Monday, November 16, 2015

Black on Black Killing- A Response to Spike Lee's Admonition

A Response to Spike Lee's Admonition- 
You Wanna End Black on Black Killing? 

What would make a Black person kill another Black person? Statistically, the ratio of Black on Black killing is no different than Caucasian on Caucasian killing, or any other ethnic on ethnic killing. So why are African American areas particularly isolated and targeted for the admonition of black on black killing, more than any other isolated neighborhood or ethnic area? 

During the 1960s and 1970s, their was a renaissance explosion of culture and economic reemergence (since the destruction of "Black Wall-streets" during reconstruction, after the civil war, within the African American communities,) and after the initial inroads of Affirmative action and integration. In the 60s and 70s, African American families began business developments in the U.S. and overseas, which led to prosperous economic growth and culture, along with establishing economic inroads with Pan-American and Pan-African diaspora. So, why was the business and entrepreneurial growth and development curtailed in the US? Why were our community geniuses, co-opted from building and creating within their own neighborhoods, to be courted and used within the private sectors of gated corporations and community development, exclusively for the gentry of the Caucasian/European? 

Yet, Black on Black Killing is NOT so much about domestic violence between family members. It is directly related to continued redlining, and the "Good-Ol Boy system, in Building Black Businesses, and housing, and the Outsourcing of Union Jobs and vocational trades, with the metastasis of the unseen hands of the US corporatakrazy mafia- The underground economy of exploitation, cradle to the grave marginalization of black people in the World War on African People, Human Trafficking, School to Prison Pipeline, 13th Amendment Mass Incarceration setup, Family and Cultural Destruction, in sex, drugs and Rock-in Roll/Rap (media propaganda), which is ultimately the the tourniquet of redlining, outsourcing, and the Race Supremacy-”good-ol-boy”-system; that is tied around ANY vital economic growth. This is known by the Domestic Security and Military as, CoIntellPro (Counter Intelligence Programming.) This program was initiated through the US Government/FBI agency.

By isolating the microcosm of the plight of African Americans, without looking at the macrocosm of the global tyranny of exploitation, imperialism of Africans and other peoples of color, there is a shortsighted, distortion in the reasoning of the issues of black on black crime and killing. Black people are forced to live in the most destitute race supremacy system of injustice, where our air, water and food is poisoned and our youth are criminalized by a mis-education, from the cradle to the crave. Yes, there is a lot of self hate, Yet we must think, What language do we speak? Who gave us our last names? What jobs do we work for? Whose clothing do we wear? Whose houses do we live in? Where do we get our food and Water? EVERY (Yes there were more than one) Black Wall Street Economic Community that was ever made, was utterly destroyed by the U.S.. 

This is domestic terrorism at it's finest! Melanin Abundant People have already been criminalized in the US by the 13th Amendment. We were prisoners of global colonial war, human trafficked and enslaved as chattel beasts, then, disenfranchised with segregation, Jim Crow Laws and the massacre, bombings and destruction of our Black Wall Streets. Next, Our Human Rights protests, where Black empowerment and human rights turned into civil rights for fringe societies, Black people were inflicted with Cointelpro. 

We became the child soldiers, by the "War on drugs" (which is really a war on black skinned people, using drugs,  Toxic chemicals and planted venereal diseases like HIV, as a bomb!) Black people don't grow and produce cocaine, heroine, meth or make bullets and guns, yet somehow, the Black neighborhoods are supplied this arsenal to proliferate and protect drugs with its underground economy, in targeted black neighborhoods. There has always been an unspoken interest to depopulate "Black" people as useless eaters. So now, with the patriot act, and the militarization of Police, prolific abortion clinics on the outskirts in every black neighborhood, and cointelpro combined, You don't have to Mirandize a minority, charge them with an offence or take them to custody. If they have dark skin, JUST KILL THEM! As the US society accelerates into fascism and martial law, the US is sending drones and troops to massacre more defenseless people around the world...

So many Black people are sick with PTMS- Post Traumatic Maafa Syndrome. Maafa is a Swahili word for terrible disaster. This phrase represents the totality of the heinous invasion of our people in the global war which was launched at the end the 700 years of peace and civilization by the Black Moors in the Latin region of Europe. This was the exploitation by Spain through Christopher Columbus who began the ravaged of the American Islands and the massacre of our people.


2. Heart Attack
3. Stroke
4. High Blood Pressure
5. Diabetes
6. Cancers
7. Then Homicide! Homicide is the 7th leading cause of death in African Americans- Black on Black killing is a sub-part of total homicide!!!

