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The Ausar Resurrection

The Ausar Resurrection 

Our Ancient Africans Ancestors saw profound lessons in the simplicity of nature.
Our great Kemetic people had grown to be a great agricultural society. Our Great Ancient Ancestors recognized that each year we could harvest crops to feed and fuel a vast society of families and animals, as well as exporting for trade. We observed vegetation and noticed that each seed would rise from the ground, die, decompose and rise again, year after year. We observed the Stars, the Moon and the Sun. We studied our own bodies. This cycle of life and death would occur continuously in every living thing.

Afrikan conscious indigenous people, see themselves connected with nature and life. We are all an aspect of the intelligence of the universe. We see life as symbolic in every living thing. This is the ancient law of correspondence. Today we would say wholistic in nature, meaning that in any little part, the whole is represented. 
"As above, so below- As within so without."  
It is a deeply spiritual recognition that everything in the universe is connected. In each of us is the universe and that the universe is alive.

Our Ancient Ancestors were Twa/ Khoi San and Bantu Gatherers and Hunters. The Animals were our teachers as we followed the antelopes and seasons to gather and glean the fruits from plants found from many places on the planet. Then we began to eat our teachers as nomadic pastoral Shepherd Kings, herders of animals like cattle, lambs, and Goats, to Fishermen and great traders.

Our Ancient African societies evolved into more complex entities as we became great agricultural Gnome empires. We expanded into family based traders, of elaborate craftsmen, specialized food producers, and manufacturers of goods and services. We became great diplomats, administrators, and philosophers. We explained the cycles of nature and life. We passed their knowledge through word of mouth to their children. We created stories, metaphors, and allegories to explain the dynamics and principles of nature and the universe. 

Great teaching is the ability to take the complex and make it relateable, relevant and simple for the student. Ancient Africans did this with their mythology symbols and metaphors.
We observed the seasons as plants and trees blossom in the spring. Fruit  is born for the autumn harvest. The leaves on the trees fall and the animals find a warm place for the winter cold to come, the plants decompose and die to become the fertilizer for the seeds that have fallen and new growth and blossoms come again in the spring.  Black African Ancestors named this familiar and simple cycle: Ausar Ra- (the resurrection of one's higher self) (Greek Osiris).

Ausar is a principle of our higher selves. He represents one of many basic principles of Nature and the Universe. The NTR (NuTaRa) is nature. 
These principles came to be explained in myths. Myths are a deep look into the psyche of a society. They were a support for the development of the society.

The cycle of life became the myth of Ausar (Osirus, Principle of cycles and Resurrection); Auset (Isis, mother nature); Het-Heru (Nephtys, The Flower blossom, Hostess, Seductress;  Set (Seth, decomposition) and Heru (Horus, New birth/growth, vanquisher of death/darkness). The story (myth) goes like this:

There was a time when there were only 360 days in a year!   

Goddess Nut, the mother of the Stars, created 4 days at the end of the year by giving birth to 4 children, Ausar (December 21st), Auset (December 22nd), Het Heru (December 23rd) and Set (December 24th). Ausar became a benevolent ruler of the planet, who brought great abundance and prosperity. He created Heaven on Earth. Set, the baby brother was very spoiled and selfish. He grew jealous of Ausar's popularity and thought he could steal his brother's kingdom and fame. 
One day, Ausar and Auset had a grand wedding feast. Set had a gold lined Chest carved for Ausar's wedding gift. He convinced Ausar to collaborate in a magic trick, and had Ausar lay inside the heavy Golden Chest. Set immediately locked Ausar alive in the Chest, and dump him into a lake. Distraught, in grief and horror, Auset was never able to consummate her marriage! 

She ran away and hid in a Baobab Tree, by the lake that here husband was dumped into. Auset began to grieve and cry. She cried so deeply that her tears began to flow like a creek. Her tears were so great as they began to pour from her, that her cries transformed the atmosphere and the rain mixed with her tears to form the source of the Nile river, looking for her husband until days turned into weeks and weeks into months. 


