Saturday, May 30, 2015

ANKH Auset Queen Mother's Day

ANKH Auset Queen Mother's SUN-Day

  Hetepu (peace be unto you) and welcome to Amen Ankh Communications social
network. Amen Ankh means "sacred life" -We communicate and breathe life into our world.

I am your hostess Queen Ma Nuta "Moses" aka Adenike Amen-Ra.

We are returning to our roots to celebrate ANKH and Auset,
the Queen Mother.
We will learn the true meaning of Mother's Day. 
Let us Celebrate ANKH! And the true Indigo KRST AUSET as
Queen Mother Goddess and womb of mankind! Auset is Ma+Re (Mary) and Ma-Sun, the first woman
to immaculately conceive a Sun named KRST Heru!

Let us also share condolences to All of our grieving Queen
Mothers who have lost their Suns and Daughters in sacrifice, crucifixion,
lynching and global war on our KRST Herus and KRST Ausets!

To all of the Indigo Melanin Mothers who have lost their Suns
from Maafa: the Global Invasion  to Colonialism; from the Civil Rights death march into a "burning" house of shrouded promises of integration and assimilation to CoIntelPro; from
Gang violence to the School to Prison Pipline; from Civil Injustice, Police
Brutality, and terrorism to Corporatokrazy invasion; and from Imperialism and tyranny to Global War...


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