Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Future Homeless Teen Center Destroyed By Fire to be repurposed for Greenhouse Pit

On Easter Sunday, the home that my Children grew up in was completely demolished. We are working to recover any valuables and resources that we can. If you are able to help, please call me at 8163047240 or Email at amen.ankh@live.com -We could use any manpower, tools, equipment and trucks that you can spare. We are trying to retrieve the stones and bricks and any wood that we can recycle and repurpose for our farms and neighborhood projects…

 This week, to my shock and surprise, I found my house on 1330 E 33rd street, completely leveled, with people digging through the structure for whatever they could glean! I was completely devastated. The artwork that I stored for my friend Maurice Copeland was all burned and lost in the fire. I was told by the fire department that the house next door was burning and the flames and heat moved over to our house. It was my hope to turn this house into a transitional center for homeless, runaway teens and juvenile re-entry. It is vital that our neighborhoods embrace the need to provide temporary housing, mentoring Green Sustainable careers and support to our youth. Although my hopes are gone for this house, We know that a Youth transitional center is still needed. We hope to aquire another building to provide this necessary support for our youth. Presently we are deconstructing the house to use the Wood, Stone and brick materials at our other vacant lot sites. We hope we can use the vacant lot for growing food that can feed our youth and provide them with green careers and vocations.

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