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The Amen Par Ankh is a Sacred Temple of Life. in the heart of Kansas city Missouri. We are an outreach center for our Youth, and gnome of Families for mentoring and support. We are Environmentalists and a cooperative of Creators- Green Artisans and Craft people who are rebuilding a Gnome Mafia (healthy place to live.) We venerate Ma the Creator of the Yoniverse! We venerate our AKU (Ancestors), to connect with all Ankh (all living), to live in harmony with creation, following our highest version of self the KRST- Ausar's mandate to grow and produce life in benevolence and abundance- "to be fruitful and multiply"... we are establishing Amen Ankh Akademy STEAM(science technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) in the heart of Kansas City. Mo.

We know that ALL "HUE-MEN Beings come from MAMA AFRICA The Cradle of all human civilization, and all Black Coiled hair peoples are descendants of the Ancient Ancestors, who have lived and established dynasties of civilizations, aeons before the 10,000 years of Yurugu, the religious historical Adam and Eve caucasian arrived. We are the Ancient Original ones, known as BES- Twa/pygmy, Khoisan, (gatherer-hunters), the Nubian (pastoral Shepherd Kings), KMT- Kemetic (Agriculturalist), Nordic, Pagan, Untouchable East Indian, Caribbean West Indian, the Xi Asians, Australian Aborigines, and Indigenous Americans!! Our Ancestors Presence existed on the planet beyond the times of Native American, Pacific Islanders, or  Mongolian migrant peoples. Our Ancient Ancestors inhabited the Planet and spread civilizations, following the vortexes of the living waterways, and tectonic plates of the planet to build the mounds, and pyramid crystal prisms. Our totems, signs and symbols are all over the world, in every spiritual system and society. We are known as KMT- Ka-Ma-Ta (Body/Universe/Land of Mother Eartha), also known as the Sacred Children of Ra (the Sun)!  We are known by our dark complexion and our coiled hair. 

Our Aku (Ancestars) traveled all over  Mama Eartha over many aeons of time. Using the air, earth and water vortexes, and the celestial star charts and seasons to guide us. We were here in the Aries age, before Taurus and the Piscean ages, and now we enter the Aquarian. We are found in the 5 oceans, and 7 continental divides, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe and the Americas. Before many of the Asians crossed the Bering straits to co-mingle with us as Native American Tribes, we had established and raised our pyramids and temehu (Tehenu/Obelisk) and mounds, with signs and symbols of our MA, BES and KMT Ancestors. "Indian" is included from Hindustan(modern day India, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan). The Ancients were not described by any of these words and misnomers given by society, so why should we go by them? We are the Original People, the Ancient Ones! Who we are is very imperative in knowing our Ancient Nationalities, Cultures, Languages, Heritage, and Legacy!  Here in the Americas, we are the families of the Olmec, Aztec, Mayans, Washitaw, Yamassee, Folsom, Iroquois, Seminoles, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Choctaw, Natchez, Creek, Tainos, Arawak, Caribs, Ciboneys, and other peoples who are considered to be the offspring of the Ancient Original Ones. So, the Asians are descendants of Africans.

BLACK Melanin rich peoples ARE The REAL ANCIENTS OF THE PLANET! Our Melanin peoples WERE ALSO THE FIRST AMERICANS !!! The Ancient Original People erected the great pyramids and mounds in Amarukah, Amexem(Americas), and everywhere globally where these Signs, Symbols, Pyramids and Mounds can be found! It is monolithic mythology to say that we only arrive in the Americas by slave ships as enslaved Africans, for we were already here in the West before the palefaces arrived! 
We know that there is evidence of our presence here!  

YES! EVERY HUMAN COMES FROM AFRICA! AFRICA IS THE SOURCE. With that being said; Have you ever noticed that so called Native Americans rarely get DNA testing? They have discarded this science to perpetuate their beliefs and mythologies, while debunking the facts that they acquired their spirituality and culture from the Ancient peoples of Africa, who migrated over aeons of time, to established civilizations -in the Americas!

There is NO Native American DNA! So, Native Americans have AFRICAN in their DNA too! We all come from the same matrix of Mama Eartha in Akabalon! We are the Ancients!  Our Grand Children, the Mongolian Native Americans are not the model of the origin of human beings or Americans. AFRICAN DNA is that model! The presence of Africans in America predated Columbus. READ Ivan Van Sertima's "They Came Before Columbus", and many other Books that document the presence of established African Civilization in the Americas BEFORE Columbus, the Mayflower AND the Trans Atlantic Human Trafficking genocide war on Melanin people- Bennet's Before the Mayflower. 

