Friday, June 6, 2014

Colonial Mentality

 I have always been inspired by the music and the open candor of Fela Kuti.  He shared an episode, where he was checked about his colonized attitudes and schooled about human Rights and Black Empowerment. She taught him that his put downs about his African superiority had to be balanced by how far removed he was about his own original cultural connection to the Ancestors and how much he has assimilated to his European Colonizer. As Fela was receptive to her self awareness, he had an epiphany that challenged his thinking throughout his music career. Here is an excerpt from one of his many biographies...

"While in America, Fela met an African American woman named, Sandra Izsadore, a political activist and close friend of prominent members of the Black Panthers, who was to be a big influence on his thinking. She introduced Fela to the writings of Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver, and others through which he became aware of the link existing between Black peoples all over the world. With this insight, Fela also gained a clearer understanding of his mother’s fight for the rights of Africans under colonial rule in Nigeria, together with her support of the Pan Africanist doctrine expounded by Kwame Nkrumah, the Ghanaian head of state, who had negotiated independence for his country with the British."

This is the reality check for all colonized and invaded nations and those who are the freedom fighters to de-colonized the minds of our people of color, who are fighting for freedom all over the planet...

The Truth is, Black People were the FIRST to inhabit Europe! WE were the original Druids and the Le Pr Ra Khans! We built Stonehenge, before the Isfit came as cannibal pathological invaders, bringing their plagues to become the Jew-Gypsy thieves, perpetrators and culture bandits of our Way of life, expert knowledge, symbols and Colors! Red White and Blue- Stands for the Trinity- Heru, Ausar and Auset!
Imperialism still has a stranglehold on the populations of people of color of this world and the destruction of the environment.

The deeper issues are between mentality and belief systems. You have Colonized Assimilationist, Fundamentalists vs Free thinking Afrikan Centered, vs Niggas. After AIDS, our people are now killing themselves in the Motherland over these adopted fundamental philosophies of their colonial invaders.  This is the same pervasive divide and conquer syndrome happening all over the world. The media still presents the Bling-Bling sagging-Niggas or (neo-coonz) with the “hoochi mama” as the Stereotypes of the “Akata”. In Afrika, and the U.S., you have Fundamentalist one-up-manship of writhing on the floor, speaking in tongues, Mega Churches with their witch hunts, and Jihad Fundamentalist witch hunts, featuring Torture and chaining Pregnant Mothers to the floor to give birth- because they refuse to renounce their Imperialist, fundamentalist Christian beliefs! Yet Africans want to Imitate and model the media hyped “Niggas and Bs” standards, with their perms, weaves, cosmetics and other consumerisms- sayin “ Twerking comes from Afrika” Samuel Jackson’s Character said it best- about the contributions of U.S. Blacks… The standard that they love to hate…

Thomas Sankara was one of the great revolutionaries who took on the power struggle of Imperialism. We are counting on our youth to pickup the baton of global revolution.

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