Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Black Economics and Negropeons

Black Economics and Negropeons

As free Aboriginal people we face the dilemma of choosing to live in a way that respects our cultural mores and existence in harmony with creation, or to completely assimilate with the race supremacy system that is marked with Class-ism, Global Imperialism, De-humanization, Neo-slavery, and the destruction and extinction of life on our planet and natural environment.

How do we bridge the chasm between those who have completely embraced this race supremacy system, and those who want to completely obliterate that system to recreate a new sustainable way of life for all life and the Aboriginal mankind?

The video story below, marks the epitome of "nigger heaven." for one Black Athlete named Levy who lives "color blind", completely surrounded by the finest of all of the "gated community" trappings including their women. He has made it to the level of Illuminati, corporatakrazy society of Sports, where only the "good nigger" negropeons are allowed. All of the money that he has received as a gladiator/race horse, has been returned right back into their Corporatakrazy consumer system. Only his parents were able to receive a glimpse of this world.

13.5 hour Scavenger Hunt spending spree
24 friends
18 round trip flights
10 hotel rooms
1 Limo
Drinks with the fellas
1 New Outfit
1 Stadium
1 Ring

The Obama Administration was thought to mark "Change" and a "post racist" society. Yet, in the early stages of this state of the union, the "Beer Summit"on the white house lawn occurred after the shell shocked Black middle class bourgeois Harvard Professor, Henry Lewis Gates, was race profiled on his own property and accosted by a local Police officer, due to a neighborhood watch call. (This same cop taught race sensitivity classes with the police force), and was completely disrespectful to the POTUS Leadership of President Barack Obama, and defiantly unapologetic for his actions! He denied any recrimination stance and accusation of racial profiling and brutality. The fact that this cop maintained his racist stance was brazenly appalling.

This was indicative of the "yet to come" blatant race politics of the Republican Party, Tea Party conservatives of the times and a foreshadowing of the extreme surmounting Police brutality and outright murder by men, while under the uniforms of the police, of our African American youth in broad daylight, under the watchful eye of cameras- only to have these same said men to walk out of this injustice system with impunity!


Gates was known for race bating African Americans out of their Native American Ancestral sovereignty with DNA testing.

We must find solutions and strategies to success for Black owned businesses within a race supremacy power structure. Those few Black success stories, of men and women who are able to make it out of impoverished neighborhoods, often do not return to create sustainable avenues out of poverty for others. Those who do are rare. Integration of the 60s only threw Black businesses into a sea of competition with all other competitive small businesses. The Black Meccas of successful segregated communities, turned into Urban impoverished families in the throngs of Police brutality, poor schools, lack of funding for programs, inadequate social services, lack of economic opportunity, High unemployment, substandard housing and discriminatory housing practices etc... these impoverished urban families, often retired elderly who accommodate their at-risk-Youth-grandchildren, the disabled and prison re-entry, who were  abandoned by Black professionals. Their children are generationally trapped in a school to prison pipeline that leads to corporate slavery and the military industrial complex. Integration also alienated families to individuals who were rendered to predictable cash cow consumers, to become a target market for alien invader franchises of poisonous fast food restaurants, liquor stores, Grocery stores filled with GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) and highly processed and chemically preserved products wrapped in plastic, foam and aluminum, Cell phone and cable services, Hair and cosmetics stores, Clothing, sports paraphernalia, Cigarettes and illegal drugs,  Used Car lots and gas stations, Medical clinics, Prescription Drug stores, and cheap dollar department stores. Black Owned Dance Joints, Barbershops, Motorcycle Clubs, and Churches also prey on the local economy. These businesses do not return their profits back to the families and neighborhoods that they established themselves. In fact, most of the income that flows into low or fixed income communities, could be symbolized as a gushing amputation of income and resources that flow right back to the banks, stock markets and investor coffers and not into the upliftment of Black impoverished people.

The Black success stories of athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers and the like, have become glaring tokens of 1 in a million status. We encourage our youth to go to college, to get "out of the ghetto", only to see them abandon their families and neighborhoods that they grew up in, to enwealthen the gated communities of the elite. Yet we have change makers who are moving nationally to produce success stories for Re-Community building. People like Dr. Claud Anderson are examples of solution based structure. Our Youth represent the "Hope for our Future Bright"...
We have many success stories that are coming around nationally as well...

Many families are benefiting from the philanthropy of our stars and Athletes like:

Lebron James 

Warrick Dunn

The need to plant the seed germs of sustainable autonomous entrepreneurial  Gnome societies into the hearts of our youth to recreate sovereignty that allows for the regeneration and flourishment of Afrikan Cultural Civilization is vital. We need to foster and encourage producers in cultural, vocational and industrial arts in STEMM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) for industry, manufacturing, and the acquisition of resources and energy. This must be funded through private investors who are dedicated to family based economics. as much as the general public has financially supported these athletes and entertainers, their should be a return of support back into the people and impoverished communities.

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