We don't set up pharmacies, Liquor Stores, Gun stores, dollar stores, pawn shops, cell phone companies, cosmetics and GMO grocery stores, or fast food restaurants. We don't grow Poppy for Heroin or Coca trees for cocaine. We don't manufacture or produce commercial products in the hood. African Americans did not put fluoride, mercury, lead and other pollutants in the water systems that come out of the tap. Yet some how theses objects, products and substances are prolific in the Black areas of town.

In order to stop Black on Black killing, our people must completely divest from this Race Supremacy system and return to our own sovereignty with the planet, to live in harmony with creation.  This racist system must halt the ongoing global assault on melanin peoples!

We must be proactive to STOP Cointelpro! End the REX-84, King Alfred invasion plan to destroy our people from within. THIS IS THE REAL INTERNAL WILLIE LYNCHPIN FOR GENOCIDE IN BLACK-FACE! 

STOP the corporate wholesaling from the top end, of illegal drugs of - Cocaine, Heroin, black market prescription medications, alcohol, and cigarettes into the Black community and the corrupt predatory police officers and judges etc... who supply, invest, enforce and protect these criminal actions! These corrupt police are hired through the good ol boy system, with ties to underground economy, and connections established during military service, and government contracts, militias, and clandestine KKKlan, and Neo Nazisorganization structures and think tanks. 

Black people don’t own vast acres of land and water resources to grow Coca Trees or fields of Poppy in our rental houses and apartments in the 'hood, or even manufacture their own food in any vital supply, let alone, own manufacturing companies for beer, liquor, tobacco, or prescription medications, cosmetics, clothing, tools, cars, furniture, toilet paper etc... We don’t make assault weapons, hand guns or bullets!... Corporate elites as Senators and House Representatives, Judges, who sponsor these illegal drug and weapon invasions and the corrupt Cops who supply the drugs and plant the evidence, to control and kill our people, are the unseen hands that have provided the cause of Gangs, Gang Violence, initiations and turf wars. Our latch-key youth have become the child soldiers who are sagging their pants, like a flag at half mast, for the death and imprisonments of our Black family members. The War on Drugs is essentially a war on Black people! This is coupled with Afrika, Vietnam, Syria, Palestine, Iran and Iraq and the US corporate imperialists' quest for their land, oil and resources. 

We don’t need more jobs- We need our own Businesses, land, property, skills, Water, Energy resources and the freedom to create our own economic empowerment!

When Asian or Mexican children come home from school, they don't play basketball or computer games. They are surrounded by extended family and work part time in their family based businesses!!!

We must end the Cradle-to- School-to-prison Pipeline! *STOP arresting our Black Men under trumped up charges to pander plea bargains for a maximum sentence, for a minimal crime. to orphan or bastardize our children into the Race Supremacy foster care system to destroy our cultural values and extended family structures. End the school to prison pipeline of neo enslavement to the military industrial complex. Our young Black men are hauled off to prison to be raped and exploited in various ways, only to return to our communities, without counseling and supportive services with the anticipation of recidivism. Ironically, many of the penal institutions are built on the very same lands that were once plantations. 

*END the Foster-care system that is tided to mass incarceration, pedophile rings, sex slavery, organ harvesting and De-acculturation of African American children.

*STOP the Human trafficking, stem cell/organ harvesting, and gender confusion, of our children through the Adoption agencies and Religious organizations system. The war on black people through the childcare to prison pipeline has broken-up, institutionalized and estranged our family members since the aftermath of Jim crow laws and the deconstruction of Black Wallstreet towns in the US. 

*STOP the exploitation of the Child Support system to return our Fathers back into our own communal family settings.

*STOP setting up your abortion mills in our neighborhoods targeting our Black Families to kill our babies and sterilize our women. ABORTIONS are really #1 black on black killing; WE ARE KILLING OUR INFANTS BY THE THOUSANDS, BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN BORN! 

*STOP Caucasians, who are driving around our neighborhoods and schools looking to exploit our women, girls and boys for prostitution and perversion. 2:00pm till 7pm is the most vulnerable time for our youth. This is the period when many are likely to be exposed to and experiment with drugs, alcohol and sex. Many of our youth are latch key children- meaning they see their own way off to school in the mornings and/or let themselves into the house in the evenings. At 2pm you see many high schools surrounded by what is seemingly parents picking up youth, when school is released. But there are also predators in the midst masquerading as parents. Many minor students who have been corrupted, are aware of these nefarious characters,  and out of desperation or thrill seeking, will compete to gain first access, jumping into cars and trucks to be driven away to prostitution and exploitation. 

*STOP the Bankrupting of Black neighborhoods, driving into our neighborhoods where you don’t live or have a stake or investment in, as Teachers, Police, Social workers, Church Pastors, etc. only to make your income, then cash your checks to spend it, outside of our neighborhoods to support and bring wealth to other communities, leaving no investment in the people and infrastructure in the hood. 