Auset finally learned that Ausar's wooden chest had grown into a great Baobab tree of Life right off a bank of the Nile river. All of the land around the tree grew prosperous and abundant. A farmer built his compound and community around the Baobab tree. The tree was so large, part of the trunk was carved into the farmer's bedchambers, where his newborn sun was born. So, Auset humbled herself and was hired as a nursemaid for the Farmer's wife. She finally convinced the farmer's family to dig down to the roots of the tree to remove her husband's body. At sunrise, she began to sing and moved herself into the appearance of a bird. She moved and flapped her wings, to call upon the spirit of her beloved. She danced and sang around her husband body so vigorously that she was caught up and fell into a deep sleep. She began to dream about her husband. When she awoke she found out that she was with child. This was the first immaculate conception. 

Set learned that Auset was looking for her husband's body. Auset ran away in terror and hid herself in the marshes of the Lotus and bulrushes of Papyrus.  Set then divided Ausar's body into 14 pieces. He did not want Auset to find a way to revive Ausar again. He threw Ausar's Djed into the Nile, where it was swallowed by a fish. He then commissioned 3 of his Magi to hide each remaining piece of Ausar's 13 body parts all over the planet. He did not realize that Auset had already recovered her beloved's body and conceived a child...
Heru, her beautiful son was born! This became the 25th Day of the year! Now the years have 365 days!

Meanwhile, Auset raised Heru in the mud and swamps of the Papyrus and Lotus. With the help of Tehuti and Maat, She taught Heru that his Destiny and commission will be to find the pieces of Ausar, to remember, and restore heaven on earth again. Auset knew that Ausar was magical! Everything he touched turned golden and prosperous! Everywhere Ausar's body was hidden and buried, a wonderful Shining city abound, and the people prospered and thrived! Set didn't realize, that dividing Ausar's body, only multiplied his power, everywhere a part of him was buried!  Heru finally grew to be a fine young man!

Every night, the battle of Set and Heru is fought throughout. Even now, Heru fights the battle with Set to vanquish the murder of his father Ausar! Heru is the incarnation of Ausar. Every sunset, Heru transforms into the setting sun, As his spirit ascends to be swallowed by Nut, the mother of the Stars and Galaxies. Every night she swallows the sun and struggles in the Battle of Heru and Set all night, to rebirth the sun again.  Every month, Auset transforms herself into the Moon to shine a light to guide and direct Heru to victory over his uncle Set. Set blinds the eyes of Heru, symbolic of the New Moon during the month.  Every morning Ausar rises again in victory in the East!

 This is the Resurrection of Ausar!

The above myth has more layers that contain complex truths. 
Ausar symbolizes all things green and growing. 
Ausar represents the morning sunrise. 
Ausar represents the 1st day of the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st)
Ausar also represents the greatest version of ourselves- to endure and overcome all obstacles. 
Ausar is anything in nature that lives, then dies, then is reborn. 
Ausar also represents Every discipline and thriving achievement manifesting from humanity, found all over the globe!

Another symbol of spring and renewal, was the Scarab Beetle (khepera/Kheperi) (Scarabaeus sacer). This beetle was famous for her habit of laying her eggs in a nest, shaped into a ball of dung. She rolls this ball along to bury it into her burrow underground.  When the babies hatch, the larvae would use the dung ball for food. When the dung is consumed, the young beetles emerge from the ground, as if reborn. It seemed that the young scarab beetles emerged spontaneously from the ground, as if they were dead and came back to life. Therefore they were called "Khepera", "he who came forth." This creative aspect of the scarab was associated with the creator god Atum. Millions of amulets and stamp seals of stone, ceramic or other materials, were fashioned in the depiction of the scarab beetle. 

The ray-like antenna on the beetle's head and its practice of dung-rolling caused the beetle to also carry solar symbolism. The scarab-beetle god Khepera was believed to push the rising sun along the sky in the same manner as the beetle with his ball of dung. In many artifacts, the scarab is depicted pushing the sun along its course in the sky during the day.