In fact, African people of later times would often come buy their own people from the auction sales- for the purpose of emancipation. Many Africans and Mongolian Americans were married and had large families! The false myth and monolithic perception that Afrikans ONLY came to the Americas by force through the trans Atlantic middle passage, and human trafficking, must be shut down as a false notion, so that the truth can be taught to ALL children and our human dignity can be restored! Many Africans, also traveled independently, to the Americas to find and rescue their stolen Afrakan family members as well.

As every color comes from Black, so follows every HUMAN!

These "so called indigenous native" Americans have denied and exiled and turned their backs on their very own, Afrikan Ancestral existence- Rejecting their own Afrikan Mothers, to place themselves like an elbow patch on an older shirt, into the false historical context of race supremacist. They don't want you to break their spell of lies. 

Imagine, living in your home with your mother and Father. An Asian man knocks on the door of your ranch home with land, water, cattle and fish... and says, "I love your house!" He proceeds to force his way in and kills your father and rapes your mother... This murderer, has now taken over control of your household and impregnated your mother with his mulatto child. You must either comply or die with this false perception... These "so called Indigenous" Americans have agreed to a Mythology of one beginning story, when there were many. They have rejected scientific fact of DNA testing, to embrace their constructed "belief system"... Afrikans are the first/oldest humans on the planet! They spread and established civilizations across the planet...


BES the Ancient Twa Mother

The Ancients are Spiritual shamans and healers. It is time that we return to the Spiritual and healing Ways of our ancient ancestors, who walked and paved the way before us. We recognize not only the Patriarchs but the Matriarchs as well, for there is a MOTHER AND SUN feminine/masculine balance in everything.
You will find Pyramids and mounds as the foundation of civilization all over the planet- not just in Egypt

The Blackfoot, Natchez, Yamasee, Washita, Muscogee, Creek, Seminoles, Catawba, etc., were all first Black people. The oldest people on the planet are melaninated people from Africa. Africans peopled the planet. Our people may have "gotten lighter" over the years because we are many nations and Gnome societies. We adopted people because our societies - were not race conscious.) The stealing of our land and resources is a reflection of the philosophy of manifest destiny and imperialism by the US. It is the story of an imperialist conqueror! Now, our Black Native Aku/ Ancestors are being removed from the status of Native American and pushed into extinction because deniers are classifying us as Black freedmen of African descent and not Aboriginal Native Americans!
But know, we were in America aeons before the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and before the Mayflower! Many horrors & slaughters happened to us before the transatlantic/ middle passage captured and imported people from Africa!!!

Here are five Kushite/Khemetian/Moorish Titles of Nobility that ties so called "Indian"/"Indo"/"Indios"/"Indus", "Blacks" to the sovereignty of America/Amexem/Al Moroc/North Gate:
El, Bey, Dey, Al and Ali. These five titles belong to the "Five Civilized Tribes". These tribes are.
El - Cherokee.
Bey - Choctaw.
Dey - Seminole.
Al - Creek.
Ali - Chickasaw
The Title El means God or power, Executive, Law Maker
Bey means ruler or landlord, Enforcer, Officer, 
Dey means knowledgeable , 
Al means the same as El (Feminine/Goddess), 
Ali mean exalted or most high.

Arm. Leg. Leg. Arm. Head.
(Thus man being manifested in the form of Allah)
Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice
My HEAD is crowned with LOVE, I have TRUTH on my RIGHT (arm) and PEACE on my LEFT (arm), my right FOOT (leg) is unbound, giving me FREEDOM, and my left FOOT (leg) moves forward in JUSTICE.

I. Self. Law. Am. Master/Mother

Islam is truly about peace, love and honoring thy mother. Islam is not the terror and war you see on the idiot box. (Tell-a-lie-vision)

 The BLACK AFRAKAN Womb of Mankind is the MOTHER OF ALL PEOPLE! 


If you submit to DNA testing, ALL MELANIN PEOPLE's origins will always come from AFRICA!



YES! Many African societies were in America BEFORE COLUMBUS. 

WE WERE THE FIRST TO MIGRATE ALL OVER THE PLANET! We were in Europe, China, India, Australia, Hawaii ect ect ect!- EVERY ORIGINAL GOD WAS BLACK! We must disabuse these monolithic concepts that we ONLY Come from America or Afraka, or Asia, or came here ONLY as slaves from Afraka Alkebulan, (Muri Tah!). 

