Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Biography of Nuta Beqsu Amen-Ra

QueenMa Nuta Beqsu Moses (Adenike Amen-Ra) is an Social Activist, Urban Farmer, Minister and Educator who is committed to freedom, Food Justice and Green Economic Sustainability for Aboriginal people of color in particular and humanity in general. She is a director of a small Urban farm in the heart of the most desolate areas impacted by food deserts in Kansas City.
From left to right: Student Minister Vincent Muhammad, Minister of Agriculture: Kalifa Abdul, Carol Coe: Green Acers Urban Farm and Research Project; Sasteh Mosley: Green Griot; Nuta Adenike AmenRa Amen Ankh Enterprises; Sister Julie Muhammad
QueenMa Nuta Beqsu (Adenike Amen-Ra) is an Urban Farmer, director, and counselor of a wholistic wellness: Amen Par Ankh(Sacred Temple of Life) and co-partner with Amen Ankh Urban farms; and as the Executive Director of EMWOT (East Meets West of Troost). Her diverse Educator background includes work as a college and career coordinator, an Exceptional Education Teacher, a community organizer, a Griot (storyteller.) and a graphic arts and Technical designer. She has Launched the Green Griot Gathering at Amen Par Ankh, a performance arts group for neighborhood-based organizations and entertainment venues. She is an Executive Director for recycling initiatives, Education and coordination of at-risk youth, conducting Staff development Workshops for educators on Green outdoor classrooms. She also coordinates Seasonal and special events, site visits and tours, with EMWOT, Amen Par Ankh and The Green Griot Gathering, and EMWOT property Managment.

She has served in the community as a Communications Technician and Marketer.  She also serves as a member of the Economic committee for the Black Agenda Group, KC, and Stop The Killing Kansas City- Community forums.  She is also the owner of Adenike’s Arts and CoOwner of Amen ankh Enterprises. She is dedicated to working to identify and alleviate the impact of racism and economic disparity of the food system and Education. She has an intense interest in contributing to the development of a local to international food sovereignty movement that embraces small African American farmer’s and home cottage Industry of Color in the Americas, and the world.  She views food cultivation as part of the larger movement for freedom, justice and equality. Sba AmenRa has presented at numerous local community meetings and national conferences on food and Health and is implementing community food security ans permiculture practices.  She is featured in the radio show, Ankh the Way of life on Blog Talk Radio. She is an “org-ankh” grower. She was born in England and has traveled across the U.S. with her Father who served in the US Airforce. She is the Mother of two, a "Queen Ma,” mentor and teacher to many Grand Children, Youth, Scholars and Initiates.

Amen Par Ankh (Sacred House of Life) and Amen Ankh Urban Farm; is a local Urban Farm nestled around a Spiritual Center in the heart of midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Contact Us and become a member as We Celebrate the Cycles of Life! Email: amen.parankh@gmail.com , Call: 816-839-7945 sign-up for courses and support: with paypal, -amen.parankh@gmail.com. Information: http://emwot.ws/Amen_ParAnkh , http://amen-parankh.blogspot.com/ , Look for us on FaceBook & Twitter We celebrate the Cycles of Life, Wellness and Balance in our everyday existance on earth. We assist in Wellness for Physical Fitness, Mental Health, and Spiritual Attunment - to realize the fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide Whole Life Coaching, Energy work, A Par Ankh Reading Room, Org-Ankh Electric food Boxes, an Herbal Tea House & Juice bar, Outdoor Experiences, classes such as Cultural Headwrapping, Natural Hair Braiding, beading and Lox twisting, ASCAC (The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization), Art Healing Mandalas, Jewelry Making, Gentle Yoga, Canning and preserving food, Health and Wellness Study Courses, Gifts, Accessories, Cultural Ceremonies, Workshops and special events. Amen Par Ankh means sacred House of Life. We acknowledge creation. We provide a space for your own personal discovery with quiet reflection and time for internal work, as well as an active space for expressions of our original ways of life. Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansings, & Classes Amen Ankh Urban Farm is an urban agricultural enterprise with the goal of achieving environmental justice and sustainability by Healthy local food production and improving local neighborhood access to healthy Foods. We run Aquaponic Systems of farm raised fish, Herbs and microgreens. We sell Org-Ankh Electric Food Boxes! We also provide Farm-a-See tours of successful Local Farmers. We grow selected local indigenous Herbs, Fruits, Vegetable and plant life of the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash and cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, and Kale, With Wheat Grass and other Sprouts, Herbs: Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Peppers and Moringa nutritional drink supplements, -From our foods we produce Baked Goods, cosmetics, & liniments to provide Healing and Sovereignty: Through the inspiration of Kujichagulia (Self determination) All Original people. Dua (Th-ankh you!) ♥.