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Body Mind Soul Connection

Body Mind Soul Connection

Humans experience a variety of emotions, from happiness, to sadness to excitement and depression. Did you know that each one of these emotions creates an odor, energy light, and sensation on different parts of the organs within the body and on the skin? For instance, our body releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy and each chemical works to create a different environment within the Melanin of your body. Its kind of like storing data on a 3 dimensional DVD. For example if your brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, you will feel good and happy. Conversely, as your body releases cortisol while you are experiencing good or bad stress, you will have an entirely different feeling associated more with the body kicking into survival mode, than when you feel safe, or laughing.

Positive vs. Negative

Is there duality in our world? The brain is a very powerful tool and as we define what something is or should be, we begin to have that result play out in our world. Have you ever noticed, for example road rage, when someone gets angry and suddenly they are feeling negative, down and in a bad mood? Whereas someone else can get cut off while driving and simply apply the brake slightly and move on with their day as if nothing happened. In this case, the same experience may have occurred, yet one sees it as negative while the other doesn’t. So are things innately positive and negative? Or do we define things as positive and negative?

 Attitude is Altitude.

After thinking about it for a moment you might realize that there are in fact no positive or negative experiences other than what we define. So our perceptions of an experience or situation has the ultimate power as to how we will feel when it’s happening and how our bodies will be affected. We can always work to move beyond our attitudes and definitions of each experience, to move into a state of mind- conscious Awareness, where we simply accept each experience for what it is and use it as a learning grounds. We may not be there yet and so it’s important to understand how certain emotions can affect our health.

An African Proverb: “He who hides their disease cannot be cured” If someone wishes to have good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to find help.

Soul Mind Body

We are spirits having a human experience. The connection between your mind and body is very powerful. Although it cannot be visually seen, the effects that your mind can have on your physical body are profound. We can chose to have a positive mental attitude and deal directly with our internal challenges to create a healthy way of life, or we can be in negative, have self-destructive thoughts and not deal with our internal issues. Sometimes we cloak negative issues with affirmations and positivity without finding the root. This denial can then lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Your immune system will go down when you are highly stressed, angry, in fear, get depressed or when you’re being exposed to negative energy. This lower energy leads you to sickness, ulcers, or you begin to start feeling a lot of tightness and pain. Often times our body is asking us to observe and find peace once again within yourself and your environment. It’s all a learning and growing process that we don’t have to judge nor fear.

Our emotions and experiences are essentially energy and they can be stored in the cellular memory of the Melanin in our bodies. The experiences in your life leave behind emotional markers or feelings in a certain areas of your body. So, in certain areas of your body you still hold energy that can be released from that experience. I came across an interesting chart that explores some possible areas that various emotions might affect the body. When you have a pain, tightness or resurgence of pain at injuries to certain areas, it’s often related to something emotionally you are feeling within yourself. Often we are out of touch with ourselves and our emotions as we attempt to be a part of a fast paced world. We don’t take the time to stop and watch the sunset, or smell a flower, or sit by a water source. When I've had chronic pains in my back, knees, neck or shoulders, it wasn’t exercise, or anything in a physical sense that healed it, it was when I dealt with the emotions behind it. I learned that the more I addressed the unconscious thought patterns and emotions throughout my body, the more things loosened up and then the pain went away.

Do you know that you can raise your energy and immune system by eating certain foods?  Eating dark leafy vegetables.

I’ve Got The Power

Can you now imagine the harm you are doing to your body when you stay within negative emotions or unprocessed emotional experience throughout the body?

Davis Suzuki wrote in ‘The Sacred Balance’, ‘condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins. Accumulated over 1 hr, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs!’

Remember, you have all the power in you to get through anything life throws at you. Ask yourself, how can this help me to see or learn something? Can I use this to shift my perception? Clear some emotions held within myself? How can I realize something within another and accept it and help them without it backlashing and internalizing it?

Whatever it may be, instead of simply reacting, Try to slow things down and observe. You will find you have the tools to process emotions and illness quickly when you see them for what they are and explore why they came up. If you believe you will get sick all the time, and believe you have pain because it’s out of your control, you will continue to have it all in an uncontrollable manner until you realize the control you have over much of what we attract within the body.

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