Thursday, June 30, 2016

Indigo Veganism -ALL Life Matters

Indigo Veganism All Life is Sacred

As Melanin Indigo People, the Vegetarian lifestyle, should not become another Willie Lynch polarizing fulcrum, to divide and conquer or alienate our people. It may be true that there were no ancient historical accounts of Africans or global Indigenous peoples who were culturally devout vegans or vegetarians.

I recognize, that this is a Kujichagulia lifestyle that we are building in this age for our benefit.

There are those in the city right now in the so called conscious community, who will not speak to me or work with me to build, just because of my Age, Sex, Spirituality, my personal relationship or because, I am not a devout Vegan who may have sparingly consumed locally grown organic meats, eggs, butter, cheese and honey. I am considered and treated as a contaminated necromancer, who is worm infested and deranged. Even Eye must confess my aversion from religious patriarchy and pork consumers. Yes, I feel the sting of the lash of exile and shunning from Patriarchal dogmas of Hebrews, Muslims, and Christians, and how they are controlling and micromanaging what little resources we have for divide and conquer, until we are rendered collectively ineffective.
Yet, right now we are still living and targeted as Melanin people, regardless of our religious, dietary, political, age, or sex, in the belly of the beast of Race Supremacy, under a critical fight for our very lives and that of our children. We have a lot of work to do for our own healing and that of our Children. These Willie lynchings that we use to polarize ourselves- of ageism, sexism religion-ism, Racism, dietary preferences, or smokers etc.., is stagnating.
As far as our food and life is concerned, we must seek to venerate and respect ALL life and not to take the life of ANYTHING without showing propitiation and sacrifice. We must seek to live in harmony and balance with the ecosystem of the Mother Earth for our Air, Water, Food and Shelter.
So, Even the harvesting and Alternative plant production measures, that have been employed by humans, along with the chemical controls, exploitation of labor and abundant waste, also the deforestation for building and expansion; should be challenged and remediation established holistically
YES! In Order to free ourselves WE MUST Feed ourselves! So Growing our own local fresh fruits and vegetables and even livestock must take place. We MUST be Mindful in ALL our relationships. #amenankh #blackautonomy

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