Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Anti-KRST is in the World- Satanic Clergy Among Us

Satanic clergy amongst the Yoruba | ADELAMI

The occupants of today’s state of Israel, who call themselves Jews, are identified in the Bible as Satan’s very spawn (Revelations 2:9; 3:9). They are Amorites, who, just like their fellow Amorites of Europe and Asia (especially Turks), committed genocide of the original Black peoples of the Middle East including the true biblical Hebrew, Israelites, Moabites, Edomites, Philistines, amongst others. The Amorites took over the region of Palestine and ever since have been claiming to be the original peoples of God – the largest identity theft since the Original people began on this planet. – Just like Olosi (popularly spelled as “Lucis” and “Lucifer”; also known as “Satan”) who tried to take the place of IYE (the Almighty, wrongly pronounced and spelled as Yah and Jah). They also plagiarized the original texts of the original Scriptures, altering many things, and propagated worldwide their fictitious religious dogmas that constitute the tripod or axis of evil: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They are the Anti KRST. One of the alterations was to replace the Name of the Imisi Iye (popularly and wrongly spelled as “Messiah”), Èṣù (or Èshù which is short for Èṣùmare and wrongly spelled by the Amorites as Yeshu, Yeshua), with that of their chief god Zeus (IeZeus, Iesous, Je-w+Zeus= Jesus.) Their "Christ", is the false prophet, the prophet of Olosi. Zeus Christ opposes Èṣù, implying that Zeus and his followers are anti-Imisi Iye or anti-Messiah and Olosi (Lucifer) is their father. They deceive many to believe that the followers of Èṣù are anti-Christ- when the truth is that those who follow the tripod or axis of evil- Christianity, Islam and Judaism- are the anti-KRST. As the masses join with this evil force, they are deceived into partaking in their own genocide through witch hunts of indigenous practitioner and castrations and lynchings of many who are falsely accused of homosexuality.

These Amorites began to preach their false religions to the people especially black people, in order to enslave them spiritually, mentally and then physically. Initially the phony Arabs used the Hausawa (Hausa people; re-lexified in the bible as “Assyrian”) and Fulani to preach Islam to the west African people and then got converts to do the work for them. Later, the Europeans arrived and did same with Christianity, often sending the indoctrinated children of our own Ancestors who were captured and brought to the United States to live and work as chattel slaves on the land that was stolen from the Native Americans.

Many of these converts have been vigorously turning their own people from IYE (I AM), (into Je-w+Zeus =Jesus)- who is Satan. Zeus is their Father Lord/Baal, of the Amorites. This is a repeat of history of same incident that happened in biblical Israel prior to Fulani and Babylonian deportation and Greco-Roman conquest/Hellenization. They own lots of consumer goods, chariots (automobiles), and property. They commit idolatry by worshiping and filling the land with idols and setting up their temples in every street and highway. They teach the people to cast their eyes onto their various idols and kiss their feet – images of Zeus and crosses of Tammuz (1 Kings 19:18), crescent and star of Ramadan (re-lexified to “Remphan”; Acts 7:43) – and fornicate with alien ways, with the spirit of harlotry and child molestation and abuse, which is in their midst. They also brainwash their people into rejecting knowledge and not reasoning. Many of them are under the delusion of being born-again as they are not filled with the Spirit of IYE (2 Chronicles 18) but consumed by unclean spirits, having given their lives as sacrifices to Zeus. Since they teach the people to call upon strange and evil names, they ask for death and their portion is death, just like the four hundred and fifty (450) prophets of Baal that were executed by Elijah (1 Kings 18:41), unless they humble themselves and seek forgiveness from the true God I AM.


Confused Traditional Rulers (The True Shepherds)?
These Neo-Amorites are supposed to be the "true shepherds, true pastors, divine representatives and priests", but have gone after other gods that bear strange names. Many of them have been fattening themselves via personal aggrandizement at the expense of their people and scattering their people, initially via slave trade, across the face of the earth (Ezekiel 34). Some got to their thrones by ungodly means, and were chosen by brutish men only. They mix Ifa, which IYE gave to mankind for blessings, with Islam and Christianity. The Muslims amongst them even abandon the traditional and heavenly caps (fila) and crowns for that of Islam. Many political leaders also join Christian and Muslim gatherings which are clearly profane assemblies. Some practice our Original ways exclusively, but still bare Christian, Roman alien names. Overall, they are the ones given the task, by virtue of their position, of leading the people in veneration- coming close to the divine and natural way of life. However, their association with alien ways and religions, confuses and discourages their subjects.

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