The only difference between Americans and Africans is TIME! 


AFRAKANS ARE NOT A MONGREL SLAVE RACE! - BLACK MOORS AND HEBREWS ARE AFRICANS TOO- NOT ASIANS! Asians are our Grand children! We did not come to America as precarious ship castaways! Our African Ancestors were Highly successful navigators and civilization builders way before 2000 years ago! Remember, It was Black Moors who navigated the ships of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria! Moors civilized the Mediterranean, emerging caucasian europeans for almost 1000 years!

Below is the video of Ivan Van Sertima: They Came Before Columbus

We have people of color- then we have the pink people!

 I Am -Taro, Presley, Brown, Bennet, Walker-AmenRa- one of the last surviving bloodlines of Natchez American Nations, who did not walk the trail of tears to Oklahoma. Eye am also TUTSI East Akabalon! EYE AM PROUD TO KNOW MY FAMILY ORIGINS! We have chosen to align and support our brothers and sisters, who claim the bloodlines of their Ancestors who had come to America through the trans-Atlantic War, invasion and human trafficking. US Invaders attacked Africa, Just as they did America. How Can we "all" embrace this issues of Indigenous, Americans, when many indigenous Americans still believe the false race supremacy propaganda that aboriginal people of America cannot possess African/Akabalon features or come from Akabalon before Columbus landed on the islands? Africans are just as indigenous to America as anyone of Asian ancestry migrants. Black skinned, nappy haired people have always been here, and are not just "grafted" into Native communities by enslavement. To believe and perpetuate these erroneous concepts, is to also reinforce the lies that Black skinned and nappy haired peoples are inferior sub humans, which only plays into white supremacy! Many so called Indigenous Americans are rejecting and removing our Black Ancestors from birth records and registration  Dawes rolls of Native American sovereign societies, yet more and more of caucasian mayflower invader ancestors, are replacing our people and receiving sovereign acceptance. I AM NATCHEZ! ‪#‎amenankh‬ ‪#‎iamnatchez‬ #iamancient

US invaders ARE NOT AMERICANS! The pilgrim Quakers, Mennonites, Protestants, Catholic Christians etc., who came to the Americas, came with the same evangelical mission. It was a conquering war mission to proselytize all people, and torture them to give up their way of life, and their natural land access, to submit and be subject to their western ways! Their monthly holidays are the ritual, symbolic re-enactments of the slaughters, massacres, murders, assassinations, and destruction of the environment, by this society for their own survival. We live among them, on our own lands, that they murdered our people to now occupy. 
November is Native American History Month Yet, the only stories we hear are about a “Thanksgiving” of pilgrim invaders who stole-Killed and destroyed our people, and a Black Friday that does not reflect the dignity of our people! They slaughter millions of turkeys, and eat them, like a holey sacrament, in effigy of the mass murder of our people!

We give thanks and praise always and ONLY to the Great Supreme Divine Spirit Kandaki MA NUT!

She is the True Creator whom we sacredly recognize. Honors to the Earth and the Universe whom the Great Spirit Amen has made, and all elements connected to us. Thanks to the Ancients whose Spirits we ask to surround and guide us on this ancient level. It is time that we reclaim what is rightfully ours as the Spiritual Nation and Royal Priesthood! We are connected to the Ancients by Spirit no matter what earthly area you reside at. I am the temple of the most high! Wherever my body goes, I arrive in my star-ship.

The Amen Par Ankh is a movement of Gnomes, We respect the Sisters; Mothers of Civilization! Despite what spirituality, faith, religion, or movement you embrace, let us learn our Ancient Past and move ahead in the Future! Knowledge is POWER! We call on all aboriginal people to join us to honor and fulfill our Aku(ancestors) in Solutions that protect the land, living creatures, air and water. We are stewards to Nature and the earth. We connect with the universe, in meditation to actively live in harmony with creation. We are called and mandated to repair the violations to the environment and live in peace and in the spirit of justice. We must move to protect the voiceless in caring for Geb/Ta- Mother Earth. We wish to share in the knowledge of Aboriginal People of this Planet. Although Black is the essence of all things, the spectrum of numerous colors, we do not identify ourselves as Negro, Black, or African American. We are not religious cultures of Moors, Christians, Hebrews, Islam or Israelites, which some people preferably classify themselves.

Albert Churchward; Origin and Evolution of Primitive Man

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