*END Race Supremacy media! You have exploited our people with your lies , mis-education, Corporatokrazy capitalism and created a blighted slave class society of hopelessness, inflated consumerism, and low economic access. Our children attend schools where 90% of their ancestors contributions are excluded from text books.

*STOP the Race Supremacy “Good ‘ol Boy” system in Building and Trades contracting

*STOP Poisoning our people, flooding our neighborhoods with chemically processed, Fluoridated Water, Lead, Toxic gas, Mercury and other toxins. We drink, wash our bodies, clothes, food and homes with this toxcidity
*STOP Building Nuclear weapons plants, to bring in outsourced jobs for individuals who dont support our economy, then pushing the impoverished to live around it’s toxic waste! 

*STOP poisoning our children and Invading and exploiting our neighborhoods on every corner with Fat/Fast Food junk Restaurants, GMO Junk Grocery stores, and Foreign owned Convenience Stores filled with high priced junk, and owners who despise us. These Alien Stores and franchises, steal away our health and tie us to pharmaceutical and medical dependency, draining our own life blood of economic sovereignty like a band-aid on a leg amputation. Instead, remove the redlining and economic obstructions from our people!


*WE MUST Rebuild our own Black Wall Street's and establish our own family based economic enterprises for production and Manufacturing. We must run our own Schools- Homeschool, Naturopathy Health Care, small businesses, and manufacture our own products on our own land, energy and resources!

*WE MUST establish our own financial systems and banking institutions for seed capital for our own businesses. 

*WE MUST Educate our own children! We must establish our own home school networks, based in our own cultural value system. We must read to our children and share the stories of our own family heritages. We must stop beating, screaming and debasing our children. We must break the cycle of slave mentality that instills a base culture of violence. Re-establish family meetings and family dinners again. We must rally as Extended family networks -Step fathers, Step Mothers, Grand Mothers and Fathers, Aunts, Uncles etc. to take back our children from the Foster care and latch-key system. We must rally for cooperative trusts to save our fathers from the child support system. We must return our father back to our families.

*WE MUST GROW OUR OWN FOODS!!! These GMO food are a major killer in Black families. There are many alternative ways of growing foods. We used to grow our own victory gardens. Many Black families who lived on their own lands and established farms never felt the depression economy in the past. Historically, many Black farmers were killed,  pushed off of their lands and resources or forced into sharecropping/ slavery through illegal adverse possession of their lands by collusion of racist governmental officials. this is what caused a mass exodus into areas in the north like Chicago, and New York... We are dying MORE from the toxic foods that we feed our children and elders and put into our mouths with preventable diet related diseases! THE MAIN CAUSES OF BLACK ON BLACK DEATH IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY ARE- 1 HEART ATTACK, 2 STROKES, 3 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, 4 DIABETES AND 5 CANCERS -LONG BEFORE HOMICIDES! White foods like Salt, Sugar, white rice, Wheat and Corn flours and starches, High fructose, Canola and cotton oils, Lard and processed meats and cereals, These are the same foods not only promote physical illness, but also mental illness. This food is ultimately sterilizing our 2nd and 3rd generation's reproductive capacity! So WE ARE killing our people "softly" by purchasing toxic chemical GMO foods instead of growing our own local foods in a controlled environment.

As Black people, WE MUST CHANGE OUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES. This will begin with pulling together our resources and creating access to human capital by reforming Eco-Nome-ic societies and human capital bartering systems. Economics is a family based system. 
WE MUST face the complete physical and economic divestment from this society. We must come out of this Babylon system to Black Autonomy. We must stop our own cycle of self destruction- by NOT working jobs within this oppressive system to empower our own oppression, only to give our money back to the very system that is oppressing us!
We are spending Billions (with a B) on the cosmetics industry, GMO Foods, Digital and electronics, clothing/textiles, Housing, Travel and accommodations. sports/entertainment, Their educational systems, personal property and other depreciating consumer goods and services, is choking the life out of our own economic growth. 

Economics is a Family based system. As we support and invest in each other, and promote our own human capital of trades and bartering systems, we will gain access to autonomy and end Black on Black killing.

The movement of Marcus Garvey was destroyed before we ever had a foothold of momentum for connecting with The African Diaspora. We must reach out to more channels of connections beyond the borders of the US. Not only for food, goods and services, but for energy and resources.

As In Michael Jackson's "Earth Song"... We must teach our youth to propitiate to life and practice the Laws of MAAT/Reciprocity- We must end the exploitation of nature! This western society has a calcified rock for a third eye- it does not see the soul/spirit in the natural world. It takes, and exploits and discards without thinking. Many now love things and use people/ Many are consumer addicts- working for an oppressive system, thereby empowering the system to destroy them. When we give our income back to the system we never gain true wealth. True wealth is in the harmonious existence with our relationships to our family of mankind and all creation. 

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