Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Highest Calling the Law of Gender

I found this proverb as a beautiful expression of the positive energy of the masculine & feminine principles. While it is true that both energies live within each one of us... it is an even stronger representation when the energy aligns with its incarnated gender! 

 The complete version of this proverb is as follows:

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul,
So as to unite him with the Source;
Her lowest calling is to seduce,
Separating man from soul
And leave him aimlessly wandering.
A man’s highest calling is to protect a woman,
So she is free to walk the earth unharmed.
His lowest calling is to ambush
Forcing his way into her life
And Leave her tied to the mundane world.”

As I always re-member, I am a soul having a human experience, this proverb speaks to me as the paradigm of Ausar and Auset.

This original Kemetic creation story tells about the first manifestations of life, siblings, humans, and principles as- Set, Ausar, Auset and Neb-Het. Jealous Set destroyed his brother, Ausar the benevolent ruler, carved his body into 14 pieces, and hid these pieces all over the planet. Ausar's body parts represent the geo-sacred spaces all over the planet. They also represent the aspects of spiritual powers of mankind that have been destributed all over the earth from KMT and can also be found in each of us and in all aboriginal cultures. Auset traveled all over the world and found all of the pieces of her husband except one. She became the first to give birth through immaculate conception. These 4 siblings represent the 4 aspects of the human spirit. She gave birth to a son and named him Heru. He grew to vanquish his father's murder and restore the benevolent kingdom of  God and mankind.

We all have the choice to be bound by the mundane world or ascend to our highest spiritual nature...  to hear the voice and rise to do the biding of the creator, or to live only in our carnal nature, to seduce, deceive, show force, and rely only on the impirical nature of our human bodies and senses. 

Many have no clue what the millennial-long social contracts have been within the scope of gender and human family relationships. Yet, there are divine principals of Yen and Yang, male and female that dwell within all of us. Gender is one of the laws or principles of Imhotep (aka- Hermetic principles)

People are now struggling with gender roles in these times so, some may have a problem with this proverb because of gender politics in the media. Many people have been utterly and hopelessly poisoned by the corruption of western society and western thinking. We live with venomous comments that reek of hateful propaganda, spoon-fed to the masses regularly through media and even academic outlets.

 It would uplift us all to heed the words of wisdom of our ancestors; unfortunately, many will just trample and destroy these values, just as many had contributed to the destruction of the Cherokee people and continue to destroy aboriginal peoples and their way of life.

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