Monday, January 20, 2014

You G R O W W Girl at Amen Ankh Akademy

G.R.O.W.W Girl- Teach a Girl- Heal a Nation*, is designed to foster the interest of girls in the 3rd -12th grades in pursuing a future career in (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Industrial Arts Mathematics disciplines. We offer weekly, weekend, summer workshops, as well as one-day Special events at the Amen Ankh Urban Farm. We offer hands-on activities that focus on how people in Agricultural fields help make the world a better place.

*G.R.O.W.W stands for Gaining Resilience, Opportunity, Wealth and Wellness 

Our proverb- Teach a girl- Heal a nation.

Our Mission: To cultivate the core nucleus of self-esteem, Self Knowledge, ambition, creativity, , Exposing young queens to STEAM(Science Technology, Engineering, industrial Arts, Mathematics) Careers, health, nutrition and wellness, Homesteading, Green Environmental  and ecologically sustainable initiatives,  in our young girls. To foster leadership, values, resilience. To generate fiscal fitness, Entrepreneurial and business savvy. To carry them into adulthood, Motherhood family and community to complete the circle of life.

Our Vision: To Equip Young Girls with self knowledge of Body mind and spirit and to reconnect to Natural Beauty and Wonder of nature and the Planet. To create a natural holistic connection to STEAM Career fields and reunite a Gnome of interdependent families.

We Have a parent orientation by Appointment. Our Girls meet Weekly on Wellness Wednesdays from 4pm-6:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am-1:00pm.
Spaces are filling up. Sign up for our Winter/Spring sessions.

WE WILL HAVE AN OPEN HOUSE Orientation and Introduction-

*REGISTRATION DEADLINE. For More information and/or to Volunteer as a mentor- Contact: Amen Par Ankh- Email: Call: 816-3839-7945 "QueenMa" Nuta Moses (Adenike Amen-Ra)

Home Scholars, and after-school-ers- and Summer youth activities, Travelling Performance Choir, Spirit Dance team and programs for girls of Kansas City in the zip code areas of 64127, 28 and 30. 

Providing high-quality creative, recreational, educational and prevention programming while encouraging girls to express themselves creatively, transcend personal barriers, Tutoring and Mentorship, to be Life Long learners and Critical Thinkers, Learning social etiquette and deportment. Learning plant identification and herbal knowledge, domestic engineering, Industrial Arts, food preparation, take action and responsibility for the ecology and planet, applying Green Sustainable lifestyles, learning the value of service to their community, and develop individual assets that foster healthy and meaningful lives.  

Gnome Know How (*Resilience, *Opportunity)

Sessions and small gatherings of parents, and youth, looking for an open environment to share their experiences and receive relevant family support, in  building family relationships, Loving discipline, Consumer Savvy, Nutrition and Health. Family menbers will be offered Family Consultations. We will use examples from the book: Nation Building How To: by Sasteh Meter Mosley
We will also engage in Homesteading, Industrial Arts and Crafts, Light carpentry and minor repair,

Financial Literacy, Eco-Nom-ics, Fiscal Fitness, Entrepreneur development, Career Shadowing, Internship Opportunities and more. 

*Wellness Matters 

You GROWW Girl offers youth programs for girls of all ages, Wellness Careers survey, Recreation, Life Hacking, Environmental safety, Stress Relief, Peer Crisis Intervention, Grief Counseling, Self Defense, Natural Cosmetics, Body Awareness, Family matters, Basic Life Support, Plant Identification, Food safety and Preserving, and nutrition courses to engage Family Members, Parents and their children. 

Skills for healthy lifestyles, cook-outs and contests, shopping Savvy are discussed throughout the sessions. This course teaches families how to use fresh foods and herbs for healing, and healthy recipes and meal planning on a tight budget. We will have demonstrations on how to prepare healthy meals and participants are given the opportunity to cook their own healthy meal after the demonstration.

Our Girls also assist with our seminars and workshops;  Entrepreneurs, Coding, Rites of passage, Cultural Performance Arts, Family Heritage and History, achievement for success, Role Modeling, Identity and values, Our Crowns, Outdoor Journeys, Gardening, Herbal Knowledge, Vocational Career Awareness, Bee Keeping, Cultural Ceremonies, FAA, 4H, Leather crafts, Costume Design, and head wrapping, Jewelry making metaphysics,  Food preservation, African Cultural Arts, Sewing, Quilting and hand Crafts, Mandala art sessions, Music, Rhythm and Poetry, Artist to Activism, Adenike's Art Reduce Reuse Recycle, Envisioning boards, Healing Mandalas.  All activities are designed for parents to teach and work with their children at home, drawing on the philosophical underpinnings of the curriculum that children learn hands on. 

*We invite parents and Families to become members and Leaders to join us and volunteer on our Board.
Contact Nuta Beqsu Adenike AmenRa at Office/Voicecmail: 816- 839-7945, or call/text: 816-304-7240  
Email: or