Friday, June 26, 2015

Police Brutality State of the Union

We offer our deepest sympathy and sorrow to all families who endure the tragic loss of their Sons and Daughters, who have suffered a tremendous betrayal and injustice and a direct assault to our human dignity, and security.

We must first acknowledge that the proliferation of open murder of Black youth by armed caucasians in police uniforms in the USA Inc, is really not an issue of Police brutality. This is an issue of caucasian race terrorists, dressed as police! There is a difference between black and caucasian police officer conduct. Black police officers don't go into caucasian communities, wealthy, middle class or poor- and harass the youth in the community! Black officers are not racially profiling, or killing caucasian children, running detective investigations, patrolling high crime areas in poor caucasian neighborhoods, or conveniently accessible in those neighborhoods, while off duty.

You can count to the thousands of Black men who were killed by cops right in front of a camera- and the police officer(s) not indicted, and then given paid leave to later returned back to work or relocate to another precinct, only to continue their rampage of brutalities. I was surprised to hear only the push for cameras for police officers in the aftermath of Mike Brown's death in Ferguson Missouri. Who really stands to gain from this?

The exclusive use of Black owned and patented camera designers, Black owned camera contractors and vendors, should be selected as reparations. More, the use of cameras in cars and body cameras for citizens might be employed, and the police may not halt the recording of their actions or confiscate and or destroy the citizen’s phones or cameras.

Some Police officers are bigots, who join, sponsor and participate in racists organizations while they're "off duty"... (We know that police officers are never really "off Duty") While they are on duty, they may be assigned to work with a population of people, who they have prejudgment about... Do I need to spell this out any further? The Problem is the the Blue wall of silence, that these bigoted bullies are able to hide behind, and are protected from indictment and punishment. Isn't the US still standing in a time of war, since 9-11? So calling 911 is now a way to exact punishments on innocent people, and be absolved for war crimes. #FacismIsRacism #BlueWallOfSilence #DomesticTerrorist #BlueSilenceIsBlueViolence

How can the police officer who killed Mike Brown, be suspended and terminated because of racist tactics from one police station, only to go to Ferguson, another town, and be immediately hired to continue the same racist conduct unchecked!? A national investigation is needed on how many Police officers and other civil servants serve dual loyalties, not only to their "Fraternal Order of Police" but also to the Fraternal orders of the KKKlan, Neo Nazis, militia cells and other international terrorist organizations!  Caucasian Police are targeting (Racial Profiling) and killing our Black Men, Women and Children all over the United States, with impunity now. This has become a national trend!

 An outside investigation is also needed, not only into corrupt officers, but also Judges, Lawyers, Security, Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors and Teachers and all other Public Professional Unions, Orders and Organizations who use their professional positions to act out racist objectives. When background checks, employment screenings, hiring policies, and social references fail to find correlations to hate/terrorist organizations and the applicant's ties to other officials and professionals who serve in our governmental structures- Federal, State, County and City divisions, Then this is a great blind spot that needs to be addressed. When officials work in the day, then show up to meetings for hate-cells, to act on their agendas in the evenings and weekends.... This smells like strange fruit from an initiation for "Preppers, Militias and race war Armageddon fanatic extremism. Included in their agenda are private corporations who are funding terrorist organization members with reward bounties- to openly kill/ lynch black People- and then fund their paid leave, release, private security, lawyers, and judges with impunity- often for the rest of their lives! Doctors and Judges have been found involved in human trafficking, Sex slavery, pornography, "Down-low behavior" Medical experimentation (much like the Tuskegee experiment) and organ harvesting with incarcerated people, while they are in jail for plea bargains, awaiting trial and in prisons. Many police officers are involved with the Illegal Drugs and Weapon distributions in every city in the US.

IMHO, We need to change the laws where police officers can no longer have immunity from punishment, from malpractice and abuse of power while in uniform, when they shoot innocent, weaponless Black youth down in the streets of this nation over minor offenses! We need to revisit the training strategies that are being employed to use deadly force in lieu of arrest, for non-life threatening offences. Better community relationship must be developed, Officers should be expelled from service if they are found intoxicated while on duty- much like a rapist or child molester. Officers should have limited field duty assignments, much like forensic doctors, to reduce burnout, and frequent patrol location changes to avoid corruption.

The Civil Rights movement has proven that the US system cannot legislate against hate and bigotry. So White privilege is still running unchecked in most departments.

 It used to be required that Police officers serve as ministers of peace, who lived within the community that they serve. That meant that they knew the students and parents like neighbors.

  • Police officers should at least attend and commemorate community celebrations like graduations, Ballgames, Community achievements and other success stories, not as a hostile display of force, but as ministers of peace. 
  • Police officers should return to being community servants and not the Bounty Hunters, Slave Patrollers, and predatory guard dogs for corporations, businesses, private interest groups and drug distribution. 
  • They should not target and use Black people to fill a quota system for the City and corporate prisons and extort and harvest tax money through excessive fines and charges.

 African Americans need  neighborhood security, and community workers, Black Community representatives, outside monitors as well as employees, for Security, Police, Fire/ Rescue emergency and Paramedics who have been recruited from the same neighborhoods and communities that they serve.

We also need OUR OWN Private Autonomous community developments monitored by our own private Patrol and Security services for self police. Much like the Native American tribal councils, we can establish our own societal structure that encompasses council of Elders, security, self-police, fire/ rescue- coming from our own community.

We first must move from the Assimilated, Integrated, individual- multicultural- codependency-mindset-that we feel the need for outsiders to invade and work to control us, and people who(look like us) but do not participate or practice our ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to be involved in our lives and community affairs. The examples of Hispanic, Jews, Asians etc who have always operated in their own private cloisters; show a success model for our community. It is not until Black People take the stand to be autonomous, that race baiting accusations and issues come about- often by our own –“house Negroes” who feel the conditioned threat and need to answer to "massa".

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