Sunday, June 8, 2014



Christine Nabria Mckenzie

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. The will ... is the driving force of the mind. If it's injured, the mind falls to pieces." -ROBERTSON DAVIES & AUGUST STRINDBERG

A mind was given to you to USE not against yourself but against the things that try to oppress its existence! FIGHT BACK... KNOW that your VESSEL & its parts and how VERY valuable it is! It shouldn’t be taken for granted many cant OVERSTAND why they are very successful in one point of their life meaning the material & don’t have the spiritual some vice versa that’s simply because they don’t know how to make both parts work for them to take them to the next level of overstanding but certain parts of our body need more attention than other parts that can withstand many strenuous situations! SO, KNOW THYSELF & LEARN HOW TO MASTER YOUR LEFT BRAIN & RIGHT.... THIS IS ONE OF THE OPENINGS TO THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SPIRITUAL MASTERY!!!!

Make a Left Brain Right Brain Switch

So, how do we work from our right brain? Barring brain injury, we all have the ability to access our right brain, and do it all the time. It's just that our ability to consciously make the "switch" has been dormant. Here's a list of ways to help make the switch from left brain mode to right brain mode:

Play music (without words)
Walk around the room with eyes closed
Daydream on a time you had fun (vacation, sports, etc)
Pick up juggling
Put your notes/ideas in a mind map
Doodle, play with your pen
Use your non-dominant hand to write, brush your teeth, etc
Journal your feelings and your random thoughts
Learn Photo Reading, you "read" using both sides of your brain
The absolute best way I know how to develop this is to get the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"
The idea is to start thinking in terms of images and away from numbers and words when trying to think in right brain mode. Good artists do this better than most of us.

Left Brain Exercises

Now, how do we work on the left brain? Most of us won't have a difficult time accessing left bran mode, but here are a few exercises to that use your Left Brain:

Play with Crosswords puzzles
Do Math exercises
Play Number puzzles like Sudoku
Do Memory Retention exercises
Play Spelling games
Get some brain teasers
To summarize the left brain right brain theory; your left brain is the logical, sequential brain that's actually the slower part of your brain. The right side of your brain thinks in images, and sees the big picture, and is the faster side of your brain. Because of culture and influence, most of us have a strong left-brain thinking, but there are ways to consciously switch to right brain mode.

The more you are able to tap into your right brain, the more you'll discover what you're capable of, in many areas of your life: work, home, business, etc. So, see how you can make the left brain right brain theory work for you!

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