or online to , Pay Pal, E-Check or Snail Mail us a Check or Money Order: to Amen Communications at 3641 Bales Ave., Kansas City, MO. 64128
2.      Why not purchase a Fresh Food box for another person as a gift? (Remember the sick and shut-ins, Athletes, Newborn families, At-Risk Youth, Disabled...) Free Delivery for $30+ boxes...

3.      Donate Time, Talent, and or money to Sponsor the cause. Your $5, $10, $20, $100 [or more] in donations will allow us to purchase items to make the Amen Par Ankh Center a more successful experience for all. Send your donations to our PayPal payment gateway at:, or if you prefer the safety of surface mail, please send it to Amen Par Ankh, 3641 Bales Ave., Kansas City, MO. 64128

4.      If you live in Kansas City, you can donate Work wear: Sun Hats, Drinking Water, Boots, Gloves, Socks. and Safety supplies, tools and equipment

5.      If you would like to volunteer to be a part of our Saturday Food Sovereignty Boot Camp sessions Please call (816) 304-7240, or send an email to us at , or

6.      You can Drop off supplies and Donations, compostable and recycled Laundry Detergent Bottles, Leaves and clipping, and Electronic digital items at our Farm location, or tell us where your items are located, and we will gladly come and pick them up. Thank you for your generosity.

7.      Please let others know about The Amen Par Ankh and Amen Ankh Urban Farm -by emailing forwarding, sending articles to your local newspaper, or social media networks, by calling radio/tv talk shows, to encourage Black people to attend our events.

What are the issues to Heal the Hood?    

  • Youth empowerment and building a revolutionary sustainable way of life through local production and home cottage industry
  • Gang and Underground economy truce.
  • Building an anti-poverty and employment and vocational movement for the Urban At-Risk Youth, Prison re-entry populations and low income people out of work;
  • Building a mass movement against racist police terror and brutality, and to end racial profiling;
         Fighting School to mass imprisonment of our youth, and people of color, which is crippling families and their communities.

         How to organize an autonomy chapter in your city to do revolutionary grassroots organizing.

 Who should come to Amen Par Ankh?

 Activists, educators, students, workers, and many others, in fact, everyone who has looked at the problems of unemployment, poverty, infant mortality, police murder and brutality, and other issues concentrated in the Black community, and said to themselves: “There has to be an answer!” Well, there is, the Black people must organize their own mass movement and must direct our voted officials and those in political offices, corporations, and other institutions. Yet, we must all be willing to learn new ideas, and hear new voices and from new leadership and youth, not heard from before. We need real solutions, instead of the political dead ends distractions and busy work of the past few years that have been presented. Kansas City needs this new path, to jumpstart people power structures in the urban areas that can lead to the building of new social movements all over the Americas. This is a workers movement, which anyone in our community can attend if they come to work to solve our own problems.

* You should come because you want solutions to what you see in our communities every day and on the nightly news: unemployed young men on the corner; dead youth at the hands of each other or from the police; massive numbers of Black people thrown into jail and prisons over the drug trade, families overcoming nutritional deprivation and poverty, and other issues we see but don’t understand there is something we can do about this. We are talking about building solutions to our problems: a new campaign about police brutality and terrorism that includes community self-defense; a mass movement against poverty and unemployment that includes building a Black solidarity economy, at a time when our community is suffering from depression levels of unemployment. We need to talk about how we build a mass movement for youth empowerment in order to turn the youth into community organizers and agents for social change. We will talk about a mass community based movement against racial profiling and deadly police and auxiliary police attacks on Black youth; and finally we need to talk about how to build a movement for Autonomy in your city, in order to apply what you have learned at this conference.