Friday, May 23, 2014

Indigo Youth Arising

Our Indigo Youth are arising from the ashes 
Of the Age of Pisces

Every Age provides the ONE
They are the KRST child
12/12/12 launched the rising of the New Age

We must prepare the way for the Aquarian KRST 
The KRST Child is in all of our Indigo Children

KRST is Ka Ra Sa Ta

*the Spirit Enlightened Protector of Eartha

Leadership of every age

Have always sent their emissaries

To slaughter the KRST

Our Youth are marchin in their sufferin

From the Post-Traumatic Stress

Of the neo slavery -Prison Industrial Complex
Yes our youth are showing their @$$es 
To expose the underground economy... 
Our youth have been the walking wounded,

Our Youth have been lowering their flags at half-mast for the past 30 years
As an SOS on Police corruption, injustice, homicides,

Slaughter, mass incarcerations and Genocides
Of their families and friends

Yes Saggin- Spelled backwards = Niggas 
To those youth who have lost their way
Following a crowd who are caught up in
The normalizing of criminal actions

Caught up in the World Wide Web of
The CoIntelPro criminal "In-Just U.S." system,
From the Preschool to Prison pipeline to be child soldiers
To Super Predator Police and the military industrial complex.
I'm not saying that I condone this behavior-
But I also cannot condemn our young men (Or Women) either

We must embrace and Breathe life into our youth
And use each teachable moment to engage and connect with them.
I am a homeschool Resource Teacher,
I live within my students neighborhoods.
I tutor, read, feed and teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Industrial Arts and Mathematics) through urban agriculture at Amen Ankh Akademy. 

As nature, has a cure for every illness, Our Black Youth have gone feral,
From the Mis-Education, and mundane delusions of
Patriotism, integration-ism, assimilation-ism, and Capitalism,
From the Corporatakrazy Racism-system
Following the white rabbit middle class values
Of a society of non-colored sheeple
Who try to control and exploit our Indigo people. 

Our Youth think our elders have failed them and left them for “def”-in da Hood,
In the aftermath of a decade of civil rights movement
To economic integration, by the Corporate Prison invasion and perpetual wars

Of  the G.O.D. of Guns Oil and Drugs and the penalty disparities between Cocaine and Crack. 
Religion is like putting a finger band aid on a leg amputation
Although prayer is positive,
Our youth need more than hope, 
While their Economic bloodlines are gushing down the blood red streets full of dope.

Our Indigo Youth are generating their own freedom structures
Transforming within the background of the underground economy, despite of the odds against them.

Government officials implemented the destruction of the Indigo Americans after the many economic gains, through the Civil Rights movement in the 1970s. Co-Intel-Pro (Counter Intelligence Programming)
was implemented by the Korporatakrazy of the US.
They financed Gangster Rap
To become the Pied Piper human trap;
Luring our youth to a Pinocchio Piccadilly Circus.
To be mauled by Killer Klown Kops- who are worthless tools, used to
fill the Mass Incarceration/Prison industrial complex or Lynching and publicly executing our youth as martyred sacrificial lambs, with impunity. They are involved with Gun running Drugs, Prostitution, gambling, Organs harvesting, Abortions, Poisoned Food and Water, Man made STDs and plagues, human trafficking, drug mules, and sacrificing our young women into showing their @$$es, as sex slaves.

Now conscious Hip Hop Culture has become that Nu-cypher,
Our KRSTs are moving to a green environmental movement
That Thang,
That lantern, pathway 
That talking drum,
That light in the tunnel, for all youth around Mama Eartha.
Taking on the accountability to the ecosystem
And their role in the sustainability of the Planet.
Ha Le Lu Yah

Their Truth is Marching on!

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