During and following the New Kingdom, scarab amulets were often placed over the heart of the mummified deceased. These "heart scarabs" (such as the one pictured above) were meant to be weighed against the feather of truth during the final judgment. The amulets were often inscribed with a spell from the Book of the Dead which entreated the heart to, "do not stand as a witness against me."
The Madonna Auset brought forth a son Heru symbolic of abundant crops, as the rains from the sky met the welcoming earth. Festivals like “The Marriage Feast of Canaan” were Spring fertility rites in ancient times which celebrated Pregnancy, the dawn of spring and fertility. The dawn of the Sun Star was in the east, so Sunrise celebrations centered on growth and renewal were celebrated. Growers celebrated to petition for abundant crops, and eggs were eaten and exchanged as talismans.

Anything that dies and decomposes is Set. (Set buries Ausar like a seed, in the Nile river). 

Auset is Mother Earth. With the help of the Light and heat of Ra the sun that caused the seed to produce new growth or new life (Heru). Het-Heru is the Flower. She seduces the bees with her color, aroma and taste to pollinate the plant so that it will bare fruit. Ausar is the fruit matured and filled with abundant seeds which then falls to the ground, rots out and decays (Set). The leaves and the plant become the sacrifice and death of Ausar- nutrient fertilizer for the seeds to grow from- and the cycle continues!

This is a deeply spiritual principle caught in Our-Story of Ancient African Intelligent design and the foundation of all civilizations. The principle is this:
In life you can go through some difficult times. In order to change the circumstances a “new you” (Heru) has to be reborn. The “old you” (Set) has to die and it might even break you up. But even in the death of the “old you”  life contains the seed germ (Ausar) of the “new you(Heru).” You may not see the germination stage while underground but then you are resurrected and reborn into a new and stronger self. 

In other words, Life/Shift Happens- the rotten things (fertilizer) you go through in life helps you grow.

Ausar, Auset, Het-Heru and Set represent the 4 days of the Winter Solstice- (the shortest days of the year, of the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of December,) the Sun "dies" or stands still-  for 3 days (December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th)

On the 5th Day (December 25th) Heru is Born! 

So Now We Have 365 Days in Every Year...

Simple yet profound ancient African science. The ancient Africans understood the natural, celestial and spiritual principles at the deepest levels.
So, the NTR are the powerful Natural forces and the principles in nature and the universe. For example: Ra- the sun -warmth,  heat, light, The force that all living plants depend on, and enlightenment. Geb, Eartha, The Natural Living and Geological Kingdom, Mother Nature. Shu- The Wind, The Breath of life. Nu- The primordial waters, The Oceans, The rivers, The Rain, The Womb.  Maat- the principle of law, order, Balance, Justice. Ma is the earliest name of the universe. 

Our Ancestors were NOT 

pagan Idol worshipers!

The Ausar Resurrection became the foundation of many philosophies to this day. In Ancient Kemet, everyone was considered a KRST -Ka Ra Sa Ta in the making, following the laws of Maat. 
KRST stands for 

*Ka- Immortal Eternal Soul, Life Force, Spirit 
*Ra- Sun Creation, Enlightenment, Illumination, Conception of life, Manifestation 
*Sa- Protector, Bes, Guardian, Shaman, Herbalist 
*Ta- Land, Heaven, Kandaki (Queendom.)
Ma-Ra KRST Mas!

Christmas means the funeral service (mass) of Christ. This western interpolation, has it's derivation from the Ancient civilizations and stories of East Afrakan peoples, known as KMT or KAMATA (land of the great mother). 
Christmas is really the story of the death of the S-U-N (winter "sol-stice") Where the SUN stands still- in one place-as if dead, for 3 days and nights (22nd-24th), then is reborn on the 5th day. The Pantheon of the birth of Ausar, Auset, Het Heru and Set, mark the Eve, and the Shortest days of the year. This is a time for fasting, reflection and rest, not of parties and drinking. As we are the furthest from the Sunlight and energy, we should rest to retain our melanin reserves and production of Melatonin and Serotonin. The 25th marks the Rebirth or Resurrection of Ausar in the form of Heru, Auset's Immaculately conceived son. Heru's Birthday was interloped with Christianity. and Mary's birth of Jesus...

Queenma Nuta Beqsu (Adenike Amen-Ra)

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